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Old Pal Brand Profile: It’s Just Weed, Y’all

Year after year, new cannabis brands launch across the nation. Many of them are vying for customer attention by trying to break the mold with new and innovative ways to get high. You must admit that this is part of the fun of shopping for weed, but what happened to just sparking up a finely rolled joint of good clean weed? That’s the idea behind California-based cannabis company Old Pal. Their mission is to remind consumers why we love weed in the first place and take it back to a time when getting high with your friends was the best part of the day. 

The Old Pal Philosophy

As their saying goes: “It’s just weed, y’all.” To live in a time where we can share cannabis freely, plan our social events around it, and access the world’s best weed at a moment’s notice – this is the stuff dreams are made of. Old Pal’s mission is to bring affordable cannabis to everyone without sacrificing quality. 

Their flower comes from small, craft cannabis farmers in the Emerald Triangle, where the cannabis revolution began. These farmers are the heart and soul of cannabis culture, and Old Pal aims to celebrate them and ensure their farms thrive for generations to come. 

Shareable Cannabis

Old Pal is an ode to simpler times when joints were passed around a circle at a bonfire or in the parking lot before a concert. The flower is simply grown – fully sungrown, rain watered, in natural terroir. It was grown by friends to be shared among friends in any scenario. Think of your neighborhood barbeques, family camping trips, and road trips with your pals. This is what Old Pal holds dear. Making memories, meeting new people, and honoring traditions. 

It’s a feeling more than anything. That feeling is the security of a community, the support, and the camaraderie of a network. It’s family and friends, new and old. If you never thought cannabis could be the glue that holds a community together, Old Pal is here to help you remember that it can. In a way, it’s not just weed, it’s a ritual in daily life.

The Old Pal Lineup

The mass legalization of cannabis is monumental progress in the total end to prohibition. It’s also come with devastating blows to many of the small-batch, family-owned farms that once thrived in the Emerald Triangle. Now, it just takes a big bank account to kickstart a cannabis company. Old Pal is dedicated to supporting small, boutique farms with high-quality standards for their growing practices. That means completely pesticide-free, organic, sungrown cannabis. Just the way mother nature intended. 


Old Pal offers a variety of herb to appease the market. To stay in line with their values, they keep the offerings simple. They don’t showcase hundreds of rotating strains and instead focus on Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica options. 

Nothing beats a finely rolled joint, and Old Pal has two kinds of pre-rolls. Palitos are 0.35 g mini joints in a 10-pack. Share with a friend, or you can each puff your own “little pal.” For something a bit more shareable, grab a half gram pre-roll or two. Everyone loves receiving joints as gifts.

Old Pal offers pre-ground Ready-to-Roll pouches with hemp rolling papers and crutches for those who prefer to roll their own joints. Their best-selling product is Classic Shareable Whole Flower. Perfectly manicured nugs grown with love. For something a little more premium, pack a bowl of  Special Blue. These strain-specific strains contain at least 25% THC and are available in only select states. 


Sometimes you want something special. Something you can light up to celebrate a milestone, like a graduation or welcoming a new member to the family. Maybe it’s that dream job you were after or an epic holiday party. This is the perfect time for a perfectly rolled blunt. 

Let’s face it – rolling your own blunt takes a bit of practice, so you might as well keep one of Old Pal’s 2 gram blunts handy. They are infused with THCa diamonds and live resin for added potency. Why not make a habit out of celebrating more of life’s special moments? They’re tobacco-free with a glass tip and available in Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid.


While the Old Pal values stem from quality cannabis experiences, they also know that some occasions require the convenience of a vape pen. It’s a form factor that’s not going anywhere, so they’ve decided to take their sungrown cannabis supply and whip up a batch of Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid cartridges. With a 510 thread, Old Pal vape carts easily fit into most batteries, so you don’t need to invest in any new hardware. 

Old Pal Provisions

The fine folks at Old Pal launched a sister company to showcase their wares as if an entire lineup of weed, blunts, and oil wasn’t enough. Old Pal Provisions was born to offer a curated collection of branded goods complementing a higher side of life. The pals at Old Pal love adventure, community, and sharing in good times, and the products at Old Pal Provisions reflect that sentiment. 

Shop branded apparel that transcends the typical logo t-shirt, or basic coffee mug. Instead, check out their swanky lighter and joint cases, ashtrays, and pipes. Or, grab a water bottle and frisbee for your next day at the park. 

The collection includes products made by their friends and neighbors, created with intention and integrity. There’s incredible framed artwork, iconic bandanas, and the perfect hoodie. The quality of their merch will have you coming back for more and sharing with your friends. 

Where to Find Old Pal

After launching in California, Old Pal knew their mission to bring social and shareable cannabis to the forefront of the movement would have to cross state lines. Since its launch in 2018, they are now selling in Arizona, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Maryland. Check out the store locator on their site to find a retailer near you. 

To stay tuned into the Old Pal happenings, check out their online Journal. A mix of culture and practical weed intel come together in Old Pal fashion to educate, entertain, and inspire your next smoke sesh. If you are looking for your new favorite cannabis brand, Old Pal’s ethics and commitment to supporting craft growers make them a top contender. 

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