CBD Edibles The Tastiest Ways to Consume

CBD Edibles: The Tastiest Ways to Consume

CBD has made its way into the mainstream in a major way.  It seems to be what everyone is smoking, taking in a pill or …


How Do I Know My Vape is Safe?

Vaping is an easy, fun, and discreet way to smoke your THC. But after all the horror stories that have been circulating the news of …

Greening Out

Greening out: How Much Weed is Too Much

Smoking weed is supposed to be fun, right? So why does it sometimes turn into an unpleasant and even scary experience? Well, that experience is …

how to smoke live resin

How to Smoke Live Resin: The Consumption Methods

Similar to cannabis flower or bud, there are various methods to smoking cannabis live resin concentrates. Read to learn more.

Cannabis Extracts

The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Extracts

Depending on the solvent quality and the extraction method you use, you can experience myriad highs from dabbing. Read to learn more.


How Does the 4th Amendment Apply to Cannabis

This guide explains how the 4th Amendment applies to Cannabis and the best way to protect your rights against search and seizure.

Does Synthetic Urine Work for Drug Tests

Does Synthetic Urine Work for Drug Tests

Many people look for a quick fix when faced with a drug test. This guide will review using synthetic urine to beat your test.


Neonjoint’s Guide to Labor Day Deals

It’s labor day weekend folks here in the great United States of America. While we continue to see the LARGEST wealth divide between plebian & …

creating writing prompts

Creative Writing Prompts While You’re High

Are you looking for something fun you can do while stoned? Read to find out what some of the best creative writing prompts are!


5 Advanced Dabbing Techniques You Should Be Using

Are you an experienced cannabis user looking for fun new ways to smoke concentrate? Read to learn advanced dabbing techniques you should try.

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