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URSA Extracts Review: Loud, Live Flavor

This week I was lucky enough that my go-to walk-in dispensary down the street had a solid selection of the wonderfully curated strains URSA Extracts has to offer. I had one past experience with a couple of URSA’s live resin strains, but it had been so long since then that this was basically a fresh start with the brand. 

The color and nose was solid on the display jars and knowing they’d been around for a while I decided to break away from my usual order and made the call to try a brand somewhat new to me personally. Without much in the expectation department I took my four different strains home to dab up and sample what I’d be consuming for the next week or so. Stay tuned for an in depth review of my pleasant surprise! 

URSA: Emerald Triangle Extractors

URSA Extracts sources their carefully curated source material from cannabis growers in Humboldt, California and from other farms in the surrounding area. Paying close attention to the quality of flowers before extraction is something that URSA Extracts does intentionally to keep quality control on point from start to finish. As artisan extractors they like to let the flower and strain do the talking taking – a no additive and single source approach. 

Having such a hands-on approach with their growers, URSA is able to have all their source material flash frozen to sub-zero degree Fahrenheit temperatures within 15 minutes of harvest. This extra step and effort effectively preserves the cannabis flower and helps to retain each strain’s cannabinoid and terpene content by keeping them fresh and cold for the extraction process. 

Other extra steps that URSA Extracts takes to give consumers confidence in their product line include, never using secondary solvents or gas, they never mix strains, and the extraction equipment is deep cleaned after each batch. In addition, they are only using source material that has had time to mature fully, and they never distill, color, or use Color Remediation Column to alter their extracts. I felt confident that my experience with these four strains of live resin and live badder was going to be great knowing that this amount of care went into the extracts I brought home.

URSA Extract’s Product Line

URSA has a variety of concentrates and concentrate cartridges that all receive the same amount of love and care in their product line. In the concentrate department they have Nova Diamonds that have both a high potency and intense terpene experience. Their Live Diamond Sauce uses a single strain to extract potent diamonds and flavorful terpenes, combining them into something truly magical. Lastly for concentrates URSA’s live badder and live resin, which I’ll be reviewing here, are single source concentrates with excellent potency and terpene content from a single strain.

For cartridges URSA has a single source live rosin that is a solventless concentrate made from sun grown cannabis flowers in the rich soil of Humboldt County. They also have the Nova, a liquid diamond sauce that has a uniquely high terpene content, all from a single source and strain. Lastly but definitely not least their Liquid Diamond Sauce is both flavorful and potent sure to impress most concentrate cartridge aficionados.  

URSA Extracts: Flavor, Effect, Experience

When it comes to consumer and product experience, URSA Extracts has figured it out in the most beautiful way – quality control. Their attention to detail from start to finish leads to a more potent and terpene rich flavorful extract. Based on personal experience with their live resin and live badder product lines I will definitely be keeping my eye out for when URSA’s products are in stock at my local dispensary and nearby online deliveries. 

Special Cookies

The Special Cookies Live Badder from URSA Extracts is a truly “special” cannabis concentrate extracted from a hybrid strain that is sure to impress any cannabis consumer with its heavy effects and terpene content. In my experience with the product I felt like it definitely leaned towards what most people would consider a traditional indica hybrid. 

After dabbing the Special Cookies I started to feel the relaxing effects almost immediately and continued to become more heavy until it flatlined into a comfortable couch lock-like feeling. At the end of the day I came to the conclusion that I’d definitely be getting URSA’s Special Cookies again and that it is truly something special that I would recommend to anyone looking for a truly flavorful and potent experience with a cannabis concentrate.   

Fruit Gusherz

URSA’s Fruit Gusherz Live Resin tastes exactly like the name sounds, super sweet and juicy. This fruity concentrate made from a hybrid strain that felt more fifty-fifty on the indica and sativa hybrid scale, impressed me right away with the flavors I was getting from the dominant terpenes. 

After the dab had its chance to settle in, the effects started out nice and energetic. Maybe I took a dab of it right before and in the middle of this review, maybe I didn’t, but this strain definitely gets the job done in the productivity department. No surprise here, between the effects and flavors, this live resin from URSA Extracts comes highly recommended from me and the crew here at Neonjoint.  

Strawberry Cough

Another great strain for productivity and its energetic effects is URSA’s Strawberry Cough Live Badder. This sweet sativa strain kept me going after a tough workout many times this past week acting as a pleasant reward for taking the time to improve and maintain my physical health. The flavor and potency of this strain and the other three really opened my eyes to the kind of consistent quality that I now feel like I can count on URSA to provide. Another top shelf offering from URSA Extracts that we think you’d be happy to have in your headstash.  

Mimosa Glow

The Mimosa Glow Live Resin from URSA Extracts felt like mind fuel. Super bright and uplifting, this strain could replace your morning cup of coffee and your orange juice. The terpy flavors in this concentrate coupled with the super potent high THC sativa strain Mimosa Glow made for a wonderful dabbing experience. A true productivity strain from URSA, their Mimosa Glow will get your juices flowing and ready for the day. I’d highly recommend this to anyone looking for a kick of energy and productivity from their cannabis concentrates. 

Find URSA Extracts Throughout California

URSA Extracts are available for purchase and consumption across the state of California. Whether it be from an online delivery service or a walk in dispensary, they’ve got you and me covered on their website with a tool to help find their concentrates and cartridges at the closest location to us! Added bonus? You can even shop online for delivery. 

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