10 ways to spend 420 2020 at home

10 Ways to Spend April 20th, 2020 at Home

If you would have asked me a few months ago if I thought we were going to be quarantined for 420 my answer would have been no way…and yet here we are. This 420 is even extra special since we are in the year of 2020 (which means 4/20/20)!

The COVID-19 may have cancelled your events, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t make the best out of the situation! Neonjoint brings you 10 ideas to celebrate your 420 in your own home! 

1. Watch Tiger King on Netflix 

Hey all you cute cats and kittens, in case you’ve been living under a rock, Tiger King is the #1 documentary on Netflix in the US! If you haven’t given this surreal doc a watch…what are you waiting for!? 

Tiger King follows the stranger than fiction exploits of the craziest big cat lovers you’ve ever met…Joe Exoctic, Doc Antle, and Carole Baskin. Oh so it’s just about cats? No this show dives deep into all the scandals and even murder dealing with these cat people! On the surface it looks like a normal documentary but these people have lives you’d never would have expected. Joe, Doc and Carole all have very different approaches to the big cat life and let me tell you it is very interesting to watch it all unfold!     

With only 8 episodes it’s very easy to binge watch in one day so why not on 4/20?! Smoke breaks required! Having a nice smoke before watching this show will definitely elevate your experience. This doc will make you laugh, cry, and even throw your hands in the air! 

To give you a little taste of the Tiger Nip, check out this music video from Joe Exotic.

2. Clean all your glass pieces and enjoy a clean smoke

If you’re like me and you leave your bong outside, you might notice it getting very dirty very fast. Since you have so much time indoors, and hopefully have been practicing washing your hands and maybe even your dishes more than usual, you might as well break out the dirty smoking devices and clean them until they look brand new again! Nothing is better than smoking out of a freshly cleaned piece! Smoking a squeaky clean piece on 420 sounds like a dream! 

With the wash your hand signs all over we know that there has been a craze for cleaning products and this includes alcohol which is the best way (with salt of course) to clean your piece.  That being the shelves might be empty of alcohol. If that is the case – have no worries! Hydrogen peroxide with salts works pretty well! We have a full guide that teaches you exactly how to clean your glass pieces.

3. Get a breath of fresh air (go outside…but social distance)

If it’s a nice day then spending 4/20 outside will be the greatest way to celebrate. Consuming cannabis outside helps us heighten our appreciation for nature. (Especially after being quarantined indoors for the past few weeks). There’s just something about being high and looking at the beautiful plants around you. It humbles you. In a world with so many crazy things going on, lighting up a joint outside and enjoying nature will remind you of all the good in the world. Let’s not forget that the Mary Jane plant herself is part of mother nature’s creations. How amazing is it that this medicine comes straight from the ground. 

Now keep in mind that if we do go outside, we have to be aware of people around us! Social distancing is important to guarantee nothing is being spread. Remain 6 feet apart from people. If you are sharing pieces with anyone, there are several ways to share weed, not germs to have a safe, clean smoke!

4. Watch a masterclass, practice a new skill

Although this quarantine has us stuck inside, many people are taking more time to consume digital content. Many companies are offering online classes or workshops. The best part is some of them are FREE. Make the most of your quarantined 420 by learning. For some stoners, smoking before taking a class can help you focus and even understand the topic better. This is definitely the case for me.

If you haven’t heard of the Masterclass website then you are missing out! This website offers classes on pretty much everything, but the best part is top tier professionals are teaching you. Imagining learning to cook from Gorden Ramsey. Don’t worry, he can’t yell at you through the screen. Check out the website to find even more amazing opportunities.

5. Get cozy with some coffee/tea/hot chocolate and read a good book 

If the weather is not permitting to go outside then finding something to do inside doesn’t have to be anything complicated. During times like this everyone is on edge, stressed, and even anxious so don’t shy away from making 420 a day to ease the mind and just relax. 

Wear your favorite PJs or comfy clothes, smoke your favorite green and grab a new book to read. There’s many free books online since you can’t go out to get one or you can re-read a favorite you already own. If you’re not into reading you could watch a movie instead. Don’t forget to add your favorite snacks and drinks. Nothing like iced pomegranate white tea while reading. And for the cold nights a nice warm hot chocolate. Yummy. 

Lately I decided to dive into The subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson, the book talks about how to change your perspective on how you go about life. It’s an inspiring read, I seriously recommend. Perfect for the quarantine while we are isolated.     

6. Practice rolling joints or blunts..then smoke them 

Rolling a joint may look simple but it is way harder than it looks. Using this 420 to practice your rolling skills sounds like a great plan to me.

Rolling a joint is an art. With practice comes perfection. You can even get creative with your rolling. There are all different sizes and types of rolling papers.

For example, king size papers are bigger than the original papers. You could also try a wrap. You could try a hemp wrap or use a tobacco wrap to roll a blunt. With so much time on your hand you could even try to roll your own cross joint. Two joints in one, sounds like an incredible way to celebrate 420.

7. Play Mount & Blade Bannerlord…While Toking

After years of waiting…it’s finally here. The highly anticipated sequel to the smash hit medieval RPG (role playing game) Mount & Blade Warband has hit the digital shelves. Mount & Blade Bannerlord, the sequel to the 2012 game has left its beta stage and entered early access, giving players the chance to purchase the game in this early setting and begin their quest to unite the continent of Calradia. 

Will you help restore the Calradian Empire to greatness? Or help quicken its demise by backing the barbarian hordes? Pour your mug of mead and spark up some hemp because you are in for hours of medieval action. 

8. Indoor Cannabis Yoga 

Cannabis and yoga are a power wellness combo. Many people praise the Ganja Yoga practice. The best way to celebrate the medicine is to use it! Cannabis is known to ease and clear the mind and that’s the first step in yoga. Luckily there are many yoga classes right on youtube that you could watch for free. One of my favorite studios live streams classes on Facebook for free. Live streams on social media are getting very popular nowadays. Many studios are doing live stream classes right on Instagram, Facebook, Zoom, etc. Most I’ve seen are free however, some studios/classes may charge a small fee to join or perhaps are donation based. Keep in mind at a time like this it’s good to support local businesses.

Yoga has many health benefits including increased flexibility, increased muscle strength, improved respiration, energy and vitality, helps maintain a balanced metabolism, and is good for your cardio and circulatory health. Cannabis health benefits that will help with yoga include increasing your lung capacity, helps weight loss and alleviates anxiety. Starting off your 420 with Ganja yoga may just give you the boost you need.

9. Virtual smoke sesh with all of your friends and family

I think at this point of quarantine we’ve all tested positive for missing the homies. What better way to catch up with your friends on 420 than with some virtual smoke?! Call them at 4:20 for the ultimate sesh. Everyone can smoke out of their favorite piece or if everyone has their own joint you can virtually puff puff pass. You could even get fun and play smoking games with your friends. If you are in the middle of a bong race and your phone glitches as you finish your bowl you’ll have to convince your friends you won…good luck. Laughter is the best medicine.

10. Start learning to grow your own cannabis 

What better way to appreciate cannabis on 420 than to grow it. Growing marijuana at home is the perfect thing to do during quarantine times. You won’t have to go out to get more supply of your medicine, it’ll be right in your home. You may be thinking that growing at home doesn’t sound very simple but today it’s been made easier than ever. Thanks to Grow Boxes like the Armoire you will get everything you need to grow in one box. Give growing a try while you’re at home you will not regret it.

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