Guide to Weed: Effects, Measurements, Prices

The Ultimate Guide to Weed: Effects, Measurements, & Pricing

Weed in its entirety can be a confusing concept to grasp for people who are just coming to cannabis products for the first time. While there is a growing knowledge-base about cannabis, it’s fairly easy to understand the basics with the right information.

Weed shouldn’t be taboo and there is nothing wrong with not knowing where to start. Here we aim to provide information to help new cannabis users improve their consumption experience by sharing the essentials when starting your journey with weed.

Understanding the Importance of the Weed Leaf

Understanding the Importance of the Weed Leaf

We must next understand that the weed leaf is a symbol. Whether you consume cannabis or not the odds are you familiar with the look and shape of a marijuana leaf.

Most importantly weed isn’t something to be feared, and its leaves shouldn’t be a stigmatized icon. For some the weed leaf is a symbol of hope, a symbol of relief, a symbol of entrepreneurship. Additionally, weed is a medication for some and a job for others. It’s time the plant gets the respect it deserves.

Most Common Types of Weed

Weed can come in various different states and consistencies. Therefore it can be enjoyed in a variety of methods, including smoking flower, vaping or dabbing concentrates and eating edibles. However, do not let the variety intimidate you as it is fairly easy to decide which type is best for you.


Flower is the state that weed is found in naturally. It can be smoked from a bong, paper, or blunt. Additionally it can be vaporized or turned into concentrate.

Flower is great for traditionalists who aren’t looking for a complex new way to consume their THC. It’s versatility allows for it to be smoke in a variety of ways. It is great in a joint for those who are on the go or attending a concert. And it’s also great for those who want to toke out of their nice bong sitting on their couch at home.

Flower is for those who are looking for a cannabis product that is straight forward and no fuss.


Oil is a form of concentrated weed that uses a solvent to make the concentrate more liquid-like for easy vaporization by a wax pen. It is great for those who are on the go and want to consume their cannabis in the form of a concentrate pen.

Wax pens are great for consuming cannabis in public places as the smell dissipates quite quickly avoiding any unwanted attention. Oil is convenient because it allows the user to medicate way faster in any given moment. It takes less puffs off a wax pen than a pipe of flowers to get adequately stoned.


Wax is the form of weed used when dabbing cannabis concentrates, it can be made with or with out a solvent.

The concentrate is great for long time cannabis consumers or those who are looking to enjoy the great flavors that cannabis concentrates have to offer. Dabbing wax can be the most enjoyable experience for really tasting the flavors of different strains in a connoisseur way. Wax is potent and will get you adequately stoned with less product.

The flavor and potency alone makes this a top pick for consumers.


Edibles are made with cannabis-infused oil or butter and are ingested then digested to feel the effects.

They are great for those who are weary of inhaling any sort of vapor or smoke produced through burning cannabis. Being offered in a variety of different options from sweet to savory, and are perfect for the foodie stoner who wants a secret ingredient in their snacks. These are great for people who just plan on relaxing for the day as they need to be digested to begin their effects.


Beverages are made with weed in a similar way when compared to edibles. Cannabis-infused beverages must be ingested and digested to feel the effects.

Beverages are great for consumers who are looking to quench a thirst and get stoned at the same time. Cannabis-infused beverages are a tasty and refreshing way to enjoy the effects of THC.

Most Common Effects of Weed

Weed can effect consumers in a variety of different ways. It all depends on the person and their tolerance level. However, there are a few common effects that consumers can expect to experience.


Weed can be very calming to consumers. It can help melt away your anxieties, giving consumers the ability to redirect their mental focus to more positive avenues.

Finding a strong indica strain can be beneficial to those looking to experience the calming effects of weed. Some good strains to look for that have calming side effects are Purple Punch, SFV OG, or Do-Si-Dos.


One of the more popular used for weed is its sleep inducing effects. It can relax users to the point where nothing is holding them back from sleep.

Weed is great for people who are looking for a sleep aid. The canabinoids often found in indica dominant strains are know to induce sleepy feelings. Looks for any OG or Purple strain as these have heavily sedative effects that will aid in a good nights sleep.


Commonly known as the munchies, weed helps those like chemotherapy patients find the appetite to feed their bodies. This is a side effect of most cannabis strains. Whether you are smoking indica or sativa, you may experience a growth in hunger.

While this side effect may not be great for some, it can be life saving for others. Just remember you’re not actually hungry its just in your head.


Paranoia is more common in first time users, and can be avoided with the knowledge going into it that you may become a little extra paranoid.

A strong sativa strain can induce paranoid thoughts or behaviors in newer users. It’s important to remember that there’s nothing to fear and you will not die from cannabis.

Just try to remain calm and the feeling of paranoia should pass. To avoid feeling paranoid, smoke in a place that you feel safe and comfortable in, and try to stay away from sativa dominant strains.


The right sativa strain can act as a cup of coffee to some providing high mental functionality and alertness. Sativa’s are great to stay alert through out the day, while staying medicated.

Strains that provide you with energy are great for working professionals who need to stay sharp through out the day. A good example of some good energetic sativa strains are Tangie, Sour Diesel, and Jack Herer.

6 Most Common Weed Measurements

Weed is most commonly purchased in grams, 8ths, quarters, half ounces, and ounces by consumers.

Gram of Weed

A gram of weed is usually the smallest increment weed would be sold at. For first time or new users to cannabis this would be a great portion size to buy.

This is also great for people who want to try out a bunch of different strains, you can buy a gram of each and see what you like best. It is a great way to try different strains before you buy an 8th, quarter, or ounce of it.

8th of Weed

An 8th of weed is referencing an 8th of an ounce in grams, which would be 3 and a half grams. An 8th is great for a more regular smoker, maybe every other day types.

