Top 10 Reasons to Start Growing Marijuana at Home

Top 10 Reasons to Start Growing Marijuana at Home

With the sudden pandemic of COVID-19 across the globe, many citizens have found themselves isolating indoors. While it may seem like bleak times for some, we see it as the perfect to start growing marijuana at home. 

The silver lining to this is that cannabis dispensaries have seen a boom in sales. Labeled as an “essential business” dispensaries have remained open and the people are stocking up on green. 

But why risk getting sick, traveling, and having to wait in line? Not to mention paying the extra money in taxes and dispensary up-charge.

Since you are stuck at home anyway, why not grow your own supply! Yes, start growing cannabis indoors!

Here are 10 reasons why it’s easier than ever to start growing marijuana at home, right away. 

* To help contain this pandemic government officials have urged people to stay inside, limit social contact, and when possible, work from home. Neonjoint would like to thank all the professionals on the frontline of this pandemic. Hospital workers, doctors, grocery store employees, warehouse workers and yes even budtenders, are considered essential employees and are priceless to keeping resources available. 

1. You’re Self-Isolating/Social Distancing

You’re stuck inside for social distancing right now, making it the perfect time to begin learning the basics of growing cannabis indoors. We have all found ourselves sitting in the house looking for something or ANYTHING to do. Why not start growing weed. The therapeutic benefits of growing plants are well-documented.  

The cannabis supply chain has been rocked by the COVID-19 pandemic. Expect cannabis products, especially vapes and other products where the packaging or containment materials hail from China, to be in decreased inventory. In a time like this, the less people that come into contact with budtenders the better. You can avoid the empty shelves and the risk of spreading the virus if you grow your own supply! 

2. You’re Smoking Clean Cannabis

When you go to a dispensary, do you watch employees pick cannabis fresh off the plant? Who wants to be smoking moldy weed? Is the cannabis you are buying from a family farm?

Lab tests can be falsified and skewed. Outdoor cannabis farms can use pesticides and other harmful chemicals to keep off bugs. Then all those chemicals and heavy metals can go into your lungs when smoking. You don’t need bad bud making you cough up a lung. 

Cannabis brands do not label the growth hormones used in their products.  While many brands use no additives and natural fertilizers, some growers use growth hormone regulators to help produce bigger buds.

When you are growing cannabis indoors, you know exactly what goes into your plant. You are with your bud every step of the way, from seed to sprout to harvest.  It is easy and fun to grow cannabis and you can give it the best care! No pests, no mold, no metals and no chemicals! 

3. You Get To Share Your Home Grown Buds

Maybe you will have to wait till this pandemic blows over, but sharing is caring.  When you grow your own cannabis at home, you can share with friends and family. Since most can’t leave their houses, help friends in need who could use some cannabinoid medicine! If you can provide your family and friends with greens that reduces the amount of people making trips out of the house to grab their green essentials. Which means less contact and higher chances of not spreading germs.   

When growing cannabis at home, not only do you get to share your green…. you get to show off your green thumb! Everybody loves to watch plants grow especially a plant as beautiful as cannabis. Make your friends jealous that you have mastered your green thumb and can grow your own green! They will want to start sprouting seeds of their own! 

4. Save Money on Cannabis 

It may seem overwhelming and expensive to buy all the products needed for a successful growing experience. But when you grow at home, you will save so much money over the long term. If you smoke fairly often (or make butter and/or oil for edibles), a home grow pays for itself in short order.  Just make sure to keep track of some of the startup and running costs.

You should also consider the initial costs of purchasing a light timer, grow light, fans and filter.  As you grow, you will be using electricity and obtaining clean water – either through purchasing or distilling your own.  The plant uses between 2-4 gallons a week, at around $1 a gallon.  Electricity depends on the LED wattage, as well as the fans and filter. A cheap or poorly assembled electric set up could run an extra $50 on your bill, while a properly maintained and efficient system can run as low as $10 a month.

You also need to build or purchase a containment unit for the plant, lights, fans, carbon filter etc.  Whether it is a pre-made tent or home-made contraption, it is very important to contain the plant away from any pests that could be attracted to it.  Grow tents range from $100 to $350 depending on the quality and included features, such as a built in carbon filter or fans. Grow tents also range greatly

Dispensary prices are overtaxed and can quickly break the bank, especially if you want more refined products such as edibles and vapes. The worst is waiting on that paycheck so you can go out to buy more weed. When your supply is coming straight from your home you don’t have to worry about stretching that last little nugg until payday.  Save that paycheck for all the munchies you will want to enjoy during your home grow smoke-sesh. 

