Weed Tolerance Break: Guide, Tips, & Chart

Tolerance breaks can be a pain, but you should know you’re not alone – every cannabis user builds a tolerance after their first hit. Lower tolerance levels can decrease the psychoactive effects of cannabis considerably. That said, taking a weed tolerance break is sure to reset tolerance levels and get you back to feeling like a ‘one-hit-wonder.’

What is a Tolerance Break?

A tolerance break, or t-break, is a short-term break from smoking cannabis. You should realize once you, or anyone for that matter, begins consuming cannabis, your body begins to build up a tolerance to THC; consequently, diminishing the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Oh, how nice it would be to feel as high as you did the first time smoking weed. Building a tolerance for cannabis is easy to do, which can be frustrating and hard on your bank account. As questionable as it may sound, however, taking a short-term t-break can (and will) reset your tolerance levels, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of cannabis.

Can You Break Your Weed Tolerance?

The moment you start consuming cannabis is the moment your body begins to build a tolerance for THC. A marijuana tolerance is essentially your brain’s adjustment to the constant flow of cannabinoids. Thus, having a tolerance to weed means you will have to consume higher doses of THC to feel the effects of the first hit. Again, if you have to buy more weed to feel the initial high, that’s just more strain on your wallet. Along with marijuana, there are other substances that you can easily build a tolerance, including but not limited to caffeine and alcohol.

Evidence suggests, when you consume cannabis, THC molecules disperse and bind to CB1 receptors in the brain’s reward pathway. The reward system in the brain connects to areas of the brain that control behavior and memory. And activation of the reward pathway tells the individual to repeat what it just did to get that reward again. Although there’s nothing wrong with consuming cannabis daily, too much regular consumption can reduce CB1 receptor availability, otherwise known as downregulation.

The downregulation of CB1 receptors is the primary cause of the development of tolerance with cannabis. When our Endocannabinoid System or ECS, senses THC molecules are overwhelming CB1 receptors, it counterbalances the instability by becoming less sensitive. Ceasing the use of cannabis (THC) for a short period will allow your body to recover and rebalance the levels of CB1 receptors. Ultimately, increasing the sensitivity of your ECS and breaking your weed tolerance.

How Long Should a Weed Tolerance Break Be?

The length of your weed tolerance break depends not only on how frequently/how much you consume but on your physical characteristics as well. Professionals suggest that 2-5 weeks is often enough time to detox your body of THC. Occasional cannabis users can probably get away with a weed tolerance break of about 2-3 weeks. But, t-breaks take quite a while longer for frequent and daily users; specifically, around a month or two. Physical factors like height and weight can heavily influence what constitutes a sufficient tolerance break length. Individuals above the average height and weight levels for their age group should factor in more time for the duration of their t-break.

Weed Tolerance Break Tips

Starting a tolerance break may feel daunting and nearly impossible, especially if you are a long-time cannabis user. Frequent and long-time cannabis users require a much longer t-break in comparison to someone who smokes cannabis just a few times a month. With that said, there are other useful efforts you can take to increase the productiveness of your t-break. Aside from stopping the use of cannabis, individuals should maintain a healthy diet and exercise, and use a detox kit (if need be) to successfully and effectively carry out a tolerance break. Ultimately, resetting your tolerance levels and substantially increasing the efficacy of THC.

Stop Using Cannabis

One of the most crucial and obvious actions one should take to start a tolerance break is to stop the use of cannabis completely. Not just limiting yourself to one hit a day, or saving a little bit of flower for a desperate time will cut it. A tolerance break requires a 110% effort of keeping cannabis out of sight, out of mind. Consuming a small amount of cannabis (even just one time) can ruin all of the hard work you put into your tolerance thus far. Consequently, you will have to start over, back to square one.

Healthy Diet and Exercise 

Another tip that will help you get through your tolerance break is to be conscious of and maintain a healthy diet and exercise. Focusing on eating well and getting enough daily activity will help distract you from the weed. Proper nutrition and exercise will help keep you in healthy shape and prolong your life. All the while, exercise will pump out any remaining THC toxins in your body’s system. Physical activity and high-intensity workout sessions boost your body’s metabolic rate. Ultimately, causing your body to flush out excess THC through perspiration. Being extra attentive to both your diet and exercise routine are two practical measures that will undoubtedly make progress in your tolerance break process.

Use a Detox Kit

Last but not least, another excellent tolerance break tip is to use a weed detox kit. Detoxification kits are a fantastic option for moderate to extreme (or daily) cannabis users, as these individuals require a much longer tolerance break in contrast to casual users. The industry’s leading permanent detox kit made by Pass Your Test helps rid your body of unwanted toxins, and fast. Pass Your Test’s best seller detox kits for weed remove all THC toxins permanently and within just five days.

How to Lower Weed Tolerance without Break

In short, the most effective way to lower your tolerance to cannabis is to take a tolerance break. You’re not getting as high as you once used to, and you need to consume 3x the amount of weed to feel the initial effects. Having a high tolerance can be pretty frustrating, especially if you have a hard time giving up the weed. Nevertheless, there are other things you can do to try and lower your tolerance without stopping the use of cannabis.

For example, if you typically smoke joints, try other methods of consuming THC. Smoking from a bong, smoking from a pipe, or eating edibles are other great ways to feel the therapeutic effects of weed. Not only will your high feel different, but your tolerance will also be lower with an alternative consumption method. Another way to lower your tolerance without taking a tolerance break is to limit the amount (frequency) of weed you smoke throughout the day, including the dosage. Finally, exercise is a great activity that will enhance your high directly after smoking, while lowering your tolerance level through the burning of fat cells.

Bonus: Nicotine Tolerance Break Tips

Similarly, individuals seeking to lower their nicotine tolerance levels should follow the same tips for a weed tolerance break. Stopping the use of nicotine will ultimately help reset your tolerance levels; however, it is harder said than done. Nonetheless, nicotine users should try to maintain a healthy diet and regular exercise to sidetrack themselves from using. Nicotine users can also implement CBD in their daily routine. Studies suggest CBD can target specific neurocognitive processes in nicotine addiction, easing the dependency. What’s more, there is growing literature regarding CBD in the treatment of addictive disorders.

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