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NeonJoint’s Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love and affection, and what better way to do that than by indulging in each other’s passions and interests? If your sweetheart is a cannabis connoisseur, a mushroom enthusiast, a creative mastermind, or even a furry friend lover, this list of gift ideas is just for you. 

Say goodbye to the typical spa day and chocolates, and hello to a Valentine’s Day that truly speaks to your loved one’s hobbies and passions. Whether you’re spoiling your sweetie or yourself, these gifts are sure to make this holiday one to remember.

For the Creatives

This list of gifts is specially curated for the creatives in your life. Whether they’re artists, writers, musicians, or simply have a passion for all things creative, these ideas are perfect for inspiring new creative pursuits.

Adult Coloring Book from Pilgrim Soul

Adult coloring books have been wildly popular in recent years. It’s a nostalgic activity that can relieve stress and unleash your inner artist. Pilgrim Soul’s Mood Enhancing Coloring Book is sure to do just that – boost the mood! With two different versions, you or your loved one will have endless pages to fill with bright, beautiful colorings. 

Shop Pilgrim Soul Mood Enhancing Coloring Book Here

Creative Thinking Journal from Pilgrim Soul

This journal is unlike anything you’ve ever used before. It’s filled with over 50 pages of creative writing prompts, exercises, and puzzles to solve…with your mind! It’s designed to get those creative juices flowing and promote greater capacity for divergent thinking. 

Shop Pilgrim Soul Creative Thinking Journal Here

K-Tropix OG Shot


Nootropics improve cognitive function and enhance creative performance so anyone looking to level up can benefit. K-Tropix combines kratom with a variety of vitamins and powerful herbs like ginkgo biloba, bacopa monnieri, and artichoke leaf extract to help boost brain power and elevate focus. The perfect gift for anyone looking to gain a competitive (creative) edge.

Shop K-Tropic OG Shot Here

For the Mushroom Lovers

Hellooo fungi fans. Mushrooms are all the rage right now and we couldn’t be more pleased because wow, are they cute. Not to mention delicious, nutritious, and sometimes psychedelic. We love all things mushroom culture, and we’re sure your loved ones will too. 

Mushroom Jewelry from The Shroom Spot

Imagine an adorable shop filled with handmade mushroom jewelry and accessories. That’s The Shroom Spot. Each piece is handcrafted with an assortment of beads like freshwater pearls, kyanite, agates, and mushrooms made of glass and silver. Snag an oyster dish painted with amanitas to store the jewels when not in use. 

Shop The Shroom Spot Here

Shrüm Grow Kit from Advanced Mycology

An at-home mushroom growing kit is perfect for the curious mycologist. Shrüm makes it super simple to grow any kind of mushroom and it doesn’t require special equipment or extra space. You can literally grow mushrooms in your pantry or on a shelf in your home if need be. Plus, Advanced Mycology’s website is filled with valuable mushroom information on its blog and features tutorials on exactly how to grow mushrooms at home. 

Shop Shrüm Grow Kit Here

For the Cannabis Enthusiasts

We all have a weed lover in our lives (ourselves included!) and there are tons of excellent gifts to share on this list. 

14 Pack Pre-Rolls from Old Pal

Nothing says weed be good together like a 14 pack of pre-rolls. That’s a whole week’s worth of morning and evening doobies shared with your sweetheart. What’s not love? Old Pal does it right with these cases and you’ll be back for more before the next big holiday!

Shop Old Pal Pre-Rolls Here

The Original Ready to Roll Mix from Lime Cannabis

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a bag of weed. Seriously. We gladly accept bags of weed! And your friends or fam will see why we love the Ready to Roll mix from Lime once they taste the incredible flavor from this Emerald Triangle flower. 

Shop Lime Ready to Roll Flower Here

The Ardent Portable Decarb System

Have you ever tried to make your own weed edibles? It’s a fun project to share with friends, and a great way to save some money on expensive dispensary gummies. And it just offers more variety into your edible weed routine. Ardent makes it easier than every to decarb your weed. Put in a nug, let it do its thing, and it’s activated and ready to go. You could pop that bud right in your mouth, though we recommend something more tasty like weed tea or infused chocolate. 

