Kings Crew - the best place to get cannabis in long beach

The Best Places To Get Cannabis In Long Beach

As one of the OG boomtowns in the cannabis industry, Long Beach is the place to go for all things cannabis and hemp related; but …

Cannabis in DTLA: Where To Find The Best

Cannabis in DTLA: Where To Find The Best

If you’re in Los Angeles and wondering where to find cannabis in DTLA, it’s likely you’ll trust Google to point you in the right direction. …


Jetty Extracts: Premium Cannabis with Community Care

Who are Jetty Extracts? Jetty Extracts was founded in 2013 by Ron, Matt, and Nate, three guys passionate about surfing and quality cannabis products. Starting …

flow kana

True Emerald Triangle Cannabis: Flow Kana Brand Profile

Learn what true Emerald Triangle, sun-grown cannabis is about! From terpene cultivars to small-batch craft cannabis. Read now.

Pilgrim Soul

Pilgrim Soul Brand Profile: Cannabis & Creativity

Pilgrim Soul inspires creatives with articles and journals specially designed to increase your creativity and build productive “high” habits.


California Cannabis Brands Going D2C

Market saturation and consumer behavior within the cannabis industry are influencing California cannabis brands to go D2C. Learn more.


DIMO Hemp Delta-8 THC: Get Ready for Blast Off

The new cannabinoid Delta-8 THC is taking the country by storm. Products are flying off the shelves, much to the dismay of federal regulators. Accordingly, …

ProCannaGro The Ultimate Resource for Cannabis Growers

ProCannaGro: The Ultimate Resource for Cannabis Growers

Who is ProCannaGro? Founding Team Members ProCannaGro is a result of the efforts of Legendary Cannabis Figure Patrick Bilton. After fully experiencing the cannabis industry …

punch edibles

Punch Edibles: Know Your Products & Dose

Punch Edibles is one of California’s leading THC edible companies, providing properly dosed and tasty cannabis treats.

dollar ejuice club

The Dollar E-Juice Club: Best E-Juice Sample Program in the Industry

The Dollar E-Juice Club is bringing low costs and high quality to the E-liquid vape market. Read to learn more.

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