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55 Best Weed Memes for Stoners & Getting High

Weed memes are a thing of beauty. They’re also hilarious, and we love them so much that we’ve compiled our all-time favorite stoner memes in this list. Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or just want to enjoy some quality time with your favorite bud, these funny weed memes are sure to hit the spot.

 If you’re a stoner, you know exactly how it feels to be high and freaking out about something small—it can be anything from the cat being in your face to an upcoming test or work presentation. You also know that when you’re high, everything is funnier than usual; it takes just a little bit more to get you laughing at anything! 

The same goes for anyone who has ever been high: those giggles that come out of nowhere when someone says something dumb or if your friend starts acting crazy. All these things make weed memes so funny because they show us what we experience every day—and now want to share our favorite stoner memes with you, starting with a few to get you in the upcoming holiday spirit.

Best Thanksgiving Memes

1. 3, 2, 1…

weed memes

2. What’s the plan for Thanksgiving?

3. Cousins are the best

4. When you high af and mom says it’s time to eat

5. When you were suppose to bake something for dinner

Best Christmas Memes

6. And another Snoop meme…

7. Do you smoke before eating or after?

8. We’ve all been there 

9. But there’s always that one cousin

10. You’re the only gift they need

11. What’s in your stocking?

12. O, the little moments

13. That’s why we leave cookies and milk

Best Celebrity Stoner Memes

14. Damn, I am funny, right?

15. We’re just gonna sneak this one in right here

16. When dad asks when’s the last time you went to church

17. Don’t worry we have the fix 

18. We know a guy

19. The first stop on our tour

20. They should invite the Uber Eats CEO too

Best Funny Stoner Memes

21. Well, I’m glad you asked

22. Let me see the evidence

23. Let me show you my skill set

24. “I can show you the world” queue the Aladdin song

25. Now I understand how people get up early to exercise

26. Water, I need water

27. Breakfast in bed

28. Step 1… we aren’t waxing this time

29. We’re still growing into our better selves

30. Ugh, um, um, 

31. Do we really need a device to tell us that

32. Genius IQ loading in 3,2,1…

33. That’s an understatement

34. Facts 100%

35. Are you serious?

36. We don’t even need the first 4 letters to solve this puzzle

37. Pass that sh*t and my lighter

38. And they say there’s no dumb questions

39. Peace, tranquility, and ganja

40. I bet he has donuts

41. Don’t forget to exercise

42. Hungry or Hungover, I think I’ll go for the food

43. And they say ice in coffee sounds the best

44. Passion is the key ingredient in anything

45. When you just want to be part of the cool kids

46. Hehe, I got some ideas

47. First we smoke the weed, then we do the stuff

48. Shhh, I am listening to the air

49. Maaa, the meatloaf

50. Remember when…

51. Whatcha got there?

52. Did we just become best friends?

53. I think I will just go clean my room now

54. We all already knew this

55.The only time you’re allowed to cough now

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