URSA Extracts: Preserving and Honoring the Legacy of Humboldt County

It seems like everyone is an “extraction artist” these days. As if stepping into a lab with a bag of weed turns the average joe into the Picasso of pot. While there is certainly some fun and experimentation to be had in an extraction lab, there are two types of companies producing concentrates and extracts. The first wants to turn hay into gold by processing trimmings and small, dried buds. Or worse, hoping to blast bugs and molds off of less-than-desirable harvests. 

The second type of extractor makes it their top priority to work with the best cannabis on the planet and not screw it up. That means preserving the integrity of the cannabis in its fullest expression and turning those terpenes and cannabinoids into a full-spectrum concentrate or extract that delivers a supreme Entourage Effect. One of those brands is URSA Extracts.

Who Is URSA Extracts?

URSA Extracts is the flagship brand of BEAR Humboldt in Arcata, California. BEAR was created by cannabis industry veterans Casey Eliason and Taylor Lefevre, Humboldt County natives with a deep reverence for the culture in their county. The roots truly run deep in the Emerald Triangle, but especially in Humboldt, where the cannabis revolution started. 

Although BEAR processes cannabis for other in-house brands, URSA’s lineup showcases what the growers in Humboldt County are known for—award-winning, world-renowned weed. The product line includes concentrates and cartridges absolutely bursting with impressive terpene profiles and potent cannabinoid content. 

They offer two types of cartridges—Nova and Liquid Diamonds. As if liquid diamonds of live resin aren’t tasty enough, they created Nova by adding even more cannabis terpenes into the original liquid diamond formula. Hitting a Nova vape pen has you wondering if you just smoked weed or took a drink of freshly squeezed tropical fruit juice. Their cartridges are made from dental-grade ceramic instead of the common metal hardware and fit into any 510 threaded battery. 

For dabbable extracts, URSA offers four varieties:

  • Nova Diamonds – pure diamonds splashed with added cannabis terpenes
  • Live Diamond Sauce – THCa diamonds and live resin terpenes
  • Live Badder – perfectly whipped and terpene heavy
  • Live Resin – single source, single strain, full spectrum

So, what makes URSA different from other concentrate brands? Clearly, they aren’t the only makers producing live resin and cannabis terpene-infused products. Yet, URSA stands out.

From Soil to Oil: Preserving Plant Integrity

For URSA, top-quality oil starts with the terroir. Even the best genetics can’t thrive in crappy dirt or with dimly lit conditions. The environment is absolutely critical, and that’s part of the reason why URSA works with Humboldt County growers. The other reason is that they believe in the heart and soul of the cannabis community in this region.

Humboldt County Cannabis

Humboldt County is synonymous with good weed. Chances are, if you know anything about the old days of underground growing, you’ve heard of Arcata. This small town is situated right next to Eureka, the county seat of Humboldt. Sandwiched between Trinity County up north and Mendocino County down south, these three powerhouses make up the Emerald Triangle. 

This region is well-known for its diverse terroir, making it the perfect place to grow weed. Humboldt has a Mediterranean climate, nutrient-dense soil, and just the right amount of sunshine to grow entire crops uncovered outdoors. In fact, this is how URSA prefers it, and they solely source sungrown, organic cannabis

URSA believes that the legacy growers in Humboldt deserve much more recognition than they receive. Many of the growers here are multi-generational, meaning that somewhere along the line, their friends and family members put their lives and freedom on the line to advocate for the end of prohibition. They are also largely responsible for some of the most incredible genetics that have been lifesavers for medical patients. 

Harnessing the Full Spectrum 

It’s not just the culture of Humboldt County that URSA desires, but the extreme quality of the cannabis. However, growing primo weed doesn’t automatically mean fire extracts. There is additional attention to detail that cannot be forgotten. So, the URSA crew puts time and effort into meeting every single farm partner to learn about their growing practices. What URSA seeks in their partners is an immaculate grow site, effective and organic pest management, and hands-on techniques that many large-scale growers cannot manage. Small batch, craft cannabis is what they’re after.

From there, URSA arrives onsite at harvest, ready to capture the terpenes and cannabinoids at their peak. They flash freeze everything moments after cutting the buds from the stalk to secure the maximum trichome content. From here, the plants are carefully taken back to BEAR Extraction House. According to URSA, the extraction is less about manipulating the cannabis and more about harnessing the plant’s essence. When extracted with such fine care, the full spectrum brings forth an Entourage Effect unlike any other. 

Where to Buy URSA Extracts

It’s no surprise that URSA Extracts has earned several accolades for their concentrates. This year alone, they’ve taken home 3rd place at High Time Cannabis Cup, 2nd place at Emerald Cup, and 1st place at Farmer’s Cup. Get your hands on some of their concentrates and cartridges throughout California. Find the closest URSA retailer by heading to their website and entering your address. If you fancy yourself a cannabis connoisseur, URSA is not to be missed.

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