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Creative Writing Prompts While You’re High

Are you looking for something fun you can do while stoned? Read to find out what some of the best creative writing prompts are!

There are plenty of things that are arguably more fun while high, and the possibilities are endless for cannabis consumers. Classic weed activities include seeing live music, enjoying nature, watching a funny movie, or writing in a journal.

For fans of writing, a great way to capitalize on the creativity boost of getting stoned is to explore creative writing prompts. Adding this practice to your journaling habit can help you break out of regular thought cycles and inspire new waves of creative thinking that will continue to provide benefits even when you’re not stoned. 

What Is a Writing Prompt?

A writing prompt can be a word, phrase, or image that provides direction or inspires action towards a written topic. The piece of writing can be anything from a poem to an essay, story, or journal entry. Creative writing prompts are meant to inspire creative thinking and help writers step outside of their normal train of thought and embrace new ideas.

Think of it as a starting point to any kind of writing you might pursue. Traditionally, creative writing prompts have been used in testing environments to gauge students’ writing skills, but writing isn’t meant to exist only within a classroom.  

“I write to make peace with things I cannot control. I write to create a fabric in a world that often appears black and white. I write to discover. I write to uncover. I write to meet my ghosts. I write to begin a dialogue. I write to imagine things differently and in imagining things differently perhaps the world will change.”

-Terry Tempest, Why We Write

Writing is a solace for many and a practice that can help alleviate anxiety, stress, and worry and provide a canvas for releasing thoughts and emotions. It’s also a powerful tool for connecting with oneself and others by sharing dreams and ideas. But it doesn’t have to be all serious — creative writing prompts can be a form of play with the imagination. 

Stimulates Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is a way of examining situations or obstacles from a new point of view and finding alternative or unorthodox solutions. There are plenty of ways to stimulate creative thinking, including brainstorming sessions, traveling, exercise, or listening to music. Writing is a handy way to encourage more creative thinking because it requires that you step out of your comfort zone. And that is the beginning of finding clarity. 

A good writing prompt will inspire you to think outside the box and dig deep for something that isn’t already at the forefront of your mind. Writing, in general, promotes better thinking. Consider the writing prompt: Write about not being able to see ahead of you.

For anyone living in an area deeply affected by wildfires, this might be an easy lead into why you cannot see through the thick smoke on the horizon. Or, perhaps you can’t see the future ahead because you must make a big decision that is halting your progress. In this case, writing it out may help overcome the obstacle and provide clarity into the situation. 

Creative Writing Prompts for Stoners

Cannabis and creativity go hand in hand. Research shows that people struggling to get into the creative zone can benefit from using cannabis. Sativas, in particular, are excellent strains to choose to help boost creative thinking and inspire productivity. Unlike Indicas, which tend to produce a heavier high that affects the full-body, Sativas offer a more cerebral high, elevating the mood and uplifting the senses. 

There are many ways to engage with creative writing prompts, and there’s no wrong way to write. But, for the stoner, having daily creative writing prompts can be a fun way to inspire creativity and get the pen moving on the page. Below are some pros and cons of a few different ways to choose your writing prompt. 

Using a Journal

Journals come in all shapes and sizes. Using a journal with pre-made prompts allows you to disconnect from the internet while still having the creative ideas suggested to you. You also have the freedom to free write.


Some journals, like Pilgrim Soul, are made with stoners in mind. Each page is filled with creative writing prompts to get your juices flowing. Some pages encourage you to doodle, while others contain funny creative writing prompts. For example, coming up with names for a houseful of cats or writing campaign signs for a group of protestors. 


If you prefer to write long-form freehand, a creative writing journal may not be your top choice. While the pages are filled with excellent prompts that encourage unconventional thinking, it isn’t ideal if you prefer just to write freely and see where your thoughts take you. 

Surfing the Internet

The internet is full of writing prompts and creative ideas to get your writing flow started.


Looking for creative writing prompts online has some obvious advantages. A customized search can specify exactly what you might be interested in, such as “writing prompts about animals” or “writing topics for stoners”. In this light, you can generate a list of very specific topics that you are interested in.


Keep in mind that while high, time often flies. You may end up spending the entire time you designated for writing, just looking for things to write about. If you want to surf the web for prompts, give yourself a set time, like five minutes, to generate a list of 5-10 creative writing prompts to choose from. 

Creating Your Own Prompt

If you are the creative type maybe try thinking of your own prompts and make the writing activity your own from start to finish.


Coming up with creative writing prompts is creative in its own right. Maybe you have a topic you want to explore further, and this is your opportunity to just get it out onto paper. It could also become a challenge for you to give yourself a weekly goal. For example, make a list of all the interesting things you want to think and write about. Then, allow yourself a certain amount of time per week to write. Start checking items off the list as you complete your goals. 


Creating your own prompts can also be a conflict of interest. When the goal is to think outside the box and perhaps even challenge yourself to dig deep for creative responses, this might not be your best option.

Final Thoughts

Writing while stoned can be a fun way to boost your creativity and critical thinking. Whether you choose to write for fun or help access your imagination, creative writing prompts are a great way to spend some time while high. 

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