PAX Unveils All New Lineup for Cannabis Flower and Concentrate Vaporization

New PAX Mini plus vaporizers and PAX Infused Flower with Solventless Hash are designed to deliver the highest quality, easiest-to-use flower experience on the market. 

Who is Pax?

PAX is a leading global cannabis brand on a mission to enhance people’s lives through exceptional cannabis experiences. PAX’s curated set of all-natural, full-flavor cannabis products and award-winning devices make enjoying cannabis simple and safe.

For more than a decade, PAX has created next-generation devices that deliver enduring quality through innovations in design and technology, and remain trusted by millions of consumers nationwide. The PAX brand represents a vision for creating sustainable well-being and building opportunity through cannabis.

Pax Releases Two New Product Lines

PAX today announced the launch of its new lineup of dry herb vaporizer devices, PAX Mini and PAX Plus, and the new PAX Infused Flower with Solventless Hash, for the ultimate all-natural, full-flower cannabis experience. PAX’s patented temperature control heats never burn, preserving natural terpenes without harsh smoke or other combustion byproducts. Building on more than a decade of award-winning innovation and industry-leading quality standards, PAX’s newly redesigned lineup brings out the best of the flower, with the brand’s most sustainable packaging yet. 

What is the PAX Mini?

PAX’s smallest dry herb device ever, the Mini is pocket-sized and secure, for fast and easy sessions on the go. Sleek, sophisticated, and super simple, PAX Mini heats in 22 seconds to achieve great vapor and flavorful, more flowerful hits. With a newly designed oven and molded screen that’s more efficient and easier to clean, larger LEDs, soft matte coating, and rounded edges that give it a new look and feel, PAX Mini packs a punch. The Mini comes equipped with flat and raised mouthpiece options, a standard oven lid and 3D screen, a wire brush for cleaning, and a charger. 

What is the PAX Plus?

The ultimate portable vaporizer, PAX Plus is flexible, discreet, and functional, in a sleek, smart, and simple device. PAX Plus takes the place of PAX 3, The New York Times Wirecutter’s Pick for Best Portable Vaporizer, as the brand’s new flagship device. New built-in Experience Modes—Stealth, Efficiency, Balance, and Boost—provide different combinations of flavor and vapor with one push of the mouthpiece, to get the most out of cannabis with no App needed. 

pax mini plus

PAX’s most advanced dual-use device, consumers can enjoy full flower experiences or potent concentrate sessions. A newly designed oven, molded oven screen, and multi-tool make PAX Plus the brand’s easiest-to-clean, most user-friendly device yet. The refined design includes larger LEDs, soft matte coating, and color-matched mouthpieces, with rounded edges for a new look and feel. PAX plus comes with a full accessory and maintenance kit, including mouthpiece options, a half-pack or standard oven lid, 3D screens, multi-tool, and PAX’s Concentrate Insert.

Where can you buy the Pax Mini & Pax Plus?

PAX Mini is available in Onyx and Platinum for $150 and comes with a two-year limited warranty. 

PAX Plus is available in Onyx, Sage, Periwinkle, and Elderberry for $250, and is backed by a ten-year limited warranty. 

What other Products does Pax Carry?

PAX’s stylish collection of custom accessories—including natural wood charging trays, vacuum stash jars, premium grinders, smell-proof stash bags, and more—provide consumers with the ultimate set-up for perfect sessions. Mini and are available for purchase on and through selected retailers across the United States. 

PAX Infused Flower with Solventless Hash 

PAX Infused Flower with Solventless Hash comes hand-pressed into eight ready-to-use infused PAX buds, designed to work perfectly with PAX flower devices. PAX Infused Flower with Solventless Hash offers the high purity of all-natural, full-flower cannabis with the added potency of full-melt water solventless hash. Each PAX bud has a potency of more than 125mg THC, for a longer-lasting experience. 

Pax Buds

PAX buds are easily pressed into PAX flower devices, consumed, and tapped out for ultimate ease of use, without the need for prep or messy cleanup. PAX’s infused buds come freshly sealed in a reusable, crush-proof tin. 100% cannabis, with nothing added, PAX Infused Flower with Solventless Hash is free from heavy metals, pesticides, combustion byproducts, or solvents when used with PAX devices, and can also be used with other consumption methods.

PAX Infused Flower includes 2.8g of 100% California flower with 32%+ THC potency. It offers unbeatable value, for $40 MSRP. It is currently available at licensed retailers throughout California, launching with six popular cultivars: 

● Blue Dream (Sativa) 

● Lemon Sour Diesel (Sativa) 

● Gelato (Hybrid) 

● Chem Dog (Hybrid) 

● OG Kush (Indica) 

● Ice Cream Cake (Indica) 

“The PAX Mini and PAX Plus have been designed to deliver everything our customers want out of their dry herb experience, building on a device collection widely known for being best in class,” said Steven Jung, Chief Operating Officer at PAX. “We’re particularly excited to be able to launch them alongside our very first flower product—all-natural, California cannabis infused with full melt water hash. It’s a game changer, not only in terms of quality and potency but the ease of experience—there’s no prep required and no mess to clean up.”

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