Cannabis Media Brand Respect My Region launch 2022 North American Weed Tour

Who is Respect My Region?  Since 2011, Respect My Region has provided a community-centric platform that connects real people to local culture.  Founded by partners …

The Science Behind Cannabis Strains Is there Really a Difference

The Science Behind Cannabis Strains: Is there Really a Difference?

Ask any stoner and they will say the type of cannabis strain they smoke is important based on the desired effects. But is there really a difference?

how to pass a mouth swab drug test

How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test Explained

Wondering how to pass a mouth swab drug test? We’ve got all your answers including detection times and home remedies.

Water pills for drug tests

Do Water Pills Work to Pass a Drug Test

Do water pills work to pass a drug test or is this just another weed detoxing myth? Read here to learn.


Latest Study: Cannabinoids Block the Cellular Entry of SARS

A study out of Oregon shows two cannabinoids can block the cellular entry of SARS giving new possibilities in the fight against coronavirus.


Seattle’s Rain City Relief Charity Campaign

What is Rain City Relief? Rain City Relief is a benefit for the Seattle music community that provides music fans with an opportunity to make …


Flying with Weed and Getting through Airport Security

Flying somewhere can mean an exciting vacation, a stressful family visit, or a business trip. No matter why you’re flying, you’re probably wondering if and …


Green Wednesday: Cannabis Discount Day

You’ve heard of Black Friday, but we’re going to do you one better; Green Wednesday. Like Black Friday, this special day is based around Thanksgiving, …

How to hide the smell of weed

How to Hide the Smell of Weed

Smoking weed should be carefree, but it’s hard to enjoy smoking if you’re worried about stinking up your house or reeking of weed yourself. Weed …

Next States to Legalize Weed

What are the Next States to Legalize Weed… and Why

Although 2021 was rough—coronavirus devastating our economy and public health, an economic recession, and the death of Legendary singer Kenny Rogers (geez, talk about knowing …

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