medical marijuana card in california

Medical Marijuana Card in California: Is it Worth it?

Medical marijuana cards used to be a prized possession. Now that weed is legal, is a medical marijuana card in California worth the cost?

With the legalization of recreational cannabis use in the state of California came a declining trend of people obtaining medical cannabis cards. People that use cannabis medicinally don’t technically need a medical marijuana card to purchase their products anymore, however there are still plenty of benefits for people who are using cannabis as medicine on a regular basis. You might find yourself unaware of the benefits that come along with holding a medical marijuana card in California, and we’re here to help clear up any potential questions that may arise in the process of weighing the pros and cons as well as the process of actually obtaining one for yourself.   

What Does it Take to Get a MMJ Card in CA?

The process of obtaining a medical card in California is actually remarkably simple and makes obtaining one even more of a no-brainer. In this technological age that we find ourselves in, even a cannabis card can be obtained through an online meeting with a licensed doctor, an experience designed for your convenience. This is the best and our most recommended method of receiving approval for medical cannabis use as easy and fast as possible.

The first step is to make an appointment with one of the many online services offering medical marijuana card consultations. At the appointment you will go over your medical history on a call with a licensed physician. If you have one of the many qualifying conditions, including migraines and chronic pain, the doctor will recommend treatment with medical cannabis issuing you a certification for purchase of medical cannabis. 

The great thing about these online services is that most of them provide certification via email as a PDF immediately after approving your card and the appointment ends. They also tend to provide a sealed and stamped hard copy sent in the mail to arrive at a later date. Your new medical marijuana card in California will be good for one year and you just have to remember to renew it, usually for a smaller fee, annually.    

Are There Any Disadvantages to Being an MMJ Cardholder?

There are some cons to having a medical marijuana card. Since cannabis is still federally considered a Schedule I narcotic, any consumers are technically also federally prohibited from possessing, owning, purchasing, shipping, or receiving any firearms or ammunition. Violating the Gun Control Act of 1968 could incur a fine or up to 10 years in prison if caught lying on a background check. 

Another disadvantage of owning a cannabis card is there is not yet any immediate protection against workplace drug testing. However, at the beginning of next year a new law in the state of California will offer protection for off the clock cannabis consumption.   

Benefits of a Medical Marijuana Card

There are, however, some substantial benefits of being a medical marijuana card holder. If you are a regular cannabis consumer these benefits may sound extra appealing and give you the push you need for something you may have already been considering. 

Save on Taxes

If you present your medical cannabis card when purchasing from your favorite dispensary you will be exempt from the retail sales tax imposed on recreational cannabis. This 7% can end up saving consumers a bunch of money long term, especially if they are regular consumers. 

Higher Potency Products

If you have a medical marijuana card in California, another benefit to be enjoyed is access to any available higher potency cannabis product that may not be to the general recreational public. 

Increased Possession Limits

Furthermore medical marijuana card holders will also benefit greatly from legally being allowed to possess larger quantities of cannabis. Cardholders can expect to be able to legally possess up to 8 ounces of cured cannabis flowers. Additionally, a medical marijuana card in California will allow cannabis consumers to grow more plants than someone growing for recreational consumption. 

The Bottom Line

It’s worth it for some, especially for regular cannabis consumers who use the plant in their day to day lives. If you shop a lot you can see big savings on the retail sales tax that will add up with each purchase keeping money in your pockets and cannabis in your headstash. While there are some cons to consider, we think the benefits are too great to ignore and recommend everybody consider obtaining a medical marijuana card for themselves if it aligns with their personal preferences and lifestyle. 

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