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Why You Should Use Hemp Wicks Instead of Lighters

Cannabis on its own is a relatively safe substance. Not to say that everyone on earth is a prime candidate for smoking weed, but no one has ever died from consuming too much marijuana. That said, once cannabis gets into human hands, there are plenty of ways to downgrade its benefits. For example, smoking weed out of an aluminum can is not a good idea, and hopefully that fleeting trend died decades ago. The health-conscious cannabis consumer knows that weed is best left unadulterated and generally avoids things like tobacco spliffs or smoking out of pop cans. 

But what about the use of butane lighters? Most people aren’t sparking a joint by striking a match, so the ever-popular Bic lighter is a trusty stoner tool. However, many argue against its safety to the smoker. 

So, what’s the alternative? Hemp wicks. Read on to learn why you should use hemp wicks instead of lighters to smoke weed.

What Is a Hemp Wick?

Remember those macrame hemp necklaces adorned with clay beads? You know, the ones the stoner kids always wore in high school to complement their tye-dye t-shirts and dreadlocks? Ah yes, we’ve all worn a piece of hemp jewelry in our time. Well, that very same hemp twine is used to create a hemp wick for smoking weed. The twine is dipped into a container of melted beeswax and thoroughly coated before removing to let it cool and harden. Hemp wick is often sold in bundles, balls, or included inside of specialty lighter cases for convenient use.

To use the hemp wicks for smoking, light the end and use the flame to spark your bowl or joint. Then, simply blow it out or pinch the end to extinguish the flame. Think of it like a slow-burning candle that can be used time and time again as an alternative to using a butane lighter. It does take a little practice to get the hang of it, so be careful not to scorch your eyebrows and make sure the flame is fully extinguished.

Three Reasons Using a Hemp Wick is Better than a Lighter

So, why use a hemp wick instead of a lighter? 

1. Reduce the risk of butane poisoning.

Butane lighters are cheap, easy to find, and convenient. Hence the reason they are the go-to choice for lighting just about everything, but especially a bowl of weed. But, for heavy smokers who are flicking their Bic quite often, butane poisoning from a lighter is slightly possible. Butane is a toxic substance, and there’s no question that consuming large quantities of it can be pretty harmful. 

2. Your weed will taste better

If you’ve only used butane to smoke weed, you might not even realize how much better your weed can taste with hemp wicks. Even when you’re just smoking shake weed, it should still taste good. The butane gas creates high temperatures that burn some of the cannabinoids and terpenes, killing flavor and aroma along with it. Not to mention, you inhale some of those butane fumes, which can also affect the flavor. Even using matches can alter the taste since matches contain glue, wood, and other combustible chemicals. A hemp wick burns only clean flames and does not contain harsh chemicals. You’ll probably cough less, too. 

3. It’s a more environmentally friendly option.

Butane lighters are made with non-recyclable and non-biodegradable plastics. Those suckers hit the landfill at a rate of 350 million per year! Hemp wick is a fiber made from the stalk of hemp plants, so essentially, you are using plant matter to smoke your plant matter. The whole process leaves behind nothing but ash.

Uplevel Your Smoking Game

While you aren’t in inherent danger if you occasionally use a butane lighter, hemp wick is a great alternative to try out if you are looking for a healthier way to smoke weed. Shop for hemp wicks online, or at your favorite smoke shop or dispensary. 

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