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Our mission: To inform you about how to pass a drug test, even when the chips are down.

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For more than a decade,  NeonJoint’s Guide to Passing a Drug Test has served as the FAQ Mecca for all the how to pass a drug test questions you have scoured the Internet looking for answers to. If you have any questions after you read our Guide, do not hesitate to ask. Inquisitive research and relentless determination is what made this Guide possible, after all.

At NeonJoint, we obviously do not condone illicit drug use. But if you choose to make those decisions, there is information that you have the right to, not the least of which is how to remove toxins that keep you from passing a drug test from your body. We’re not here to fill your head with unverifiable promises about drug testing, or to preach to you about the personal choices you have made that lead you here—we’re here to explain your rights, to maintain your privacy, learn to protect yourself from illegal search and seizure, unlawful entry, and the ever-increasing concern so many of the U.S. workforce has with regard to small business and corporate urine and hair drug testing.

Our often-cited and acclaimed How to Pass a Drug Test Guide (published in its first run in 1999,) is an encyclopedia of modern day drug testing, facts, figures, procedures, laws, and processes. It features regularly updated and relentlessly researched information we've been compiling for nearly 15 years. We get to know everything we can, so you can know everything you need.

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Don’t have time to read through all this information? Need to pass your drug test fast? Consider the message from our detoxification and drug testing solutions partners below:

"At we are dedicated to helping you find solutions to your needs when it comes to passing any drug tests – and have been for more than a decade. If you are concerned about a urine drug test, we invite you to visit our site or call us at 1-866-588-4927. We’re always ready to take your call and answer your questions. For your convenience, we’ve included two of our proven and trusted products below."

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Pass Your carries only real toxin removers surpassing anything else available on the market. Our products perform a full body cleanse of all the toxins in your system. This is NOT A MASK, like other so called "competitors". Our product line physically alters the structure of your blood cells to completely detoxify your blood and urine. Our program includes a detox diet, regiment of fluids, and the anti-toxin solution guaranteed to complete the cleansing process. You will pass your drug test, we guarantee it! Contact Us with questions please call 1-877-247-1354.

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Pass your urine drug test with our Famous 200% Money Back Guarantee. This product is NOT DETECTABLE by testing labs like other products online or in your local health store. Works in 90 Minutes! Lasts for 5 hours! Designed for very heavy users and individuals with higher fat and toxin levels! Pass a urine drug test with Overnight shipping and 8:00 a.m. delivery (please call for early delivery).

"Two Steps A'Head"
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Brand new formula... works in 30 minutes effective up to 48 hours. 100% money back guarantee. Penetrates hair shaft and cortex. Removes all contaminants and medical residue. Ph balanced safe for permed & color treated hair