Behind the Scenes of Michigan’s Groundbreaking “Best in Grass” Cannabis Competition

The cannabis community in Michigan is about to experience a truly revolutionary event – the "Best in Grass" competition.

The cannabis community in Michigan is about to experience a truly revolutionary event – the “Best in Grass” competition. Launched by a team with deep roots in the industry, this statewide contest is poised to elevate industry standards and highlight the finest brands the Great Lakes State has to offer.

An Insider’s Look with Founder Mark Kazinec

As Michigan gears up for the inaugural “Best in Grass” cannabis competition (kicking off on April 6th), we sat down with the event’s founder, Mark Kazinec, to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into this game-changing judging experience. With a wealth of industry expertise and a passion for elevating the cannabis community, Kazinec shared insights that shed light on what makes “Best in Grass” truly unique.

Democratizing Cannabis Competitions

In his own words, Kazinec emphasized the democratic and transparent nature of “Best in Grass”:

“We are ensuring that the medicine, whether people use it for additional purposes or recreational purposes, is properly tested. It is test-passed in the state where that product is created, and we are getting that product into our hands.”

This commitment to working within the licensed, regulated market sets “Best in Grass” apart, as Kazinec explained: “We’re here to celebrate legalized, licensed cannabis.”

Empowering the People’s Voice

At the core of “Best in Grass” lies a mission to amplify the voices of everyday cannabis consumers. Kazinec elaborated:

“It’s really for the people who are actually spending money on products and keeping businesses afloat to be the ones to judge and crown the best of each state.”

By distributing thousands of judging kits through licensed retailers, the competition aims to reach a broad base of enthusiasts—from seasoned connoisseurs to the “canna-curious.”

Fostering Innovation Through Data

Beyond crowning champions, “Best in Grass” seeks to drive industry innovation by providing brands with invaluable consumer feedback. As Kazinec stated:

“All that data goes back to the brands, back to the growers, back to the processors, so they can see everybody’s feedback, whether it’s wonderfully positive or brutally negative, which sometimes the negative feedback is really what people want to see because that’s what helps them.”

This data-driven approach empowers companies to refine and enhance their offerings, ultimately benefiting the entire cannabis ecosystem.

A Celebration of Michigan’s Cannabis Culture

While “Best in Grass” promises an unparalleled experience for consumers and brands alike, it also represents a celebration of Michigan’s rich cannabis culture. As Kazinec shared, the state’s vibrant community was a driving force behind selecting it as the launch market:

“I’ve spent the past four years getting to know the vibrant Michigan cannabis community, which is a true standout among all of the cannabis-friendly states I’ve visited coast to coast. When it came time to select a launch market for Best in Grass, we knew the mitten state was the perfect location.”

Kazinec went on to highlight Michigan’s passionate consumer base, noting, “Michigan consumers have shown up in droves for previous competitions. We’re looking forward to tapping into that loyal audience and connecting with the cannabis community through Best in Grass.”

Honoring Homegrown Brands

Beyond the enthusiasm, Michigan’s diverse array of homegrown brands and unique product offerings caught Kazinec’s attention. He elaborated:

“We get to see a lot of unique brands in each state. We get to see even certain categories like Michigan – they love moon rocks. There’s a huge moon rock or infused flower market here, where it’s not as prevalent in Massachusetts or Illinois.”

From heavy hitters like Heavyweight Heads to medical pioneers like Urban Greenhouse Farms, “Best in Grass” aims to shine a spotlight on the local innovators driving Michigan’s cannabis scene. As Kazinec said:

“It’s great to get homegrown, local Michiganders to put their best foot forward for these things. And then yeah, other people like LYF/Sozo, Element, Cannalicious, Fresh Coast Mushers, Emerald Mountain—a lot of different brands will be featuring all of them.”

With plans to explore the state during the competition, from Detroit to Grand Rapids and potentially the Upper Peninsula, Kazinec expressed his admiration for Michigan’s cannabis community:

“There are great people here that have a lot to say and lots to offer to the table and the industry of cannabis. So we’re excited.”

Through “Best in Grass,” Michigan’s cannabis culture will take center stage, celebrating the passion, innovation, and unwavering spirit that have propelled the state to the forefront of the national movement.

How Will Best in Grass Work?

So just how will this groundbreaking cannabis competition unfold? Kazinec provided a detailed walkthrough of the judging process:

“Walk into the dispensary. We might see some lines. I recommend anybody who’s listening to check their selected dispensary…You’re gonna buy your judge kit, you choose your category. You can get multiple kits, one hybrid, one sativa based on purchase limits…You’re gonna get checked out, go home. And now you’re opening up that kit, you’re gonna find a judge card inside that’s going to lead you to the Best in Grass judging portal.”

From there, judges will log into a user-friendly platform to review and score each product:

“You’re gonna log in one time. This is a big thing that we’ve gotten feedback about in the past—people don’t want to put their information in every single time they’re judging. They want to just log in, have a dashboard…they’re gonna see the products online, and they’re gonna say, ‘Okay, great. This is the . How does it look? Awesome? How does it make me feel?’ Comment section.”

Ensuring a thorough evaluation process is a top priority, as Kazinec emphasized: “They’re gonna feel all this information and take the time, sit in front of your computer or on your phone getting into the app, get the portal, and make sure that you are taking your time to fully digest this product and give it your full attention when judging this and give real, real comments because that’s going back to the brands.”

To incentivize full participation, Best in Grass is rolling out compelling rewards: “Upon fully judging, this is a new perk that we’re putting into place. They’re gonna get $20 off their next purchase at the dispensary that they purchased that kit from…and then you also get entered into the raffle to join us at the award show.”

Kazinec also addressed potential issues of incomplete judging, stating, “If they are just absent-minded or they don’t care, they’re not putting the time and effort to do it, then yeah, we might create a list of people that we do not want to judge.”

With a streamlined process, user-friendly platform, and enticing incentives, Best in Grass aims to make the judging experience as engaging and rewarding as possible for Michigan’s cannabis community.

Final Thoughts

The action kicks off on April 6th when judging kits packed with locally-grown products across 14 categories become available for purchase at 25 select retailers statewide. Eager participants can visit to find their nearest participating dispensary and secure a coveted kit containing flowers, concentrates, edibles, and more.

Over the following six weeks until the May 19th judging deadline, Michigan’s canna-curious and connoisseurs alike will put their palates and perspectives to the test.

With founder Mark Kazinec’s industry expertise and his team’s commitment to transparency, this event is poised to elevate standards and cement Michigan’s status as a cannabis leader. From engaging novices to unlocking invaluable consumer data, “Best in Grass” represents a seismic shift in cannabis competition.

As anticipation builds for the live awards show on June 18th at the Royal Oak Music Theater in Detroit, it’s clear that “Best in Grass” is more than just another cannabis competition. It’s a celebration of Michigan’s cannabis culture and pioneering spirit, a platform for empowering consumers, and a driving force for industry innovation.

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