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A Note on Commercial Products

passyourtest.comThere are commercial products that claim they can help you pass the test. Some people object to using commercial products because they are so wary of trusting brands they have never seen before. Also, be aware that some states have outlawed products that have the sole purpose of creating negative results on urine tests.

Whatever your disposition, you should be strongly advised that most of these products contain masking agents. These masking agents may help you hide the drugs in your system, but unfortunately most tests are able to detect masking agents. If you are found to have masking agents in your test, it is the same result as a positive test.

Masking agents are drugs or compounds that are taken with the express purpose of hiding or "masking" the presence of specific illegal drugs. Masking agents have the potential to impair or conceal the banned substance in the urine. The most common masking agents include diuretics, epitestosterone, probenecid and plasma volume expanders.

The prevalence of these products in the marketplace, touting the positive effects of their product while simultaneously selling you what amounts to an illegal product, is why Neonjoint recommends that you familiarize yourself with the products offered by Neonjoint’s only preferred vendor of detoxification products,’s industry-leading cleansing products are completely safe and 100% effective. Because of their years of dedicated support to stressed out test-takers the world over, as well as the unparalleled products they offer, is the only detoxification vendor that Neonjoint will even mention by name.

Most importantly, does not employ the use of masking agents in any of its products. You can trust that when you use products from they are helpful, rather than counterproductive.