Cranberry Juice Detox and Passing a Drug Test

The Cranberry Juice Detox and Passing a Drug Test

Can you use cranberry juice to detox your system and help you pass a drug test? Read here to learn more.

Cranberry juice offers kidney and bladder support, which has gained it quite a reputation in the detox community. Some people will swear by a cranberry juice detox.

But you have to wonder; is a cranberry juice detox that powerful? Or is it just another detox gimmick? 

Many properties of cranberry juice are helpful to your body’s natural detox process, but whether it can get the job done alone is a different story.

Cleansing with Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is a great assistant to your cleanse. It’s a diuretic, meaning it increases urination and allows the contents of your kidneys and bladder to be flushed out more quickly. Because of its acidity, it can target fatty toxins, and its anti-inflammatory properties help the digestive system. 

Unfortunately, though, cranberry juice won’t yield results on its own. Cranberry juice cannot target toxins within your cells, a crucial part of detoxing. It can only help by flushing already processed or surface toxins. 

If you need to be sure you can pass a drug test in a short amount of time, you’ll want to use a detox program. This program utilizes cranberries along with several other detoxifying ingredients so, unlike cranberry juice, it can guarantee a passing drug test in a short period of time.

Top Cranberry Juice for Detoxing?

If you’re going to utilize cranberry juice in your detox, be careful which ones you consume. It’s essential to drink sugar-free beverages only because sugar increases your toxin levels and worsens detox symptoms. 

Especially avoid cranberry juice cocktail. Unlike cranberry juice, cranberry juice cocktail contains a blend of fruits and is always loaded with copious amounts of sugar, erasing all nutritional value of the cranberries. 

Nothing less than 100% juice is safe for your detox. But, even if you find juices in bottles claiming there is no added sugar, carefully read the ingredient lists. Even beverages labeled 100% juice can be full of sugar, sometimes containing even more than soda!  

Or, you could skip the stress of searching for the safest cranberry juice and follow a cranberry detox tea recipe instead. These tea and juice recipes mix some of the most beneficial detox ingredients with cranberries to create the best drink for your cleanse. Plus, you’ll know what is going into your body by hand-selecting each ingredient.

How Much Cranberry Juice to Detox? 

When detoxing, it’s important to drink copious amounts of fluid, not just cranberry juice. Lots of fluid passing through your body shortens your detox time, and detox symptoms are often lessened by staying hydrated. Your goal should be approximately one gallon of fluids every day, including water, tea, and other sugar-free drinks. 

Although, you should be careful when drinking large amounts of cranberry juice. Being a diuretic, it’ll pull lots of fluids from your body to make you urinate frequently. Cranberry juice can also have an adverse reaction with some medications, so consult your doctor if this could be a concern for you. 

The effectiveness of cranberry juice in your detox depends on the kind of drug test you will be taking. Cranberry juice is most likely to help you pass is a urine test because it works through your kidneys. 

The results for saliva and blood tests will vary, but cranberry juice will be completely ineffective if you’re taking a hair follicle test. You’ll have to use another method to pass a hair follicle test because cranberry juice doesn’t have any effect on your scalp. 

Can I Use Cranberry Juice to Detox in a Day?

No, it simply is not possible to detox in one day using just cranberry juice. 

Cranberry juice is most effective with long-term use and should be consumed regularly for a minimum of three days to help at all with your detox.

To detox in one day, you can use a same-day detox drink. This won’t completely cleanse your body for long-term results, but it will get you ready to pass a drug test for six hours after consumption.

This is your best and only option if you need to pass a drug test in a day; fully detoxing in one day just can’t be done.

Final Thoughts

Cranberry juice can be used alongside a detox plan to aid the process, but you shouldn’t depend on cranberry juice alone, especially if you’re working with a tight deadline. 

Drinking a large amount of cranberry juice will push fluids through your kidneys and out of your body, boosting any detox already in progress. However, without the ability to target cells in the body, cranberry juice alone cannot fully allow your body to detox.

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