Hippie Speedbal

The Hippie Speedball: When Weed and Coffee Meet

For the perfect buzz, read here to learn how to make the perfect hippie speedball for an energetic high using the best weed flower and coffee.

How great does a morning of coffee and cannabis combine sound? This perfect pairing of sativa dominant cannabis strains and your favorite coffee roasts is known as a hippie speedball. Each substance’s energetic and uplifting effects help boost each other, playing off their individual strengths and picking up where the other lacks. 

What Is a Hippie Speedball?

Numerous individuals worldwide start their morning with some form of caffeinated beverage to get a jump start on the day ahead. Caffeine is known to provide consumers with a stimulating jolt of energy. Commonly coffee is a popular choice of beverage among caffeine consumers. With a wide variety of strengths, boldness, and flavor, coffee is an easy choice for most people to incorporate into their morning or daily routine. 

There is, however, a way to take this morning ritual to the next level retaining its efficacy while providing an arguably more enjoyable experience. Enter the hippie speedball, the glorious meeting of coffee and cannabis. Ever wanted to start your day with a bit of THC but worried it might make you sleepy? Combining cannabis flower and coffee allows for an energetic sativa-like high promoting focus, creativity, and alertness. This perfect match is highly recommendable and can be enjoyed by cannabis and coffee lovers alike. 

Combining Weed and Coffee

Making a hippie speedball can be done in a variety of ways, depending on what you have access to. Traditionally a joint paired with a nice cup-of-joe is the go-to hippie speedball format; however, the options are pretty extensive when it comes to different forms of THC and caffeine paired together. For a classic and straightforward approach, traditional pairing is best for most people. 

Ideally, you’ll want some form of THC that is absorbed and takes effect quickly; this doesn’t mean you can’t make a hippie speedball with an edible, just that you might want to have another cup of coffee once you start feeling the effects of the edible. 

Some might prefer to infuse their coffee with RSO for a more full-spectrum cannabis experience with their caffeine. Another group might like a dab of sativa rosin with their cup of tea. 

Whatever your fancy in either category, caffeine and cannabis, the idea is to combine the two for a perfect marriage of their energetic, mood-boosting qualities. 

Cannabis for Hippie Speedballs

The best cannabis strains for hippie speedballs are Sativa dominant variants that promote energetic, creative, and uplifting effects in consumers. For a truly natural and sun-grown experience Flow Kana’s Banana Bliss is a surefire way to ensure that you get the most out of your cannabis and coffee combo. A strain from Woodman Peak Farms, Banana Bliss has wonderful sweet banana notes and a mild smoking experience. This strain is excellent for its energetic qualities and inspiration-boosting effects. 

Another great choice would be the Pineapple Punch, also grown by Woodman Peak Farms because of its rich terpene content. Caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene give this sun-grown, energy-packed strain its intoxicating citrus aroma that is sure to fill the room with its bliss. Testing around 17.5% THC, this sativa is sure to add to the effects felt from your favorite coffee. Generally, when it comes to hippies speedballs, the most energetic sativa that you can find will be the best addition to your morning coffee routine.  

Coffee for Hippie Speedballs

The best coffee for a hippie speedball is open to interpretation and depends on preference. Ideally, you’ll want something not overly strong so that the flavor of your cannabis is not drowned out by the forwardness of an extremely bold roast on your pallet. 

In a perfect world, the cannabis should complement the coffee and the coffee the cannabis. If you’re unable to find a roast that pairs with your favorite energetic sativa, you might consider checking out Black Oak Coffee Roasters’ wide selection of blends and roasts that will surely suit your particular needs.

Black Oak Coffee’s informative flavor profiles allow for a more accurate taste pairing with your favorite sativa flower. This takes the guessing out of what would taste best with what. 

Another critical point of consideration is the amount of caffeine that a particular roast contains. The higher amounts of caffeine will provide a more intensified energetic boost to get your day going, but you may need another cup after lunch to deal with the crash. A more middle-of-the-road caffeine content will allow the cannabis sativa effects to shine through more clearly. This would also reduce the amount of crash experienced after the caffeine wears off. 

Final Thoughts

Looking for a highly energetic morning? Give the hippie speedball a try. Flow Kana’s California sun-grown organic cannabis pairs perfectly with any number of the exotic roasts offered by Black Oak Coffee Roasters, and between the two of them, your next hippie speedball is sure to be a success.  

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