Everything Everywhere All at Once

A Psychedelic Trip Through Time, Space, and Healing: A Review of Everything Everywhere All at Once

Imagine a warm, slightly rainy evening at the Rooftop Cinema Club in Downtown San Diego. As you settle into your seat, you indulge in a ...
stoner stereotype

Shattering the Stoner Stereotype

Stoner stereotypes are outdated, inaccurate labels depicting a negative view of cannabis enthusiasts. Find out why we should abolish this label for good.

The Life and Contributions of Raphael Mechoulam

As the world mourns the loss of Israeli scientist Raphael Mechoulam, it is important to celebrate his life and his immeasurable contributions to the cannabis ...
cocaine bear

What Happens When a Bear Eats Weed?

Most people are familiar with the infamous “Cocaine Bear” that tragically ingested a large amount of cocaine in 1985. But have you ever wondered what ...
psychedelics and intimacy

Psychedelics and Intimacy: A Deeper Connection on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has its origins in ancient Roman pagan festivals, but it was not widely celebrated in the United States until the 19th century. The ...
seth rogen airbnb

Join Seth Rogen in His Creative Hideaway for $42 a Night

Actor and comedian Seth Rogen is offering fans the chance to spend a night in his creative hideaway in Los Angeles. The mid-century modern space ...
danksgiving recipes

Top 5 Weed Recipe Ideas for a Lit Danksgiving

The holidays are upon us, and your friends at NeonJoint are here to help you have a Danksgiving to remember. So, what are some classic ...
best weed memes

55 Best Weed Memes for Stoners & Getting High

Weed memes are a thing of beauty. They’re also hilarious, and we love them so much that we’ve compiled our all-time favorite stoner memes in ...

The Rising Popularity of Pre-Roll Joints

As cannabis continues to shed the misplaced and wrongly attributed negative stigmas that have plagued the plant in the past, more and more people are ...
hemp wicks

Why You Should Use Hemp Wicks Instead of Lighters

Cannabis on its own is a relatively safe substance. Not to say that everyone on earth is a prime candidate for smoking weed, but no ...
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