The Rising Popularity of Pre-Roll Joints

As cannabis continues to shed the misplaced and wrongly attributed negative stigmas that have plagued the plant in the past, more and more people are trying cannabis for the first time. Others are reintroducing the wonderful herb back into their routines. Now comfortable and rightfully unashamed of an interest in cannabis, there are countless people who are looking to consume top-shelf cannabis flowers without an idea of how to roll a joint, blunt, or operate a bong

With the increase of new cannabis consumers and the legality of retail cannabis came a desire for convenience and quality. Once considered to be made of poor quality shake or trim, pre-rolls have transcended their own stigma just as cannabis has with top-shelf flowers conveniently rolled and ready to smoke for even the snobbiest of cannabis consumers to enjoy. 

Pre-Roll Sales are Skyrocketing

Some people like to say, “The proof is in the pudding,” well then, the soaring sales of pre-rolls are a solid indicator of their rising popularity for cannabis consumers. From the year 2019 to 2020, pre-roll sales in the United States’ retail cannabis market space saw a 59% year over year growth. Total recreational sales of cannabis pre-rolls increased from $705 million in 2019 to $1.12 billion in 2020. 

In fact, the skyrocketing sales of pre-rolls outpaces the total market for recreational cannabis consumption and sales which grew by 54.2% over the same span of time. Many companies producing pre-rolled joints for recreational use report that they have plans to expand their pre-roll divisions in order to keep up with customer satisfaction and the growing market for this convenient method of cannabis consumption. 

How Are Pre-Rolls Made?

Pre-rolled cannabis joints are made in a number of ways, and in more cases than not, especially when it comes to larger operations, they actually aren’t even technically rolled. The papers used are usually rolled by machines in advance without any cannabis. Companies then either stuff them with the ground buds or use a machine to shake the pre-ground cannabis down the length of large quantities of joints at the same time effectively filling them to capacity. 

Another thing recreational cannabis companies are doing that has taken pre-rolled joints from their old stigma and put them in a category with other quality curated products is to infuse them with cannabis concentrates whether it be rosin or live resin. This approach to manufacturing pre-rolls really adds an extra punch to their impact. Along with adding cannabis concentrates, companies have been coating the outside of their joints with kief, thus increasing the potency and enjoyment consumers can expect from a pre-roll. 

Despite most companies using machinery to pre-roll their joints for consumption, there are a few smaller operations out there that offer a hand rolled experience. These are usually the best of the best when it comes to pre-rolled joints. Due to the extra labor involved companies more often than not make these super premium when it comes to the flowers and possible concentrates used. 

A Note to Naysayers

Gone are the days where every pre-roll is filled with bottom of the bag shake or left over trim. Self-described cannabis snobs have turned up their noses to pre-rolls in the past, but companies now use top shelf cannabis flowers to fill their joints. Not only that, but they’re actually using nugs to fill them. However, it’s always best practice to check the labeling for specificity or rely on reliable companies with a solid reputation for the quality of their pre-rolled joints. 


The nice thing about pre-rolls is that they come in a wide price range that has something for almost anyone’s budget. Their price increases with the quality of cannabis used in the joint.


Aside from their increase of quality in the cannabis used, pre-rolls are also far more convenient than rolling your own. No matter how fast you can roll, someone else can light their pre-roll faster.

Shareable Experience

Pre-rolls make great gifts for those in your life who also consume cannabis. Don’t give your cannabis loving friend, family member, or significant other an unwrapped gift of nugs, the least you could do is get them something already wrapped up in a ready to smoke joint that they can smoke later or that you can share in the moment. All jokes aside, pre-rolls are a ready to enjoy gift perfect for the cannabis consumers in your life. 

Quality Cannabis

Pre-rolled joints have increased in quality in every facet, however there are two notable quality increases. First, the quality of the cannabis flowers used to fill them has increased. Second, the quality of the packaging used has increased in part to help retain the joints’ freshness for longer periods of time. 

The Best Pre-Rolls

When shopping for cannabis pre-rolls it’s always best to stick to what and who you know when it comes to strains and brands, however a knowledgeable budtender can also be your best friend in a situation when you want to branch out. 

Also make sure to pay attention to labeling that indicates the type of cannabis flower used in the preroll. Whether it be shake, trim, or nugs, if you find a label you’re looking for, you’ll be far less likely to be disappointed by your expectations when it comes to the quality of the flower used. Lastly, your best bet is to stick to reputable brands that have an eye for quality control and honest business practices. 

We’ve smoked a lot of pre-rolls at Neon Joint, so here are our top recommendations for the best pre-rolls on the market today. 

Old Pal

Old Pal is classic, shareable cannabis meant to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. 

  • Palitos pre-rolls – One is never enough, why not get a whole pack? Palitos contain 10 little joints, each with just 0.35 g cannabis. The perfect little solo doobie.
  • 14 Pack pre-rolls – Prefer something with a big more weight? How about a 14 pack, each containing a half gram? 

Dimo Hemo

If you enjoy alternative cannabinoids, or top quality hemp flower, Dimo is about to be your new favorite brand. 

  • Delta-8 pre-rolls – For times when you want a lighter buzz but all the taste. These tasty pre-rolls are rolled in kief for even more flavor. 
  • HHC pre-rolls – HHC is even milder than Delta-8 and Delta-9, but offers a smooth, stimulating buzz perfect for newcomers to cannabis. 
  • Melted series pre-rolls – Take your high to another level with these blends of THC-O, HHC, HHC-O, and THC-P.
cream of the crop pre-roll

Cream of the Crop

Even pre-roll haters can’t hate on the incredible quality from Cream of the Crop.

  • COTC pre-rolls – Choose from strain specific 1-1.5 g pre-rolls infused with THCa diamonds.

Herban Bud

If you’re into hemp-derived cannabinoids (and who isn’t), you absolutely must check out the goods from Herban Bud.

We love every single doobie on this list. But hey, don’t take our word for it. Grab a pre-rolled joint from our favorites and see for yourself how a well-balanced, finely rolled pre-roll is the coolest way to spark up.

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