functional mushroom

The SuperMush Story: Functional Mushroom Supplements

SuperMush is a brand that is all about functional mushrooms and their benefits. They believe that mushrooms are an incredible natural source of nutrition and …

medicinal mushrooms

Mushroom Revival: Reinvigorating Health Through Medicinal Mushrooms

There has been a growing interest in natural health solutions in recent years. One of the latest trends to take the wellness world by storm …

uncle arnie's brand profile

Uncle Arnie’s Brand Profile: Extra on the Easy

Since its launch in May 2020, California-based beverage company Uncle Arnie’s has shot to the top of the list of best-selling weed drinks. With over …


URSA Extracts: Preserving and Honoring the Legacy of Humboldt County

It seems like everyone is an “extraction artist” these days. As if stepping into a lab with a bag of weed turns the average joe …


DIMO Hemp Delta-8 THC: Get Ready for Blast Off

First there was Delta-9 THC. We know it and love it as the primary cannabinoid that gets us high when smoking weed. Then, there was …

wynk brand profile

Wynk Brand Profile: Get Ready to Kick Back & Unwind

Alcohol has long been the most common social lubricant, but cannabis companies are hell-bent on disrupting the market with THC-infused beverages. Unlike edibles, weed drinks …

old pal

Old Pal Brand Profile: It’s Just Weed, Y’all

Year after year, new cannabis brands launch across the nation. Many of them are vying for customer attention by trying to break the mold with …


Putting the Soul in Solful: A Quality Cannabis Retail Experience

Over the last several years, there are more green crosses than pharmacies lining the streets of cities with legal weed. And hey, we’re not complaining. …

bloom surf

Bloom Surf: A Wavy Review 

Bloom Brand’s vape pen, Bloom Surf is an incredibly smooth hit of high-quality cannabis. Learn more, read here for a full review.


Stiiizy Live Rosin Jam: A Drooling Review

Stiiizy Live Rosin Jam a premium solventless extracts are NeonJoint approved. Read here for a review of Stiiizy’s extract line.

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