Light-Up & Zone-In: Best Strains for Productivity

Light-Up & Zone-In: Best Strains for Productivity

Cannabis is a plant full of wonders offering many real-life benefits to consumers. Unfortunately, the War on Drugs started in the late 60s, and early 70s mistakenly has given cannabis consumers some unfair and untrue stereotypes over the years. One of these misinformed stereotypes is that cannabis consumers are lazy and unproductive. However, this could not be further from the truth. All cannabis is not the same, and their compositions make for different effects among users. So sure, you could smoke some bomb Indica, and you’d most likely want to stay home, relax, and watch a movie, but most cannabis consumers are intentional with what they consume. This means that when someone wants to be active and able to function throughout their day, they would choose a Sativa, which has the best strains for productivity purposes. 

Cannabis for Productivity 

Cannabis has been unfairly mischaracterized by the US Government and those who fell in line with the government’s misguided beliefs as a “drug” that makes people lazy and unproductive. Cannabis continues to grow in popularity as legalization continues to sweep across this nation’s states in both medicinal and recreation outlets. With the growth in popularity comes a better understanding of how the cannabis plant and the different varieties and strains can produce different effects in users. For example, a now more commonly understood fact is that cannabis Sativa strains produce different effects than their counterpart variety of strains known as the cannabis indica plant. 

Sativa vs. Indica

There are a total of 5 general varieties of cannabis strains: Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, Sativa dominant Hybrid, Indica dominant Hybrid. Cannabis Sativa variety strains are great for daytime consumption as they tend to energize and invigorate consumers allowing them to remain functional and, in some cases, increase productivity levels. In contrast, cannabis Indica variety strains are best for evening consumption as they offer top-notch relaxation, stress-relieving, and even sleep-inducing effects. Someone looking to consume cannabis and be able to complete their daily tasks would want to consume a cannabis Sativa variety strain and would most likely not choose a cannabis Indica strain to increase their productivity levels. 

The Sativa Spark

Cannabis sativa strains are great for daytime consumption because many of them come with stimulating and focusing effects. One of the many wonders of cannabis is the general usefulness of the effects that come with its different varieties. Sativa’s effects are perfect for the person who enjoys consuming cannabis products and is looking to mix their consumption into their day-to-day routine, allowing for productivity retention or potentially even an increase in focus. 

Can Cannabis Increase Productivity Levels?

Since cannabis is classified federally as a Schedule I narcotic in the United States, reliable case studies about its effects are hard to find. They rarely get approved, and the government requires the cannabis used in the studies to be grown in government-approved facilities. This has been known to negatively impact the quality of the cannabis used for the studies. However, one study done at Heidelberg University in Germany found that cannabis can help improve the symptoms of ADHD in some patients. For years now, cannabis consumers in the states have been using Sativa strains to uplift their energy levels and increase their productivity. Just because there isn’t a scientific study specifically relating to cannabis and increased productivity doesn’t mean these people are wrong. In a way, the cannabis community has been forced to conduct its own informal case studies of the effects of different cannabis strains and varieties. 

Level-Up: The Best Cannabis Sativa Strains for Focus

The Pilgrim Journal is designed to increase universal creative thinking and boost productivity levels. It is filled with 50 creative thinking exercises that provide hours of brain training fun. The Pilgrim Journal pairs perfectly with cannabis consumption, particularly Sativa strains known to increase productivity and creativity. A few strains are commonly known to aid in boosting creativity, focus, and energy levels in consumers. 

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is known to have energizing and cerebral effects that are fast-acting in consumers. Medical patients report that Sour Diesel helps with stress relief, depression, and pain. This particular strain has a nice diesel-like pungent aroma. Don’t let the smell turn you away, as this strain will surely fuel your entire day. 

Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie has an amazing tropical aroma and a hint of pineapple in its flavor profile that cannabis consumers have come to love. Typically this strain is consumed for its stress-relieving and energetic effects. Those who enjoy Maui Wowie know that it is excellent for focusing on daily tasks, increasing productivity while relieving stress, and boosting creativity. 

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a Sativa dominant cannabis strain named after the famed activist, and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes. While this strain may be a hybrid, the unique composition of strains used to create these genetics is perfectly melded together to form a cerebral, euphoric, and energizing cannabis strain. This wonderful strain’s flavor and aroma profile are slightly spicy, earthy, and piney, all great indicators of a top-notch Sativa strain. 

Pineapple Punch

Pineapple Punch is, just as the name suggests, a pleasing combination of tropical citrus, fruity pineapple, and floral aromas that make up this strain’s flavor profile. It is known for increasing creativity levels in consumers and is a great way to remain productive and functional during the day. Try Pineapple Punch if you’re looking for a great social cannabis Sativa strain. 

Final Thoughts

Don’t be stuck in the past; understand that there are cannabis strains that can increase productivity in consumers. Sativa strains do exactly that, and cannabis consumers know they can look to a Sour Diesel or Jack Herer to take their productivity and creativity to the next level throughout their daily routines. Any of the strains mentioned above can be the difference in someone’s daytime focus and work ethic. Trying new things is part of creativity and discovery. Cannabis sativa could be your next new thing. 

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