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PassYourTest is an industry leader in detox products and solutions. Here's why our readers have trusted them for over 20 years. is an industry leader in detox products and solutions for over 20 years. Our readers have been trusting them with their various detox and cleansing needs throughout the years. Oftentimes it can be stressful to meet your detox deadline, but aims to make the cleansing process worry-free.

The Mission behind

Nutracleanse Detox products and cleansing solutions from

Their mission is to create an all-natural, stress-free way to cleanse your body of unwanted toxins. They know each individual has different toxin exposures and detox deadlines. This has led to an entire line of detox solutions designed to address the unique situation for each user. 

Whether you only have one day and need to be toxin free for 24 hours, or you are looking for a quick permanent cleanse, has a detox kit designed for your needs. Of course, their mission is centered around customer satisfaction, so all detox products come with a money back satisfaction guarantee. 

What Detox Products are Available offers a wide range of detox solutions, including permanent cleansers, same-day cleansers, hair cleansers, and at-home testing kits. 

NutraCleanse is their in-house brand of detox kits. All products come with:

  • Comprehensive meal plan to help guide the detox process
  • Daily detox reminders and detox tips
  • Detox coach specialists to answer any of your questions
  • 100% money back satisfaction guarantee 

Most Commonly Needed (5-Day Detox)

5 day detoxification program (most commonly needed)

If you want to completely cleanse your body from all toxins, offers several detox kits to serve various toxin levels. 

The 5-Day Detox Program is the most common, as it helps permanently cleanse your system in 5 days. This detox starts off with an evening of pre-cleanse pills, followed by a five day supply of both morning and evening detox pills. The 5 Day Detox wraps up with post-cleanse pills that flush remaining toxins from your system. 

Capsules included in the program are made with all natural ingredients and herbal supplements that support your detox systems, such as: cranberry, echinacea, turmeric, reishi mushroom. This detox kit also contains two at-home testing kits to gauge your toxin levels before and after the detox.

Speedy Cleanse (Fail Safe Kit)

Fail Safe Kit (speedy cleanse)

There are often emergency situations that call for a quick detox and cleanse. If you find yourself with a tight deadline, detox drinks from are the best bet.

The Fail Safe Kit is their most effective same-day cleanser. This kit packs a double detox punch. The Fail Safe Kit comes with clean capsules that utilize the same proprietary blend as the 5 and 10-day programs. The Fail Safe also comes with a fast-acting 2 oz detox shot. The shot contains detox herbs such as milk thistle, guarana seed, and cascara sagrada bark. Taking the capsules and the shot together, you are cleansed of toxins in about an hour and a half and will be clean for up to six hours.

Another popular same-day cleansing product is PYT’s Clean Shot. The Clean Shot is suggested for those who have moderate to heavy toxin exposure, average body fat, and weigh less than 200 pounds. 

PYT also offers just their Clean Capsules. Unlike the Clean Shot and Fail Safe Kit, the Clean Caps are intended for those who have light to moderate exposure to cannabis toxins. PYT suggests their Clean Caps for anyone weighing under 130 pounds, or to individuals who are unsure if they even need a detox… it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Deep Cleanse (10-Day Detox)

10 day detoxification program (deep cleanse)

The 10-Day Detox Program is specially designed for those who have high exposure to toxins. Since toxins are often stored in your body fat, this cleanse is also designed for those who have a higher-than-average body mass index. 

This program uses the same herbal formula as the NutraCleanse 5-day program. However, you receive double the capsules and three at-home testing kits to gauge your toxin levels at each stage of the detox.

Hair Cleanse (Detox Shampoo)

Hair cleansers and detox shampoos

Toxins can build up in your hair. Luckily, PassYourTest has it’s own cleansing shampoo, Folli-Clean Shampoo. In about 60 minutes, this shampoo cleanses your hair of unwanted toxins for 24 hours. 

Dye or perm your hair? All good, Folli-Clean is Ph balanced to be safe for all hair types. This kit comes with 2 ounces of shampoo along with a hair cleansing guide.

What to Expect During Your Detox

If you are undergoing a permanent cleanse, provides the appropriate detox program to cleanse your system. Once you’ve committed to your detox, provides suggested meal plans to help you prep a lean diet. They also have daily detox reminders available to help ensure you stay on track and your detox process is a success.

If you are undergoing a same day cleanse, provides the needed detox solutions to cleanse your system fast. Once you’ve taken your same day cleansing product and urinated a several times, expect it to take effect 90 minutes later, and stay effective for up to 6 hours.

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