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Pilgrim Soul Brand Profile: Cannabis & Creativity

Pilgrim Soul inspires creatives with articles and journals specially designed to increase your creativity and build productive "high" habits.

Cannabis has been increasing in popularity, especially as individual states have been legalizing recreational use. Over 35 million Americans claim to be regular users. Furthermore, as popularity grows, cannabis strains are becoming more refined than ever. 

Some cannabis strains make you focus, some relax your body, some calm the mind, and others enhance creativity. One forward-thinking brand, Pilgrim Soul, has created a creative thinking journal specifically to use when high. So no matter your experience with cannabis nor your artistic levels, utilizing cannabis to get creative has never been more fun.

Who is Pilgrim Soul?

Pilgrim Soul is the brainchild of longtime media and marketing industry veteran Shawn Gold. Pilgrim Soul aims to “unlock” the creativity in us all by challenging readers to a variety of fun, insightful, and silly creative exercises to complete…all while high!

As a brand, Pilgrim Soul has embraced the creativity that cannabis inspires and encourages the use of the herb when looking to expand your creative potential. We are all naturally creative pilgrims on a journey to unlock inspiration and joy on this planet. Using the Pilgrim Soul journal high is just the good vibes you need to keep that creativity and happiness flowing.  

Behind the Brand

Shawn Gold is a thought leader in the digital marketing and creative space. A career spanning over two decades, Shawn’s impact in the digital media space has been astronomical.  

“My career has been doing things that haven’t been done before building our MySpace from the first social media companies, building out and gadget and joystick, and a bunch of other blogs that the beginning of blogs getting involved with the internet and beginning of just the graphic internet and even subscription fashion commerce with Fabletics and sandwich by Fenty.

When I start to imagine what a new business can be, I use a lot of creative techniques that involve empathy and analogy and ideation and brainstorming. And I realized that they’re not, these techniques are not readily accessible to everyone. And if they are, they’re not interesting, they’re not fun…

Shawn Gold, CEO of Pilgrim Soul

So, the idea of creating the Pilgrim Soul creative thinking journal was to create a product that could bring broad accessibility of creativity, helping people tap into their innate creativity. We’re all born creative, we just kind of repress it. So the Pilgrim soul journal is about really helping anybody, whether you think you’re creative, not to optimize creative performance.”

What’s the Mission of Pilgrim Soul?

The mission of Pilgrim Soul is to inspire the creativity that naturally lives within us all! A Lot of us out there don’t feel creative all the time (even us!) It can be hard to take a step back from your daily grind or routine and remember to live in the moment, have fun, and let the world inspire us. This creative thinking journal from Pilgrim Soul is an amazing way to channel your creative energy while enjoying a relaxing puff of cannabis.

The Pilgrim Soul Journal

Pilgrim Soul’s Creative Thinking Journal is the Flagship Product from the brand. Furthermore, the Pilgrim Soul journal includes thoughtful, insightful, & fun activities, challenging you to stimulate those imaginative muscles. 

We’ve gone from an industrial age, to an information age, to a creative age, where the economy is propelled forward by creativity and technology. And that’s only getting more intense when you think about this world of artificial intelligence and outsourcing.

Shawn Gold

Let’s say if you’re a lawyer, you know if you’re a lawyer and you’re not a creative one, your job may be done by a computer or someone in Asia at some point. So the only thing that humans do really well, that computers don’t think creatively, make nonlinear connections, empathize with other human beings, dream, you know nonsensical dreams that sometimes are good ideas.”

Flexing and working out your creative muscles (your BRAIN!) is not only for “artists.” Instead, everyone needs to have the ability to think outside of the box and let out their inner child. It’s easy to get beaten down by the grind and system that you forget to stop, breath, and have some creative fun! The Journal is broken down into fifty different creative exercises and thought experiments that you can complete at your own pace. 

The Creative Impact of Cannabis

Cannabis inspires us all! This incredible plant medicine has numerous benefits, including sparking what we call creativity. From Frida Kahlo to Jimmy Hendrix, everyone has a tale of cannabis inspiring them. 

How Does Cannabis Influence Creativity?

Although science has limited studies on cannabis and creativity, the internet (and probably your smoking circle) is full of anecdotal evidence on the subject. Some say it’s the increase in dopamine, while others claim that being on a mind-altering substance allows the mind’s barriers to relax and let in free flow.

Just like any other substance, cannabis is a highly individualized experience. One person may fall asleep after smoking, while another may end up doing cartwheels in the grass. And just like consumption – creativity is a highly unique thought-form that can’t be measured. We’re not claiming if you spark one up all of a sudden, you will turn into a creative genius. But, we are saying that with the proper strain and a Pilgrim Soul creativity journal in hand, you will be on an elevated road to creativity free-flowing.

How Does Pilgrim Soul Nurture Creativity?

Do you ever stare at a blank canvas or word document and not have any idea where to start? Creative blocks happen to everyone no matter the level of artistic ability. Enter the Pilgrim Soul creative thinking journal. 

Often having prompts or activities to get your creative juices flowing can actually help you stimulate creativity in other areas of your life. And with Pilgrim Soul, each activity has information as to WHY the activity was included and how it stimulates the brain into getting creative.

What Types of Creative Exercises are in the Pilgrim Soul Journal?

The Pilgrim Soul creativity journal is broken into five sections: Imagination, Focus, Awareness, Reflection, and Perceptual Illusion. Each section has its own range of activities. Creative exercises range from poetry prompts to squiggle drawings. Review your junk mail, color a psychedelic page, or have a mind melt when counting the black dots. These pages are full of activities that get your mind to work or help shut it off so creativity can burst from your stoner brain and out into the world.

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