Shop Ardent Portable Decarb System Here


Cannadips are a totally unique way to get a daily dose of CBD. These pouches look like a traditional tobacco chew, but instead, are filled with CBD-rich hemp. Cannadips come in a variety of enhanced flavors, and there are cans with CBG or CBN for added benefits. This is definitely a fun way to try something new in the cannabis space. 

Shop Cannadips Here

Cannabis Accessories 

There are a few things every stoner needs in their stash. Of course, good weed is top of the list, but we already covered that. So, what else can make a smoke kit that much better? We’ve got a few ideas. 

Start With Your Heart Weed Grinder from Old Pal

No stoner can get by without a high-quality grinder. Especially if you like to roll your own joints. This ceramic-coated green goddess of a grinder has curved teeth for optimal shredding and a super fine mesh screen to catch all that yummy kief. 

Shop Start With Your Heart Weed Grinder Here

JPAQ Case from PAQ Case

We love pre-rolls, but we hate when they dry out. The JPAQ cases from PAQ are engineered to keep your rollies fresh as the day they were twisted, plus, disguise any weed smell you might not want the whole room to sniff. Gift this to the discreet cannabis smoker in your life and they’ll no doubt be pleased. PAQ used reclaimed ocean plastic so you can feel extra good about this purchase. 

Shop JPAQ Case Here

Terpene Air Fresheners from Old Pal

If you love the smell of weed you’re going to freak out when you see these. Old Pal wanted to bottle up some tasty terps and wow, they sure did! These terpenes air fresheners smell like your favorite strains rich in myrcene, limonene, and pinene. These are a great gift for anyone, even those who don’t get down with the green. 

Shop Terpene Air Fresheners Here

For Your Furry Friends

For many people, our pets are our family. As such, they certainly deserve to be spoiled on occasion! Whether you’re shopping for your own four-legged friend, or for an animal lover in your life, these two gifts are perfect for Valentine’s Day. 

Meaningful Tree Super Pet Total Health

Meaningful Tree is dedicated to pet health, and knows that sometimes our dogs can have a little tummy trouble. To help keep your pup’s gut primed, check out their Super Pet Total Health powder. Just sprinkle a little of this probiotic, anti-inflammatory gut powder on your best bud’s kibble and it’ll be smooth sailing, AKA, easier poo pickups for all!

Shop Super Pet Total Health Here

Weed Pet Bandanas from Sandy Pup Designs

Every pup deserves a fancy ‘outfit’ or two. For the cool, classic dog, Sandy Pup Designs offers plenty of adorable bandanas to dress up your bestie. We are particularly fond of the weed bandanas, but you could always stay in the holiday vibe and opt for the Valentine’s Day theme

Shop Sandy Pup Bandanas Here

For the Health Minded

We all know a super fit, healthy person who deserves to be loved on for Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’s you! These gifts are ideal for supporting good health, and we all know health is wealth so share the love. 

Get Shifted Pre Workout Formulas

Sometimes it takes a little extra oomph to get your butt out the door and off to the gym. A pre-workout is exactly what you need for an added boost. Not only that, but it can help optimize your workout so you can make the most of your time. This is a perfect gift for your swolemate.

Shop Shifted Pre-Workout Here

Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth and Collagen Proteins

Ancient Nutrition produces a line of high-quality bone broth and collagen proteins to lubricate your joints, improve hair and skin texture, and support healthy brain function. Shop their whole collection and choose from unflavored or flavored options that blend seamlessly into any liquid. This is an easy win for your health and a great idea to share with your loved ones. 

Shop Ancient Nutrition Here


Some say that optimal health starts in the gut. It is, after all, our second brain so it makes sense that we should keep it functioning as best as possible. ColonBroom is a highly targeted psyllium formula to help you remove excess waste and keep that digestive tract running smoothly. Let this be the year of sexy digestion!

Shop ColonBroom Here

Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovers

We hope your sweetheart day is filled with love. Love for your honey, your furry pals, friends, family, and of course – yourself. Do something delicious today to share your love with the world and those around you!

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