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True Emerald Triangle Cannabis: Flow Kana Brand Profile

Learn what true Emerald Triangle, sun-grown cannabis is about! From terpene cultivars to small-batch craft cannabis. Read now.

A green, fertile region of Northern California – known as the Emerald Triangle – is defied for its family farm-grown craft cannabis. Plant stewards in the Emerald Triangle region are particularly rooted in cannabis culture, and many have decades of growing in their lineage. One brand that leverages this cultivation knowledge and expertise is Flow Kana.

Working with only small-batch, craft cannabis cultivators who specialize in techniques like regenerative farming, Flow Kana puts out some of the finest marijuana strains in California. Continue reading to learn more about this revolutionary cannabis brand.

The Flow Kana Mission

Though it may sound odd — Flow Kana is a cannabis company that doesn’t grow any cannabis. Since its inception in 2015, the Flow Kana mission has always been to support the craft cannabis farmers throughout the Emerald Triangle and preserve the integrity behind legacy grows.

By partnering with hundreds of heritage farmers, they help support these family-run, small-batch farms by packaging and distributing their cannabis throughout California. Flow Kana has high standards for anything they put their brand on, and with good reason. Their brand pillars rest on sustainable farming practices, organic crops, and sun-grown cannabis only.

With the support of Flow Kana, many growers are allowed to scale in a way that would be much more difficult on their own. This unique relationship works to preserve rare genetics, enhance the quality of the soil, and provide a true craft cannabis experience for all consumers. 

Emerald Triangle Roots

The Emerald Triangle is rooted in three counties in the upper northwest corner of California: Trinity, Humboldt, and Mendocino. Cannabis roots run deep here, literally and figuratively.

The history of weed in the Emerald Triangle dates back to the 1960s, a time when young people were inspired to leave the city and head for the mountains. Farming land and raising animals became an attractive way to live authentically, and cultivating cannabis was a logical addition to their agricultural efforts.

Possibly as much as 60% of the herb in the U.S. is grown somewhere within these three counties. What makes the Emerald Triangle significant is not just the quantity grown, but the quality is largely unrivaled due to the ideal ecological conditions.

The Emerald Triangle is considered a Mediterranean climate, with dry summers that rarely see excessive heat. The winters are wet but rarely see a freeze. Generally speaking, this pleasant climate only sees a temperature change of about 10 degrees from season to season, making it an ideal place to grow just about anything you want. 

The generous rainfall during the winter months collides with the moisture from the Pacific Ocean, creating high humidity which is beneficial to a certain degree. However, year-round cannabis cultivation is not ideal here, due to lack of sufficient sunlight and the high propensity for moldy weed. But in the months of high sunshine, the outdoor cannabis in the Emerald Triangle is tough to beat.

Sustainable Mindset

Just because a crop is grown in the Emerald Triangle, does not mean that it was grown sustainably. Sunshine, clean water, and nutrient-dense soil may sound like a simple formula, but being a true steward to the land takes a dedicated effort. Overall, sustainability in the cannabis industry is somewhat laughable.

Yes, California is home to many regions with desirable climates for growing marijuana at home, but that doesn’t mean all growers are taking advantage of this land. Instead, many are opting to grow indoors, or indoor vertical farming.

This method allows a grower complete control over the environment, dialing in everything from humidity to airflow, temperature, pest control, and light cycles. Not to mention the ability to grow year-round and continually produce crops with the appropriate indoor grow lights.

The problem is, indoor growing is not sustainable. It’s absolutely detrimental to the environment. For example, the lighting required to grow just four plants indoors uses up the same amount of power as roughly 29 refrigerators. 

Flow Kana proudly and actively supports only outdoor, sun-grown cannabis cultivated with a sustainable mindset. Water conservation, organic growing methods, and regenerative farming practices are environmental keystones for their farmers. 

Sun-Grown vs. Indoor Grown Cannabis

Sungrown vs. outdoor is a popular argument among weed enthusiasts. When it comes to sustainability, indoor grows to ve a much larger carbon footprint than indoor grows. Fully sun-grown cannabis produces practically zero carbon emissions. And although indoor weed can be grown year-round, the crops are smaller in size and simply cannot compete with the unlimited canopy size of full sun crops. 

Outside the topic of sustainability is the neverending debate around the quality of the final product. Is indoor weed tastier? Does it have more trichomes that weren’t subjected to natural elements like wind and rain? Sure, it does. But there is also plenty of evidence that artificial lighting cannot replicate the power of the sun. 

Sunny Ra Acres performed analytics on plants cloned from the same mother to see which produced higher terpene and cannabinoid profiles — the outdoor cannabis won every time. Flow Kana held their own Sungrown Challenge to determine where sun-grown and indoor ranked among the participants. Blindfolded, the judges were able to hold, smell, and then smoke a joint of both indoor and outdoor herb. 

Although many votes were cast in favor of the indoor herb, a whopping 68% voted for sun-grown for its full-spectrum effects and supreme flavor. Simply put, perhaps nature knows best when it comes to growing weed. To experience the true craft cannabis of the Emerald Triangle, shop Flow Kana and see why so many cannabis consumers are loyal to organic, sun-grown cannabis. 

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