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Herban Bud Brand Spotlight: Pre-rolls, Vapes, & Diamonds Review

I haven’t dabbled in hemp-derived cannabinoids too much. As a medical marijuana patient, I’ve always grown my herb, or traded with other friends with home grows. However, I recently had the pleasure of trying some of Herban Bud’s alternative cannabinoids products and I was really impressed. For anyone curious about where to start with alt noids, read on for an Herban Bud brand overview and my honest take on the products I tried. 

Herban Bud Brand Overview

I love a brand with a good story, and Herban Bud certainly has one. Unfortunately, it starts out with an entanglement with law enforcement in Texas – and if you know anything about weed laws – Texas is not exactly 420-friendly. 

Before launching Herban Bud, founder Paul was struggling with debilitating migraines. In his search to end this crippling pain, he went to California and gave medical weed a try. Much to his relief, Paul found that THC was the only thing that offered him a reprieve from his migraines. Now, this was back in 2005, and things have come a long way since then. But when he got back to Texas, he was arrested with two THC pills. Seriously? Could you imagine something like that happening today? And we’re not just talking about a night in jail – the charge for these two capsules came with a minimum prison sentence of 10 years. 

Paul ended up with 10 years probation, which is considered an incredibly fortunate outcome given the circumstances at the time. Certainly, not an outcome that a person of color or anyone with prior convictions would have received. Still, this meant that Paul would have to forgo any cannabis use, which meant his migraines were back in action. Enter Big Pharma and their cocktail of Oxy and Valium and a couple of others that ultimately led to life-threatening side effects. 

If only Paul could access the THC he wanted and needed, and that proved to be so effective. I think you see where I’m going here. 

How Does Herban Bud Bypass the Law?

Paul created Herban Bud because he wanted to offer full spectrum products that were strong enough to help people tackle chronic pain, but also offer a recreational cannabis product to people who don’t live in a state with legal weed. 

This is where hemp comes in. With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, a whole new world of possibilities opened up. Sure, at first it was the tidal wave of CBD products, but then, the science expanded. Soon, lab techs and manufacturers found out how to alter CBD to create alt noids that were naturally occurring, but needed a little chemical manipulation to shine. That’s the case with noids like Deltas 8 and 10, which you can find in hemp, but in such small quantities. 

The entire hemp marketplace blossomed in recent years with the launch of cannabinoids like THC-B, THC-H, and HHC. And, here’s the cool thing about hemp – it also contains THC. But again, in very small quantities. The Farm Bill allows all hemp-derived cannabinoid products to hit the shelves so long as the noids are naturally occurring (not synthetic) and contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. 

All of Herban Bud’s products fit this bill, and Paul found his sweet spot for helping people relax and medicate with highly potent hemp-derived cannabinoids. 

Herban Bud Product Review

I tried out three different Herban Bud products, and here’s what I thought about the packaging, product, and experience. 

High THCa Pre-Roll

I roll a mighty fine joint but I’m a huge fan of the convenience of pre-rolls. This Oreo Cookies pre-roll was packaged in a sealed plastic tube and I was excited to try the Indica-dominant strain packed with high THCa hemp flower. THCa is the precursor to THC, and to activate it all you need to do is spark it up. Heat converts the acid into the primary form of THC and voila. You’re stoned. 

One of the chief complaints people have about pre-rolls is that they’re either packed too tightly or too loosely and that the bud has dried out. I didn’t experience any of those things. The flower was pungent and the entire joint burned perfectly. The flavor was mild yet sweet and enjoyable. I’d never tried something “high THCa” before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly buzzed without feeling too sedated. It was an even keel, easy high, perfect for making dinner and chilling around the house. I would smoke these again.  

Blendz Disposable Vapes

I was probably the most excited to test out the vape because it contained a mix of alt noids. This one was a 2-gram Strawnana with Delta-11, THCp, and HHC live resin. The device itself is unique – not like the usual rounded pen-shaped disposables. Instead, this one is rectangular – flat on all four sides, with a power button on the front. The oil chamber is also squared and you can see the golden oil inside. The mouthpiece is small and simple, and the whole unit fits well in my hand. The pen was packaged in a well-branded cardboard box. 

After clicking five times to power up I then clicked it twice more to let it pre-heat. Then, you hold the button and inhale. I admittedly ripped it a bit too hard on the first pull and ended up coughing out the hit. So I chilled for a minute to see how that went before going back in for a few more pulls. It was a little too easy to overdraw on this pen, so I would certainly recommend puffing lightly or you’ll get a kick in the back of your throat or harsh your lungs a little. 

The flavor was solid, I wouldn’t necessarily say it tasted like strawberries or bananas, but it was pleasant. I knew ahead of time that Delta-11 and HHC are pretty mild, and that THCp is one of the strongest alt noids out there. So, again, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I took a few hits and then found myself invested in a seriously stretchy self-taught yoga class before cuddling up with my dog to tell him how amazing he is. I slept like a baby that night.

Take that for what you will – but for me, this pen was potent! I’ve been keeping it on my nightstand for that before-bed hit to lull me off to sleep. 

THCa Diamonds + THCa Flower

The THCa diamonds packaging was really attractive. A gorgeous golden yellow box with embossed emerald printing around the outside, and script reading “Cali Green Gold” across the top. Upon further inspection, I saw that Herban Bud produces diamonds, but they are sold under the Cali Green Gold brand. A solid combo. Inside the box was a small glass jar filled with pristine, glistening white diamonds. 

I don’t really dab too often, and I also had some High Octane Guava THCa flower from Herban Bud, so I decided to top a bowl with a generous scoop of diamonds. This was absolutely delightful. The flower was more flavorful than the pre-rolls and the diamonds were perfectly full melt. Together, they delivered a smooth smoke with a potent high. I only took a few hits because I could feel that familiar “you’re getting really stoned” slap behind my eyes and decided to pause for a minute. 

But the high was even and mellow and I spent the rest of the evening watching a movie and chilling out. A couple more hits before bed and I had a super restorative night’s sleep. Fortunately, I wasn’t dealing with any aches or pains at the time, but if I was, I am certain this would have knocked it down a notch. 

Wrap Up

I’m glad I had the chance to try Herban Bud and experience alternative cannabinoids in so many form factors. These products are so well done and effective that had I not known it was hemp, I would have certainly assumed it was classic cannabis. The flavor, aroma, and effects were all on point and I recommend this brand and their collection to anyone looking for something new and readily available online.

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