COVID-19 Advice: Sharing Weed, Not Spreading Germs

COVID-19 Advice: Sharing Weed, Not Spreading Germs

With the spread of Coronavirus, it’s really affecting how we conduct our rituals around weed. Many are wondering how we can avoid spreading germs when we’re sharing weed.  But we still want to enjoy ourselves and smoke bud with our buds.

What to do in these germ-infested, virus-run days?  Well, for now be sure to maintain your social distance.

But hey man, it’s still 420 somewhere. So let’s make sure to spark up while preventing germs from spreading. Here is our top tips and tricks to avoid spreading germs when sharing weed.

How do Germs Spread?

Germs are literally everywhere. 

Sneezing, coughing, and even our breath can spread germs through the air. Additionally, germs spread through our saliva, blood, and sweat.

Germs can live on surfaces so they can also be spread in person-to-person contact like shaking hands.

Germs Spread when Sharing Weed

Unfortunately for any stoner germ-aphobs out there, the 420 session seriously hits every major way that germs can spread.

You are exposed to other’s breath and touching each other’s hands when passing the joint around. Plus, let’s just face it… saliva is often shared as well.

With smoking coming into most contact with the mouth and lungs, possible illness spread from smoking in groups can be:

  • Cold Sores
  • Meningitis 
  • Mono
  • The Flu
  • Sore / Strep Throat 

But the germs don’t have to ruin your entire smoke sesh with your buds! 

The coronavirus is no joke. Be sure use social distancing and practice extra safety precautions when smoking in groups.

But let’s also be stoked that our plant friend, lady cannabis can actually help fight infection. Many scientists believe that the Endocannabinoid System helps regulate the immune system. A strong immune system can help you fight foreign germs and keep you staying healthy.

Sharing Weed, Not the Germs

These are the best practices to keep in mind the next time you’re sharing the stash.

During times like these be extra careful.  Social distancing can be sharing the stash but skipping on passing the smoking device.  Healthy times can be had by all smoking the same strain together, each from your favorite accessory or personal joint.  The perk of this smoking circle is you never have to wait for the weed to circle back around your way.

Here are some ways to stop the spread of germs:

  • Don’t join if you feel sick
  • Wash your hands
  • Don’t cough when smoking all over your friends
  • Blow smoke away from the group (be careful if it’s a windy day) 

By this point in the new world of the coronavirus, we are sure you are sick (no pun intended) of hearing about washing your hands.  But for real bro, go wash your hands.  Don’t have a sink with soap and water handy?  Lucky for us we live in the modern world of hand sanitizer.  Hand sanitizer gives us the chance to clean our hands quickly and on the spot when we need it.  Plus it kills microorganisms on your hands and helps stop the spread of germs. We highly suggest carrying around sanitizer these days.  Squirt some on your hands before a smoke sesh.  Share with your friends.  Use more after smoking.  For good measure use more after saying good bye to your smoke buds….

Glass Smoke Session

Maybe right now smoking circles should be BYOG (bring your own glass). No matter what is going on, it’s always smart to keep it clean.

1. Wash Your Pieces

Nothing harbors germs and bacteria like an unclean glass piece.  Germs can live on surfaces for a really long time.  This nasty coronavirus can live on surfaces 2 to 3 days.  Clean your smoking accessories often.  Not only will this help prevent germs from spreading but it also makes the bud taste fresh.  During times of extra caution, if you do choose to share a glass apparatus, use an alcohol wipe in between hits.  The alcohol may give the hit a zing but it’s better than catching whatever your friends may be carrying. 

2. Use a Plastic Mouthpiece

Another way to avoid the spread of germs is mouthpieces.  Smoking accessories for the germ cautious are made to prevent swapping spit with your smoke buddies.  The cannabis industry was pre-coronavirus prepared. A variety of long standing companies make silicone or rubber mouthpieces.  These mouthpieces fit on most universal dab rigs or bongs. Obviously you should be the only one using your mouthpiece (duh). And remember to clean your mouthpiece after each smoke circle.

Joint Smoking Session

Your best bet during the coronavirus social distancing for everyone to have their own joint when smoking together.  When things return to normal, if you’re still weary of germs – we wouldn’t blame you. Here are a few ways to help prevent germs from spreading. 

1. Cigarette Holder

Not just for fancy cigarette smoking movie stars of the 50’s, a cigarette holder can work for a joint.  Having your own cigarette holder is the same concept as having your own mouthpiece for a bong.

2. Use a Fist Hit

Using a fist hit can reduce spreading germs by avoiding having saliva be transferred on to the joint.

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