It can also be for people who want a little variety. If you smoke everyday and you want a couple different 8ths to choose from this is a great way to add that variety. Get yourself an 8th of sativa and an 8th of some indica.

Quarter of Weed

A quarter of weed is referencing a quarter of an ounce in grams, which would be 7/7.2 grams. A quarter is great for those who have been smoking for a while.

It is best to make sure you like the strain before buying a quarter of it. At least give it a look and smell before you buy anything over an 8th. No one wants to be stuck with a strain they don’t like. There’s no refunds in this industry.

Half Ounce of Weed

A half ounce of weed would be 14 grams. A half ounce is for seasoned smokers, if you don’t smoke a lot you really don’t want to buy a lot of weed as it can dry out if not stored properly. Even then after time weed begins to become overly dry and can lose some of its terpenes that give it the good flavor.

Ounce of Weed

An ounce of weed is 28 grams. If all you smoke is blunts or joints throughout the day, and you’re putting a gram in each, then an ounce is for you. An ounce of weed isn’t for the casual once in a while smoker. An ounce is for the experienced cannabis consumer.

Pound of Weed

A pound of weed is 453.5 grams, unless you’re a rapper or a drug dealer you don’t need a pound. In legal states you’re not even allowed to have that much on your person.

Using a Weed Scale

Using a weed scale is super simple. First turn on your scale and use a solo cup for your flowers. Put the solo cup on the scale and press the tare button to clear out the weight of the cup. Next you would put your flowers in the cup and look for the display showing you its weight to the .1 or the .01 on nicer scales.

How Many Grams in an Eighth of Weed?

An eighth of weed is 3.5 grams.

How Many Grams in a Quarter of Weed?

A quarter of weed should be at least 7 grams.

How Many Grams in an Ounce of Weed?

An ounce of weed should be 28 grams.

How Many Grams in a Pound of Weed?

There are 453 grams in a pound of weed.

Grams of Weed: Photograph Examples

1 Gram of Weed

1 gram of weed is usually the smallest increment sold in dispensaries.

2 Grams of Weed

2 grams of weed is enough for 2 solid blunts.

3 Grams of Weed

3 grams of weed is the minimum amount you should put in you backwoods.

4 Grams of Weed

4 grams of weed would last a casual smoker over a week.

5 Grams of Weed

5 grams of weed will look different depending on the density of the flowers

10 Grams of Weed

10 grams of weed will almost look like a half ounce

3.5 Grams of Weed

3.5 grams of weed is a common serving size from a dispensary

7 Grams of Weed

A quarter of weed is a popular purchase weight at dispensaries.

How Much is That Weed???

How Much is a Gram of Weed?

Los Angeles

10 – 15 dollars should be the expected price for a gram from a dispensary in California. Since weed can grow year round for the most part in California, it tends to have a lower price. Since California has had an underground market for a while now it is easier to find better prices.

New York

15 – 20 dollars. New York is not know for their great product or great prices. Since New York’s weather isn’t great for growing cannabis their prices tend to be quite high for top shelf product. To avoid smoking bammer move to California.


10-15 dollars should be the ballpark price for a gram in Colorado. Colorado is another place where the legality of weed has set up some affordable prices for quality cannabis in the area. Definitely can’t grow during a Colorado winter though.


10 to 15 dollars a gram is the expected price for Seattle. Washington is another state that’s recreationally legal. Their prices reflect how the legality of cannabis has effected the market similar to California, and Colorado.


About 10 dollars would be the average price of a gram in Portland. Oregon is place where hippies roam. It is a necessity for prices to be affordable for the wooks that live there.

San Francisco

10 -15 dollars is the expected price range for a gram in San Francisco. The Bay Area culture surrounding weed is more prevalent than any city in the United States. Weed and the bay area go together like peanut butter and jelly. Prices are low because it is a staple of their culture, and legal!


The average price for a gram of top shelf in Chicago is about 20 dollars. Chicago’s prices reflect their location and the fact that cannabis isn’t legal for recreational consumption yet in the state of Illinois.


Legal weed is hard to find in Dallas. Be careful with your concealed possession in Texas, you wouldn’t want them to give you the death penalty.


At about 15 bucks a gram in the ATL aren’t the worst. With some serious hip hop industry greats coming out of Atlanta, you gotta expect some good dro.


About 20 dollars a gram. West Philadelphia born and raised, overpaying for weed, is how I spent most of my days.

How Much is an Eighth of Weed?

Los Angeles

40 – 50 dollars should be an expected price range for an 8th in California

New York

60 – 70 dollars  for an 8th


40 -50 dollars for an 8th


40 – 50 dollars for an 8th


About 35 dollars for an 8th

San Francisco

40 – 50 dollars for an 8th


About 70 dollars for a 8th


About 70 dollars an 8th

How Much is a Quarter of Weed?

Los Angeles

80 to 100 dollars is an expected price for a quarter in California.

New York

120 – 140 dollars


80 -100 dollars


80 – 100 dollars


70- 90 dollars

San Francisco

80 – 100 dollars


About 140 dollars


About 120 dollars

How Much is an Ounce of Weed?

Los Angeles

An ounce of weed in LA will cost you over 200 dollars for some good flowers.

New York

An ounce of weed will be about 300 dollars


Over 200 dollars


Over 200 dollars


Over 200 dollars

San Francisco

Over 200 dollars


Over 300 dollars


Over 250 dollars

Wrapping It Up

Don’t let the numbers intimidate you, most people aren’t going to be spending hundreds or thousands of dollars at a time on weed. Additionally the positive side effects can greatly outweigh the negative side effects. Prices and forms of weed continue to evolve as the market changes, don’t forget to use this guide as a reference in the future to see how the market changes.

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