The Ultimate Guide to 7/10: History & Methods

Is 710 the new 420? 710 has become a new cannabis community holiday for dab and concentrate enthusiasts. How did this come about? Read now.

If you’re someone who loves their cannabis concentrates then 7/10 is the community holiday for you!  Cannabis extracts’ growth in popularity led to recognizing the day formally as a counterpart to the cannabis flower holiday falling on 4/20.

Just like 4/20, 7/10 is meant to be a celebration of a wonderful thing cannabis has to offer. Get together with your friends and party with some fat globs. July is the perfect month for summertime BBQs to curb those dab munchies, and your torch is perfect for lighting the charcoal. Whether you dab on the daily or occasionally, consider this a special day to enjoy your favorite extracts a little extra. 

What is 710?

710 is the 420 for dabbers. Due to their popularity, the cannabis community decided that cannabis extracts and cannabis consumers deserved their own holiday to celebrate. The concept of 710 is that the numbers spell “OIL” if you flip them upside down and then rearrange them backward.

Oil is a general term used for cannabis concentrates that have an oily consistency when extracted. 7/10 is a day meant to be celebrated with friends by enjoying your favorite cannabis concentrates. Even if you dab every day, find a way to make the holiday special by going out of your way to ditch the norm and turn it into a celebration. 

Since the establishment of 7/10 as a holiday cannabis extraction methods have continued to advance and be refined into works of art. 710 Labs, a pioneer of methods like these, strives to make cannabis extracts worthy of celebration. Their work in solventless cannabis concentrates is industry-leading in innovation and quality control.

Maybe “710” is in their name because they celebrate cannabis extracts daily with their dedicated work to making improved products for their consumers. Find yourself a cannabis product worth celebrating and enjoy it with friends on this wonderful day. 

History of 710

The origins of the 710 celebrations aren’t nearly as clear when compared to the creation of 420. Some online sources credit Taskrok from Highly Educated with coining the term in 2011, however, he claims no ownership mentioning, “it belongs to the community now.”

This is also around the same time 710 was used in reference to cannabis extracts on UrbanDictionary. Fast forward a couple of years to 2013 and the cannabis community has its first official festival named The 710 Cup in Denver, Colorado. Regardless of its exact origins, 710 is an inclusive day of celebration meant for everyone in the cannabis community, but especially for those who enjoy cannabis concentrates in all forms. 

What are Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates are extracted from a cannabis plant. Sometimes the extraction method uses just the cannabis buds, and other extraction processes can be done with the whole plant. 

These concentrates have a higher THC potency which allows for much more efficient dosing when consuming. Another major benefit of cannabis concentrates is the concentrated terpene profile that is achieved through the extraction process.

Dabbing your favorite strain is a great way to experience its flavor in ways cannabis flowers can’t. There are different types of cannabis concentrates that are solventless and that use a solvent-based extraction method. Common cannabis extracts are live resin, BHO, rosin, RSO, and distillate. Each has its pros and cons and can be consumed in a couple of different ways.

How Do You Smoke Cannabis Concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates can be consumed in a few different ways. The first and best way is to dab your cannabis concentrate. This process involves a small water bong known as a dab rig, a quartz banger for heating, application, and vaporization of the cannabis concentrate. Other items needed for this process are a torch to heat the quartz, a metal or glass dab tool used to apply the dab inside the hot quartz banger, and a carb cap to place over the nail after applying the dab. 

Other ways to consume cannabis concentrates do work, but just not to the extent that taking a dab does. These methods are placing some over the top of cannabis flowers in a bowl of a bong or pipe. Another way to do something similar to this would be to mix it with the flower in a joint or blunt. Just keep in mind these methods do work and they’re great for someone who wants to avoid using a dab rig, but more of the concentrate than usual will be wasted when consuming it like this.   

What is a Dab?

A dab is the most popular and efficient way to consume cannabis concentrate. This process is the most effective in vaporizing the extract and getting the consumer the desired effects. Dabs are taken through dab rigs, which are smaller glass bongs with high levels of percolation to help smooth out the intensity of concentrated cannabis.

If you have never dabbed before and love cannabis 7/10 is the perfect day to venture out and go for your first dab. You may put down the bong or joint and never look back! 

Steps on How to Properly Take a Dab on 7/10

Everyone has their own way of doing things, and it is important to modify a process to a way that works best for your own personal experience. However, a few basic that needs to be taken to ensure a pleasant dabbing experience. 

  1. Heat up your quartz banger (Use a stopwatch to time your heat up.) 
  2. Let the banger cool to between 500 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit and load up a dab of concentrate on your tool (A good starting point is to wait double the amount of time you heated up the banger for it to cool down, adjust from there if needed.) 
  3. Place the tool with the dab inside the banger and a carb cap over the top. (Make sure you melt off as much concentrate off the tool into the banger as you can, but don’t waste too much time doing it before you place the carb cap or the nail will get cold.) 
  4. Inhale and Enjoy!
  5. Use a Q-tip to clean the residual concentrate left behind inside the quartz banger. (Wood shafted q-tips work the best, and rubbing alcohol can be used to aid in the process after the banger has cooled down some.)  

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