The Emerald Triangle

The Significance of The Emerald Triangle

Affluent in nutrient-rich soil and a culture of deep history, the Emerald Triangle is a region located in Northern California. Learn more.

Indoor farming

Indoor Vertical Farming: Agriculture 2.0

Indoor vertical farming is turning the heads of cannabis producers, both small and large in scale. Read to learn the benefits and advantages.

NFL weed policy

A Review: NFL Weed Policy & Drug Testing

For the first time, the NFL will not test players for cannabis use during the offseason. Read to learn more about the new NFL weed policy.

indoor vs outdoor weed

Indoor vs Outdoor Weed: Growing Compared

When it comes to cannabis is there a better way to grow? Read here to learn all about indoor vs outdoor weed grows.


The Ultimate Guide to 7/10: History & Methods

Is 710 the new 420? 710 has become a new cannabis community holiday for dab and concentrate enthusiasts. How did this come about? Read now.

10 ways to spend 420 2020 at home

10 Ways to Spend April 20th, 2020 at Home

If you would have asked me a few months ago if I thought we were going to be quarantined for 420 my answer would have …

Top 10 Reasons to Start Growing Marijuana at Home

Top 10 Reasons to Start Growing Marijuana at Home

With the sudden pandemic of COVID-19 across the globe, many citizens have found themselves isolating indoors. While it may seem like bleak times for some, …

Organic vs Moldy Weed Wait, what Am I Really Smoking

Organic Weed vs. Moldy Weed: What Am I Really Smoking?

When buying top-shelf flower, consumers are not inspecting cannabis buds for signs of aging, or moldy weed right away for a first time high. Instead, …

"talking to your conservative family about cannabis"

Do Your Parents Still Believe In Reefer Madness?

Cannabis is becoming a household topic these days. States across the nation are voting for cannabis legislation. The Farm Bill opened the door for legal …


Cannabis Education Tries to Keep Pace With the Growing Industry

Medical and recreational pot are on the rise. So are careers in the industry. Cannabis-focused employees are now more numerous than dental hygienists. Well, it’s …

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