Anything Animated Series Launch: Explore the New World of Animated Storytelling on YouTube

Get stoned and enjoy the newest animated comedy series “Anything” the creative minds of Marc Brener & Laura Darrell.

We’re here to introduce you to Anything, a groundbreaking animated series on YouTube that’s buzzing with creativity and humor. Created by the talented Laura Darrell and Marc Brener, this isn’t just another animation; it’s a vivid canvas where storytelling meets a dash of the unexpected, perfectly aligning with the spirit of cannabis culture. 

If you’re into innovative animation, engaging narratives, or just in search of something refreshingly entertaining, then Anything should be on your radar. Let’s jump in and uncover what makes this series a standout gem in the digital entertainment realm.

Meet Laura Darrell and Marc Brener

In the ever-evolving realm of animation, where each frame tells a story, we’re about to embark on a journey into a new universe crafted by two remarkable minds. Let’s spotlight Laura Darrell and Marc Brener, the masterminds behind the groundbreaking YouTube animated series, Anything.

Their story isn’t just about creating a series; it’s about blending visions, voices, and vibrant imaginations to forge something truly unique. Laura Darrell, a multifaceted artist with her roots in acting and singing, brings a wealth of experience from the performing world. 

Her expertise isn’t limited to the stage and screen; as an accomplished audiobook narrator, she possesses a keen understanding of storytelling and character development. These skills are vital in bringing animated characters to life, ensuring they resonate with audiences beyond the screen.

Marc Brener, a creative powerhouse in his own right, complements Darrell’s talents. With a rich background in writing, film, and television, Brener’s narrative skills are the backbone of the series. His exposure to and love for iconic shows like Family Guy, American Dad, and Rick and Morty have not only influenced his storytelling approach but also shaped his vision for Anything. He brings a seasoned perspective to the table, one that combines sharp wit with a deep understanding of what makes animated content compelling and relatable.

Creative Collaboration and Immersive Storytelling

Together, Darrell and Brener are more than co-creators; they are the voices, directors, and the driving force behind the series. Their collaboration is a blend of artistic synergy, where voice acting, directing, and storytelling coalesce into a singular creative expression. This partnership is a testament to their shared passion for animation and storytelling, and Anything is a culmination of their combined creative energies.

Their journey to create Anything wasn’t just a linear path. It was an adventure with spontaneous ideas, like the one that struck during a snowstorm-laden drive from Boston to New York. This moment of inspiration was the genesis of what would become a six-season plan for the series. It highlights the unpredictable nature of creativity and how a single idea can evolve into an expansive narrative universe.

Anything isn’t just another series; it represents the unbridled potential of collaboration, creativity, and a shared passion for storytelling. As we explore the worlds created by Darrell and Brener, we’re not just watching an animated series; we’re experiencing a vivid tapestry of ideas brought to life by two remarkable storytellers.

Overview of Anything

Brener describes the show’s intriguing premise, “Anything tells the story of an ordinary Joe in New York City who, on New Year’s Day, wakes up and discovers he can do literally anything.” This core idea opens a realm of possibilities, exploring the nuances of power, choice, and the human condition.

The series stands out not only for its innovative concept but also for its stellar cast. Joining the voice lineup are notable talents like Malin Akerman, known for her roles in Watchmen and Billions, Dan Fogler from Fantastic Beasts and The Offer, and Eddie Kaye Thomas of American Pie and Scorpion fame. 

Their addition brings a new depth and diversity to the series, enriching the narrative with their unique voices and experiences. And that’s just the beginning – more exciting cast announcements are on the horizon!

Brener adds, “It’s about themes of power and abuse of power, love, and sacrifice… all the good stuff.” Anything rolls into these themes, promising a journey that’s both entertaining and thought-provoking. With its short, impactful episodes, the series is tailored for the modern audience, offering a quick yet immersive escape into its animated world.

In Anything, every episode is a new adventure, a fresh exploration of what it means to have the power to change everything. It’s a series that’s bound to resonate with viewers, inviting them into a universe where the only limit is imagination.

Distribution Strategy

In today’s digital era, the creators of Anything are tapping into the power of modern platforms to reach their audience. Brener highlights the strategic use of popular social media channels: “Yeah, primarily. We’re using YouTube and TikTok to put out the videos.” This choice reflects a keen understanding of current media consumption trends, where platforms like YouTube and TikTok dominate the digital landscape.

Brener emphasizes the significance of this approach, “It’s a beast out there… so we’re just putting it out there as we can.” By leveraging these platforms, Anything positions itself in the midst of where its audience naturally congregates, maximizing its visibility and accessibility.

Unique Format and Content

The series stands out not just in its distribution but also in its format. Brener explains, “Instead of full 30-minute episodes, we’re doing 30 to 45-second episodes.” This innovative format is designed to capture the essence of storytelling in a way that aligns with the fast-paced, bite-sized content consumption habits prevalent today.

Episode Structure and Content Strategy

This unique episode structure is part of a broader content strategy. “We’re going to release two a week every Tuesday and Thursday,” says Brener, outlining the release schedule. This regular cadence of episodes keeps the audience engaged and coming back for more, making Anything a part of their weekly routine. 

Furthermore, Brener adds, “It’s all going to form a 90-minute story.” This approach shows a commitment to crafting a comprehensive narrative, ensuring that each short episode contributes to a larger, cohesive story arc.

Cannabis Influence in Creativity

Now, let’s talk green. As a platform that celebrates the creative spark ignited by cannabis, we’re thrilled to hear Brener’s take: “Cannabis users… are going to enjoy the places we go here.” The series promises to incorporate cannabis-inspired scenes and humor, making it a perfect fit for the stoner audience seeking late-night entertainment.

How to Follow and Support Anything

Anything has officially launched, and it’s time to dive into this extraordinary world! The series premiered on November 7th, and there are already two captivating episodes live for your viewing pleasure.

Don’t miss out on this unique animated adventure. Head over to YouTube to catch the first episodes and subscribe to the Anything channel. There, you’ll find a world where creativity knows no bounds, and each episode promises a blend of humor, satire, and unexpected twists.

To keep up with the latest updates, behind-the-scenes content, and announcements, follow Anything on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. Engaging with these platforms not only gives you a front-row seat to the creative process but also supports the creators in continuing to bring this innovative series to life.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the journey of Anything and be part of a story where anything is possible. Watch the episodes, share your thoughts, and become a part of the community that’s growing around this exciting new series. Every view, like, and share helps propel Anything into the spotlight it deserves.

Remember, new episodes drop every Tuesday and Thursday, so there’s always something fresh and exciting to look forward to. Tune in now and be part of the adventure!

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