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Guide on How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test

Many drug test givers are now using the hair follicle drug test. Read our guide to find out how to pass your upcoming hair drug test.

Drug screenings are becoming hot in demand as companies are catching on to the cannabis craze. Many large companies enforce pre-employment drug tests as part of their application process, making sure prospective employees won’t be under the influence while on the clock. Roughly 90% of drug tests are administered using a urine sample.

Yet, hair follicle drug tests are gaining significant value as an additional approach to traditional urine drug tests. They provide a much larger window of detection than other drug tests such as urine sampling, making it much more difficult for regular cannabis consumers to ‘cheat’ the test. Be that as it may, there are many tips and tricks on how to pass a hair follicle drug test.

What is a Hair Follicle Drug Test

As the name implies, a hair follicle drug test is a hair drug test that screens for frequent illegal drug use. In this drug test method, an administrator carefully extracts a small sample of hair with scissors and sends it to a laboratory site for testing. The sample then goes through a thorough analysis of traces of illegal drug consumption. Drug screening facilities can ultimately detect signs of drug use during the 90 days preceding the test.

What Drugs Can be Detected in a Hair Drug Test

Employers can screen for a specific drug using a hair follicle drug test. Additionally, employers can screen for multiple different drug families by testing only a single hair follicle sample. A hair drug test can detect the following drugs:

  • Marijuana (THC)
  • Amphetamines, including methamphetamine, ecstasy (MDMA) and eve (MDEA)
  • Cocaine
  • Opiates, such as heroin, codeine, and morphine
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

Administrators can also screen the same drugs by using other drug tests like a urine drug test, saliva test, and blood test.

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your Hair

All forms of drug tests quickly detect cannabis consumption by screening for the by-products of weed, known as metabolites. The therapeutic and psychoactive effects of cannabis wear off after a few hours or so, while metabolite elements remain in your system well after. How long weed is detectable in your hair strongly varies according to dosage and frequency.

Thus, if you are a cannabis consumer who takes higher doses and smokes regularly, expect to have longer detection times. In comparison, if you are an individual who consumes small amounts of cannabis occasionally, your detection times will be much shorter.

Concerning hair follicle drug tests, the detection window for noticing cannabis use is typically up to 90 days or three months. A 90-day detection window, however, more commonly associates with daily cannabis consumers. After ingesting marijuana, the THC toxins, or metabolites, contact the hair follicles by transferring from small blood vessels. As a result, small amounts of THC stay in the hair, which is then detected by the drug test.

Nevertheless, drug tests can also pick up traces of marijuana toxins, even without direct consumption. A hair test can detect metabolites that transfer from your bloodstream to the strand of the hair itself. However, the hair follicle test can also observe THC toxins after physical contact. Furthermore, you do not necessarily need to be a cannabis consumer to test positive for marijuana or THC. For example, you can test positive for THC if you have recently been around secondhand cannabis smoke or have even touched the plant.

How Long Does it Take to Pass a Hair Drug Test

There are a variety of different drug test methods that employers can use in detecting trace amounts of marijuana toxins. For example, employers have the option of assigning prospective employees a urine drug test, saliva drug test, blood drug test, or hair drug test to screen for everyday illegal drug use.

Nevertheless, many employers are becoming aware of the benefits of administering a hair follicle drug test. Unlike a urine drug test, a hair follicle drug test can screen for drug use within the past 90 days. Moreover, hair drug tests can detect weed use, starting seven days back and up to 90 days earlier.

How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test Naturally

The amount of time it takes to rid marijuana toxins from your hair can be the most frustrating factors of a hair drug test. On average, many individuals must refrain from consuming cannabis for at least 90 consecutive days to pass a drug test. Being in the shoes of a daily cannabis user, this sounds like one of the last things you want to go through. Quitting smoking cannabis for 90 days, let alone one week, can feel impossible, especially if you rely on the plant for its medicinal benefits.

