Does the Certo Method Work to Pass a Drug Test?

Certo Detox Method Reviewed for a Drug Test

Getting ready for a drug test can be horrible.  Stressing you will fail and being frustrated you have to take the test in the first place all while you are suppose to be detoxing can leave many people searching for guaranteed ways to pass a drug test.

Our bodies naturally expel toxins from our system.  This process, on average, takes 30 days – longer depending on a few factors including weight, how often, and how much you use.  And this is if you don’t continue to consume toxins during this time period. For many people this feels impossible.  Which leads them to try and “trick” the drug test.

Probably the most popular trick attempted to cheat a test is the Certo method.

What is Certo?

“‘Certo’ is Kraft’s brand-name for fruit pectin.

Fruit Pectin is a naturally occurring substance found in apples, berries and other fruits.  By heating and adding sugar to pectin it becomes thick and is often used to make jelly and jams.

Fruit pectin is a popular detox drink option because it is cheap to buy. About 5 bucks will get you enough pectin for the Certo method for drug testing.

How Does the Certo Detox Method Work?

Many people think that fruit pectin works by coating the stomach to trap toxins.  However, this belief is incorrect.  Fruit pectin actually works like a typical fiber that allows your body to absorb toxins to be expelled through your feces instead of your urine. Unlike other fibers, fruit pectin turns into a gel allowing it to absorb and trap more toxins.

Most toxins are fat solubles and when these toxins are release from cells they end up in back in our body fluids like saliva, blood and urine.  In addition to being a fiber, Certo is also a carbohydrate. Carbs cause an insulin boost which signals the body to store the calories.  So the Certo carbs cause the insulin spike which, for a small amount of time, prevents fat burning. Meaning additional fat soluble toxins will not be released into your system.

Basically the fruit pectin absorbs the toxins that are in your body fluids at that time, and also prevents additional toxins from making their way out of the fats and into your urine.  This of course just the scientific process of fat soluble toxins, carbs, and fiber.  Everyone’s body is different and with different level of toxins.  The explanation of science behind the Certo method is a best case scenario for the best possible candidate and not a guarantee.

Common Way to Use Certo for a Drug Test

Here we will break down how people use this method when it comes down to drug test day. I would lean towards the view that this method is unreliable.


Certo Ingredients

  • 2 packets of Fruit Pectin – any brand will do
  • 2 x 32oz sports drinks of your choice
  • Creatine Monohydrate
  • Multivitamin
  • Vitamin B2 (optional)


Steps to Make Certo Drink

  1. Water helps naturally flush toxins from your system. So for a much as possible, drink lots of water in the days before your test.
  2. The night before your drug test, add one packet of fruit pectin to 32 ounces of a sports drink. Be sure to mix really well and drink the entire mixture even if you don’t like the taste.
  3. About 3-4 hours before your drug test, drink as much water as you can – aim for more than 32 ounces.
  4. 1-2 hours before your test, mix the second packet of fruit pectin and 5g of Creatine into another 32 ounces of a sports drink.  Drink the entire mixture.
  5. Take the multivitamin and B2 with a glass of water after drinking the mixture above.

You will pee toxin free (in theory) for approximately 3 hours.

If your test is unexpected and you don’t have the 24 hour window beforehand, do steps 3-5.  Without the 1st dose of pectin to your system the night before your chances of passing aren’t as high but it could be worth the hail Mary shot anyway.

Does Certo Clean Your System?

The internet is full of drug test takers weighing in on whether or not the Certo method works. Many people report pass their test with flying colors while others say they failed miserably and still others say their results came back flagged inconclusive.  

Although the Certo method has more success than other at-home strategies, there is still no way to know if it will work for you until you try it. There are plenty of better options for detox drinks. And really who wants to take risks when it comes to a drug test. 

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