The True Cost of Cannabis

How it all breaks down: The average price of one seed is around $10 plus shipping (prices will vary depending on strain). A single seed can grow a quarter pound or more of buds, equal to 4 ounces.  Therefore, $35 in seeds and about $30 a month in water and electric can yield 12 ounces of smokable weed every year.

Dispensaries are known to charge $250 or more for one ounce of high quality, indoor-grown cannabis.  Four ounces of weed can be well over a grand of your precious paycheck gone when buying from a dispensary. And that doesn’t include the taxes!

Just by that you can see how much money you would be saving when you start growing marijuana at home! 

5. Growing Plants Reduces Stress 

With everything happening in the world around us it is easy to shut down, become stressed and be filled with anxiety. Growing and taking care of a plant actually reduces stress! When trying to grow it takes a lot more time and dedication than one might think. But it’s a task you will enjoy. 

Gardening (even indoors) will help get your mind off the day-to-day stresses. As humans we tend to spend too much time thinking about ourselves and the problems we have to face. When you focus on your plant, you will be able to put your mind at ease for the moment. Watching something beautiful grow right in front of you may change your perspective on the world! 

Grow your appreciation for the cannabis plant. It’s easy to forget when you simply buy weed how much love and hard work went into growing that particular strain and beautiful bud. When you grow at home you experience firsthand the love and nurturing that a cannabis plant requires. 

6. Freedom of Choice

You have the choice to be on the right side of the cannabis movement! Growing is the root of cannabis culture, and cannabis culture is an amazing family to be a part of. This community is valued by love, passion, care, and support! High Times Magazine & the OG growers in California’s Emerald Triangle are the original counter culture! High Times has been teaching readers best practices for growing for the past 40 years. Growing will get you in touch with cannabis culture and that’s something you will not regret.

7. It’s Easier Than Ever to Grow Cannabis From Home

Seeds are everywhere! Before legalization, you had know somebody who knows somebody to get you quality feminized seeds for starting your own grow. With the cannabis revolution in full swing, it’s easier than ever to get any type of seed strain you want. With online seed banks, autoflower seeds, and tons of tutorials and growing communities, it’s easier than ever to find all the information and tips you need.

To make it even easier there are many one-type solutions available. For example, The Armoire is a stealth grow box that shows how easy growing and nurturing your own system for growing cannabis can be. We bring this up simply because this grow box is what our team is currently using to grow marijuana at home during these times. We’re expecting a solid 4 ounce grow of pungent autoflowering blackberry herbs to be ready just in time for 4/20.

8. You’re Growing Your Own Medicine

The recorded therapeutic benefits of cannabis can be traced back to ancient china, 2700 BC to be exact. Cannabis oils and tinctures have been crafted to help with a variety of ailments commonly including cramps, joint pain, nausea, and insomnia.

When you are growing marijuana at home, you are sticking it to the pharmaceutical industry, who has wanted this plant banned since the early 20th century. Cannabis has helped so many people overcome their reliance on traditional painkillers and other manufactured “remedies”.

By growing your own medicine you can become less reliant on big pharmaceutical companies, which also charge huge prices for their product. On top of that, many prescription meds have negative side effects that far outweigh the advertised benefits. Synthetic chemicals in most cases are more threatening than natural remedies, such as cannabis. Have you heard rumors linking Zantac to cancer? That’s available over the counter!

Why pop a pill when you can choose an all natural stress reducer that you’ve grown all your own?

9. It’s Legal to Grow Cannabis At Home in Many States

Not sure if it’s legal where you are? Well let’s check the stats: currently it is FULLY legal in Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, Colorado, Nevada, Michigan, Illinois, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts and District of Columbia in Maryland.

If you do not see your state on the list don’t fret, many states have made medical use of marijuana legal. Depending on your state laws you may be able to grow at home with a medical card. Research your state to find out cannabis cultivation laws.

The cannabis movement is still in action! Many states are working towards making cannabis fully legal. One can only hope for the day where it’s legal in all 50 states. 

10. You Get to Grow Any Strain You Want

You get to grow any strain you want. Tired of the local dispensary always running out of Super Lemon Haze? Growing marijuana at home means you never have to worry again, you can grow any strain you want. If you rotate your choice of strains as you grow, and maintain proper curing and storage techniques, you could have 3-4 strains on hand at any time after your first several grows.

Every strain of cannabis affects people differently. Some say certain strains make them more paranoid or more anxiety driven or even more lazy and sleepy. That just means you haven’t found the right strain for your body. When growing weed at home, it’s very easy to try strains and notice how you react to them. 


So what are you waiting for? Use this as an opportunity to get going and start growing marijuana at home during the social distancing phase.

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