Guide to blunts and how to roll a blunt

Guide to Blunts and How to Roll a Blunt

Blunts are great for smoking with friends. Read here to learn how to roll a blunt and choose the best wraps every time before your session.

One of the more classic way to enjoy cannabis is rolling your fire buds into a blunt. Blunts are great for smoking with friends as they stay lit and are easily passed around.  If you’re unsure about what a blunt is, or you’re trying to figure out how to role one, you’ve come to the right place.

What is a Blunt?

A blunt is a tobacco wrap that is filled with your favorite cannabis flowers.

A blunt wrap can come in packs rolled around a plastic straw, or in packs of cigarillos that are split end to end with the tobacco insides removed.  Both of these wraps can be used to roll a blunt. It just comes down to personal preference.

Blunt vs Joint: What’s the Difference

The main difference between a joint and a blunt is that blunts have tobacco, where a joint paper does not. Another major difference between the two is their taste. Blunts often come in a variety of flavors like joints, but tend to be a little more harsh on the throat. However, if you’re looking to get fat rips, a blunt is the way to go.

Many think joints are easier to roll than blunts, but I’m sure you could find someone that would say different. It really is subjective which is easier to roll. Joints have that strip that makes it easier to stick and seal off, where a blunt is relying strictly on saliva or moisture to stick.

How to Roll a Blunt

Rolling a blunt isn’t too hard too learn. Use these step-by-step guidelines to help as you learn.

Step 1: Break up your weed

For blunts it’s best to break the weed up with your hands. This will keep the pieces from getting too small in a grinder.

With slightly larger pieces, it can make the blunt easier to roll as well as help it burn better.

Step 2: Fill blunt wrap

Take the weed that you just broke up by hand and evenly distribute it inside the wrap. An even fill will make the blunt easier to roll and help it burn better while it’s being smoked.

Step 3: Tuck and Roll

With your palms facing upwards and the blunt in your hands, use your thumbs to compress the weed down. After that use your thumb to tuck under the side of the blunt closest to you and your fingers to fold over the top edge. Lick and seal.

Step 4: Light and Enjoy!

Now you have your freshly rolled blunt, what better idea is there than to smoke it?

Using a Blunt Roller

Using a blunt roller is great for people that can’t figure out how to roll a blunt, but still want to smoke them. To use a blunt roller break up your weed as your normally would and fill it evenly into your wrap. Place the filled blunt wrap in the roller, lick one of the edges, and push down, and it will roll your blunt perfectly every time.

Choosing the Best Blunt Wraps

Choosing the best blunt wraps all comes down to personal taste. There are wraps that you don’t have to split, like a cigarillo. If you don’t want to consume any tobacco based products, there are even hemp based blunt wraps to choose from. Backwoods are becoming a more common way to use a tobacco wrap. The best wrap is the wrap that you like the best.

Finding the Best Pre-Rolled Blunts

Pre-rolled blunts can be found at your local dispensary. The best ones usually come with some kind of tip or mouthpiece added for a better smoking experience.

You can find some that also have cannabis concentrate mixed in with the flowers to add extra potency. The only downside to pre-rolled blunts is that they tend to be pricier, and you pay extra for the convenience of them already being rolled.

Glass Blunts

Glass blunts are glass tubes that can be packed with weed and smoked like a regular blunt. They aren’t too high in price and can be a great way to smoke a blunt without inhaling anything extra into your lungs. The only downside to glass blunts is that the cherry can go out sometimes. You also have to clean them pretty regularly to maintain the best flavor for your enjoyment.

How to Smoke a Blunt

Smoking a blunt is pretty easy. Just inhale and enjoy. To help avoid runs, where the it burns unevenly, rotate the blunt as you hit it. The rotation will help set the burn line evenly.

Another good way to stop runs is to use a little saliva on the side that is burning faster to help slow down the burn, giving the other side time to catch up and even out.

When is National Blunt Day?

If you’re thinking to yourself what day is best to smoke a blunt, the answer would be March 27th. March 27th is national blunt day and the certifiable best day to smoke a blunt. Join the festivities and roll one up with your friends for the holiday.


Do you get higher with blunts?

Blunts can get you higher due to them requiring more weed than your typical bowl to roll. Other than that, the only reason people may feel a stronger effect is the nicotine from the blunt wrap boosting the weed high.

Can you get addicted to blunts?

You can get addicted to the nicotine in the tobacco based blunt wraps. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance and can be extremely harmful to your health. Smoke blunts in moderation, your lungs will thank you.

Do dispensaries sell blunts?

Some dispensaries do sell blunt wraps, as well as some that sell pre-rolled blunts that are usually rolled with artificial saliva for sanitary purposes.

Are blunt wraps legal?

Blunt wraps are legal to buy if you are of age in the state that you life in. In the state of California you have to be 21 to buy blunt wraps.

Are swishers considered blunts?

Swishers are considered blunts. A swisher is just a type of wrap that comes in the form of a cigarillo that is gutted and re-rolled with cannabis.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this guide has helped you understand blunts a little bit more than you did before. Blunts are a great way to smoke to mix up your usual cannabis consumption routine.

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