Does Synthetic Urine Work for Drug Tests

Does Synthetic Urine Work for Drug Tests

Many people look for a quick fix when faced with a drug test. This guide will review using synthetic urine to beat your test.

As an industry, we are noticing an increase of cannabis consumers turn to synthetic urine to pass a drug test. With the rise in interest, we are also seeing many individuals ask, ‘does synthetic urine work’?

Asking if using fake pee works is a valid question, especially since labs can now detect if the urine isn’t from the human body. So, it is essential to understand the fundamentals of reliable synthetic urine so you can pass your test with ease.

What is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine is another method individuals often use to produce clean urine, especially if the individual doesn’t have enough time to detox their system of marijuana toxins with proper detox drinks.

But, do you know what types of compounds make up synthetic urine? Essentially, a variety of unique substances go into the formula. It comprises of different chemicals like creatinine, yellow coloring, pH balance, and uric acid to imitate the natural characteristics of urine.

Additionally, many laboratories test the density of urine samples. Countless products also contain elements that balance the density, as well as regulate the temperature, of the urine sample.

Effective Qualities of Synthetic Urine

Numerous factors go into what makes a synthetic urine product effective. For example, general reliability, fast shipping times, descriptive ingredient lists, and reviews of the product are all instrumental elements that determine the success of fake urine.

There is one thing, however, that can ultimately make or break the outcome. Nowadays, you will notice many synthetic urine kits include a heat activator. Heat activators are a crucial part of the process when attempting to provide the most realistic fake urine.

You basically want your fake pee sample to reflect what a real urine sample would look like, as accurately as possible. Heat activators are the best way to bring your synthetic urine up to the actual temperature of natural urine, which is between 92-100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Employers often send urine samples to third-party labs where they then screen for toxins and any signs of tampering. Technology is so incredibly advanced today that many of these labs can detect irregularities in pH balance and temperature of urine, which is why heat activators are key.

How To Use Synthetic Urine

More often than not, you will find synthetic urine kits come with a heating tool to test the temperature, as well as belts to hide the fake sample around your waist comfortably. Although it might feel like a daunting task, using synthetic urine is quite easy. As long as you carefully follow the instructions provided in the kit, you should be good to go.

On the day of your drug test, activate the heating tool by giving it a good shake. Then, fasten it to the belt’s bag. After, make sure the clips are secure and adjust the length of the tube by simply cutting it to the appropriate size.

Next, wrap the belt around your waist, making sure your clothes are covering it. Make sure the temperature strip is touching your skin, and the tube is facing or pointing to the ground. Give yourself at least one hour before the drug test to adequately prepare and situate everything.

The final measure may seem like the most self-explanatory (which it is), but it is also the most decisive step in the synthetic urine process. One wrong move and everything could be at risk.

Once you are set up in a private bathroom and have the pee cup in possession, you can undo the belt clips and slowly pour the synthetic urine into the container. Lastly, don’t forget to fasten the container lid tightly.

Does Synthetic Urine Work

Today, reliable synthetic urine kits are properly designed to trick a lab test. Whether the product contains a heat activator tool or additives like a pH balancer, all of these elements help produce a more natural pee sample. That said, that does not mean all products out there do the same.

In fact, many can be visible in a drug test or don’t function appropriately. When brands do not account for the underlying features of natural urine, the fake pee method will not work.

The Possibility of Inconclusive Results

For example, since normal pee contains uric acid, most labs will screen for the presence of uric acid. If the synthetic urine product does not contain uric acid to mimic real pee, the drug test will immediately provide inconclusive results.

Another factor that may cause fake pee to not work is the temperature. Generally, the temperature of urine ranges from 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, the temperature of the synthetic urine must have very similar temperature levels. If the kit or product does not contain a heating tool; however, it is putting you at risk for failing.

Moreover, it is imperative to make sure whichever product you are using, they come with the necessary equipment to provide successful results. To ensure you will choose a product that works, always do your research and carefully review the label of the product.

How Do Labs Detect Synthetic Urine

Labs can quickly detect when an individual is using fake pee. A few fundamental features that labs primarily focus on include the color, pH levels, temperature levels, and uric acid levels of natural urine. If either one of these measures contains inconsistencies or appear to be abnormal, administrators will immediately recognize it is synthetic urine.

What Happens if you Get Caught Using Synthetic Urine

Using synthetic urine does have its successes. However, there are also times when individuals use fake pee to cheat the system and get caught. Furthermore, if you get caught using synthetic urine, consequences will follow. Although synthetic urine is not illegal on a federal level, many states have put laws into effect for cheating on a drug test.

The severity of consequences will differ depending on your circumstance. Repercussions when employers catch you using synthetic urine are going to be different for everyone.

Penalty by State

For example, penalties depend on what state you reside in, why you are taking the test, and who the test involves/what mood they are in at the time. Since cannabis is still not legal on a federal level, each state has its own rules and regulations.

If your state has laws against the use of fake urine, then there is a possibility you could receive charges of tampering with evidence or even go to jail. If not, it is doubtful. Be that as it may, employers often have the upper-hand in this type of situation.

If you fail to pass a pre-employment drug test, your employer has the right to deny hiring you. Moreover, if your employer catches you using synthetic urine, don’t expect to get the job!

With the risks involved using fake urine to pass a drug test, we recommend steering clear of the synthetic stuff and sticking to more reliable methods of detox and producing your own clean pee to pass your test.

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