A couple of mainstream myths many people believe help you pass a hair follicle drug test include shaving your head and bleaching or dying your hair. For men, shaving your head may seem like a smart idea. Yet, technicians screening for drug toxins in your system will just take a sample of hair from another part of your body like your armpit or chest.

Now, the prudent act of bleaching or dying your hair before a drug test seems like it could be legit. As it has a little more sensible judgment than shaving your head, points to whoever came up with this idea. Unfortunately, however, bleaching or dying your hair won’t be too useful.  Many well-established drug testing companies have become aware hair treatments have very little to no effect on the outcome of a hair drug test.

Be that as it may, there is one way you can try to pass a hair follicle drug test naturally: a hair detox. Detoxing the hair is the primary natural method to pass a drug test (hopefully), but there are no guarantees. Many people choose to go in this direction to pass a drug test.

Sometimes, however, their test results turn out to be positive. Sadly, many detox shampoos falsely claim they can eliminate evidence of drug use from someone’s hair follicles when they can’t. To increase the likelihood of passing a hair drug test using detox products, you must read product reviews and information. Most of the time, consumer reviews can vouch for the successfulness of the product.

How to Pass a Hair Drug Test in 24 Hours

Of course, one of the most reliable ways to successfully pass a hair follicle drug test is through appropriate detoxification. Stopping the use of cannabis all together for at least 90 consecutive days is the best strategy. But, if you find yourself not having enough time to detox your body before your drug test properly, detox shampoos are another secure option.

Furthermore, detox shampoos can effectively cleanse your scalp to pass a drug test within 24 hours. A couple of top-rated detox shampoo products known for passing a hair follicle drug test in 24 hours include PassYourTest’s Nutra Cleanse Folli-Clean Shampoo and Zydot’s Ultra Clean Shampoo.

Tips for Using Detox Shampoo

Even though numerous dependable detox shampoo products can help you pass a hair follicle test, there are no promises. Many detox shampoo products come with specific and comprehensive application instructions. While some detox shampoos don’t have the correct chemical composition to help you pass a test, others mislabel and falsify information. Even so, once you find a trustworthy detox shampoo, be sure to follow its directions step by step.

In any event, there are a few tips that can undoubtedly be useful to pass a hair drug test. First, be sure to use all of the shampoo that comes in the bottle and rub it in your hair thoroughly. Second, use the detox shampoo product to wash all head and body hair you that you would like cleansed of marijuana toxins. Finally, to ensure the detox shampoo method will work, use the product within 24 hours of when you want your hair cleansing deadline.

Hair Drug Test FAQ

How Long Does the Hair Need to be for a Hair Follicle Drug Test?

For a hair follicle drug test to come back the conclusive results, the sample of hair needs to be at least 1.5 inches from root to end.

Can Body Hair be used for the Hair Follicle Test?

The short answer is yes, body hair can be used for the hair follicle test. Some people (mainly men) believe shaving your head will save you from failing the hair follicle drug test. In some aspects, this is true. However, the administrators of the examination must collect hair samples that are at least 1.5 inches long. Therefore, they will likely remove a hair sample from your armpit or chest if the hair on your head is not long enough.

Does Body Hair Hold Weed Longer than Head Hair?

You may believe body hair and head hairs are the same, which they are. The central difference, however, is the rate at which the hair grows. Body hair in comparison to head hair grows at a much slower pace. Consequently, samples of body hair may disclose up to one year of drug consumption, ultimately increasing your risk of failing.

Can You Failed a Hair Drug Test from Second-Hand Smoke?

Yes, it is possible to fail a hair follicle drug test from second-hand smoke. Even if you are not an active cannabis consumer, trace amounts of THC can attach to your hair follicles following close contact. Moreover, drug tests can pick up traces of marijuana toxins, even without direct consumption.

Can You Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Pass a Hair Drug Test?

I highly recommend sticking with a reliable detox shampoo product to pass a hair follicle drug test. That said, you can also try an at-home remedy of using apple cider vinegar to pass a hair drug test. The likelihood of successfully passing your drug test, however, is lower than if you were to use a detox shampoo.

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