The Key to Using and Passing an at Home Drug Test

The Key to Using and Passing an at Home Drug Test

Okay, so it’s happening. The time has slowly crept up on you, and to much of your surprise, you have a drug test just around the corner. There’s no question you need to pass a drug test successfully. I mean, a lot of things could be at risk for you, including not only your job but your criminal record as well.

That said, you’ve known about this drug test for months on end and have been adequately preparing ever since. From lists of necessary supplements and supplies to meticulous hour logs and saved informative articles, you’ve got this in the bag, literally. In fact, this is likely why you are here.

How to Prepare for a Drug Test

Your infinite wisdom has directed you to browse through NeonJoint’s endless supply of information. It’s here where you will access all the guidance you need in how to pass a drug test. Similarly to most tests we face in life, drug tests require thorough preparation to pass successfully. An at home drug test is the ultimate survival guide to assist you through this process.

The preparation techniques will vary depending on a number of different variables concerning an individual. Still, the type of preparation I am currently referring to here is a little different than just merely passing a test. For instance, you can think of it like this: the detox process before the drug test is similar to the reading and note-taking one would do before taking an exam. Both the detox process and note-taking skills are essential steps in establishing positive results, whether you need to pass a drug test or an exam. Yet, what if you want to test and employ your newfound knowledge from NeonJoint? How can you truly know you will pass your upcoming drug test?

The answer: use an at home drug test.

Why You Should Always Use an at Home Drug Test

Using an at-home drug test before the real deal is one of the smartest things you can do, and is highly recommended by many cannabis experts.

Throughout your life, there will be many circumstances that require you to practice and prepare before the final test. For example, as mentioned before, teachers often suggest students take a practice exam before the final examination. Correspondingly, sports coaches organize scrimmages and drills to train for the actual match.

I think you get the picture. Practice before game time. Ultimately, you should always use an at-home drug test before the real test administered by your employer or advisor. With an at-home drug test, you can feel assured and confident going into the actual drug test, knowing you have already prepared.

What Toxins can Home Drug Tests Detect

At-home drug tests are great tools when you want to rest assured, knowing you are clean from any unwanted toxins in your system. Specific at-home drug tests, like the single panel THC home test kits, can also detect more than just one toxin. A single panel THC test kit detects even the smallest traces of marijuana levels at the industry standard of 50 ng/mL, giving you the assurance you are clean.

Additionally, there are single panel home nicotine testing kits for nicotine levels. A single panel, sensitive COT drug test, screens for even the smallest traces of nicotine (COT) levels at the industry standard of 200 ng/mL.

The third at-home drug test kit is the uTest Test-O-Meter THC kit. This home test kit tests for the presence of various levels of THC in your urine sample. While the industry standard level of THC testing is 50 ng/mL, this at-home kit can also screen for THC at 15, 100, 200, and 300 ng/mL test levels. 

When to Take an at Home Drug Test

At this point in your reading, you may be curious as to when the best time is to take your at-home drug test. To help clarify some questions you may have, we recommend you use an at-home drug test two different times. In doing so, you will be able to gauge the toxicity levels of your urine sample at the beginning of your detox process, and the end.

It is best to take an at-home drug test right as you start the detoxification process to measure current levels of toxins. You can think of your first at-home test as a base-line, ultimately establishing a base to compare to the performance of the second test.

Furthermore, you should take your second at-home drug test towards the end of your detoxing process to gauge the progress made, and your ability to pass the real drug test when the time comes.

How to Use an at Home Drug Test

How to take the test. Peace of mind in 4 easy steps.

  1. Remove cap and immerse the strip into the cup of urine.
  2. Take the strip out after the “C” line appears.
  3. Put the cap back on a lay strip on a flat surface.
  4. Read results at precisely 5 minutes. (Do not interpret after 10 minutes)

Nevertheless, being able to accurately read your test results are just as important as following the step by step instructions.

How to Read Your Results

Negative (Clean)

Two lines will appear. (intensity of line may vary)

Positive (Dirty)

One line will appear next to the “C” line.


No visible lines appear, or no line appears next to the “C” line.

How Accurate are Home Drug Tests

If employed correctly, most at-home drug testing kits provide more than 99 percent accuracy rates in detecting specific toxins, like THC and nicotine. That said, there is a slight chance (1%) that your at-home drug test may yield inaccurate or misleading results. For this reason, it is usually of great value to also have a detox drink on hand for back up.

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