How to Clean a Pipe, Bong, Rig or Nail

How to Clean a Pipe, Bong, Rig or Nail

Clean glassware is essential to a great smoking experience. If you’re wondering to yourself how to clean a pipe, bong, rig or nail you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s  face it, nobody likes to smoke out of a dirty piece. Your friends will appreciate it when they come over to sesh if your bong is sparkly clean. If your pipe, bong, rig, or nail is dirty and discolored, follow the steps below to get it looking brand new.

Why You Should Smoke from Clean Glass

It is essential to keep your smoking devices clean for a few reasons.

First off, your weed or cannabis concentrates will taste better out of a clean piece. A dirty glass bong will have residual resin from smoking and it can leave behind a different taste, masking the true taste of the flower you’re currently smoking.

Another reason is the smell. Potent bong water can envelope an entire room. Nobody wants to put their face in that nasty smell or taste last months bong resin.

A good rule of thumb is to clean your piece every time you re-up. If you clean your piece every time you buy more weed or concentrate, the less likely your piece will be distastefully dirty.

How to Clean a Pipe

Cleaning a pipe is fairly easy because it’s usually one solid piece with no extra parts to it. A clean pipe is especially important because there is no water percolation to help smooth out the hit. So for a pleasant experience using a pipe, the cleaner the better.

Step 1: Place pipe in Ziploc bag

The best vessel to clean your pipe is a Ziploc bag that’s large enough. Tupperware also works here.

Step 2: Fill Ziploc with rubbing alcohol

Find the highest percentage of rubbing alcohol you can, and fill the bag so the pipe is completely submerged.

Step 3: Add some salt

Adding salt to the mix helps break away any resin attached to the inside of your pipe.

Step 4: Shake n’ Soak

Shake the Ziploc bag or tupperware to help loosen some of the grime. Be cautious of the glass inside. You should also let the pipe soak for a little for an even better clean.

Step 5: Rinse n’ Dry

After the pipe has had a chance to soak, remove it from the Ziploc and rinse. Rinse away the rubbing alcohol and salt, then dry completely before using again. Nobody likes soggy weed.

Best Way to Clean a Bong or Rig

Cleaning a bong or dab rig is more involved when compared to cleaning a pipe.

A bong usually has three main pieces to clean. Those three main pieces are the bong itself, the downstem, and the bowl. You’ll want to clean all three pieces individually for the best experience and cleanest glass.

Step 1: Place bowl and downstem in separate Ziplocs

Place your bowl and downstem in separate Ziploc bags, so when you shake the glass doesn’t hit against each other and break.

Step 2: Fill Ziplocs with rubbing alcohol and salt

Put rubbing alcohol and salt in the bags with the downstem and bowl. The higher percentage the rubbing alcohol the better. Adding salt will help break up the resin in hard to reach places inside the bowl and downstem.

Step 3: Fill bong with rubbing alcohol and salt

Next fill your bong with rubbing alcohol and salt. Make sure to plug the downstem hole and the mouth piece so you don’t make a mess when you shake your bong.

Step 4: Shake n’ soak everything

Shake both bags with the bowl and downstem in them. Shaking the Ziplocs will help the glass get cleaner faster, as it agitates the resin attached to the glass.

Also make sure to thoroughly shake the bong. Be careful not to let go, and make sure that both holes are plugged to avoid making a mess.

Soaking after shaking is good to make sure everything is spotless clean.

Step 5: Rinse n’ dry

Rinse all the glass of the rubbing alcohol and salt residue. Make sure to dry if you’re looking to avoid water spots on your glass.

How to Clean Your Dab Nail

A clean dab nail is essential. Cannabis concentrates are the fine wines of cannabis culture. You wouldn’t drink wine out of a dirty cup. It would impede the wonderful flavors. Well, the same goes for cannabis concentrates.

Follow these tips to manage a clean dabbing surface.

Method #1: Wash

Washing or soaking your nail is a great method to get in those hard-to-reach areas of your nail.

Place your nail in a dish deep enough to cover with rubbing alcohol and let your banger soak for at least 10 to 15 minutes. The soak will help to remove residue that has attached itself to your nail.

Try to do this every time you clean your dab rig. A clean nail will drastically increase its longevity, preventing you from having to buy a new one so soon.

Method #2: Torch

Torching your nail will remove pretty much every bit of residue on your nail. This is a great way to get your nail back to its crystal clear form, especially if it is newer.

However, be cautious that the more you heat your nail up to high temperatures required for cleaning, the more likely you are to get oxidation. Oxidation is the cloudiness that seems to appear as a nail gets older.

Method #3: Scrape

Use a really fine dab tool or a paper clip to scrape the inner walls of your nail. This will help to keep some of the oxidation at bay.

You shouldn’t rely on this method frequently as it can scratch your nail. Be careful when trying this method. Stay away from putting to much pressure on the scraper.

Method #4: Cotton Swabs or Q-Tips

Q-tips and rubbing alcohol are the most important things when managing a clean dab nail.

It is always better to be preventative than reactive. Q-tipping your nail after each dab with some rubbing alcohol will do your nail great justice.

You can use your regular at-home q-tips, or buy special q-tips made for cleaning dab nails that have wood shafts. The wooden shafts allow for more pressure increasing the level of cleanliness you get from your dab nail cleaning regime.

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