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Join Seth Rogen in His Creative Hideaway for $42 a Night

Actor and comedian Seth Rogen is offering fans the chance to spend a night in his creative hideaway in Los Angeles. The mid-century modern space is listed on Airbnb and will only be available for three one-night stays in February.

Rogen is inviting guests to join him for some pottery making, take in the stunning views of LA, and listen to the pre-release of his upcoming vinyl box set. For $42 a night, guests will also have access to a fully-stocked fridge, hot tub, spacious backyard, and the opportunity to gain insight into Rogen’s creative process.

“If you’re reading this, you’re considering booking a night at the Houseplant inspired retreat. What makes it Houseplant-y, you may be asking?” says Rogen on his Airbnb listing. “The mid-century styling and LA views also have a distinctly Houseplant feel…And there’s the fact that I’ll be there to welcome you, which given that I’m the founder, adds to the Houseplant-ness,” Rogen adds.

As a bonus, you and your designated companion will receive a special Houseplant gift package filled with some of the brand’s favorite items. This will include the much-loved Ashtray Set designed by Seth, a copy of the upcoming vinyl box set, and additional goodies. 

Booking for the experience opens on February 7th, with a portion of the proceeds going to Hilarity for Charity, a national nonprofit dedicated to supporting families affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Get ready to spend a unique and memorable night with the talented actor in his own personal Houseplant-inspired hideaway.

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