Guide to spliffs and how to roll a spliff

Guide to Spliffs and How to Roll a Spliff

There are many ways to enjoy your weed. The classic time-proven method of rolling weed in a joint or cigarette continues to be a popular choice to this day. For people looking to give their joints a little extra ‘oomph’, spliffs are a great way for trying something new. They are known for giving a nice head buzz from tobacco, along with cerebral or body effects from weed.

What is a Spliff

A spliff is a joint or cigarette that’s rolled with cannabis and tobacco. It’s very similar to a regular joint, just with added tobacco.

The nicotine is known to have a favorable effect coupled with the effects of the weed. Spliffs are great for those who are looking to make their weed last longer. Also, they are great for those who want to smoke a whole joint, but don’t want to smoke the amount of weed needed to fill it.

Spliff vs Joint: What’s the Difference 

There is one major difference between a joint and spliff that separates the two. The main difference is that a joint just has weed, whereas a spliff will have both weed and tobacco rolled in the paper.

Another huge difference between a joint and a spliff is taste. You will be able to taste the flavor of your weed better without tobacco. However, for those who enjoy the taste of tobacco, a spliff could offer an enjoyable flavor combination between the two.

The final difference between joints and spliffs is how much they cost to roll. Generally, a joint will cost more than a spliff because it just has weed. A spliff would cost less to roll since tobacco is cheaper than weed.

Do Spliffs Get you Higher?

Spliffs do not technically make you higher. Since there is less weed in them, you’re actually getting less of the marijuana-related high.

The reason some people feel like they get higher from a spliff is because they’re feeling the buzz from the nicotine in the tobacco, coupled with the high from the weed.

Even though you aren’t technically getting higher off of a spliff, it’s a nice mix up for a different effect than you may be used to with a joint.

How to Roll a Spliff

Don’t get nervous about rolling a spliff. It’s just like rolling a joint, just with a different name. Below you can find the steps and tips to roll a perfect spliff.

There is only one minor step added to the process, and its not even required. Another great way to learn is from a friend or by watching someone roll first.

Step 1: Grind weed and make crutch

Grinding your weed up for a spliff helps it burn evenly with the tobacco. Since tobacco is usually drier, ground up weed work best. Rolling up a piece of a business card or crutch paper will create a filter to stop pieces of weed and tobacco from going into your mouth when you inhale.

Step 2: Mix ground weed and tobacco (optional)

Mixing the tobacco and weed before you put them in the joint will help with producing an even burn when smoking your spliff. An even burn means a more pleasant smoking experience. Try mixing your tobacco and weed in your rolling tray before you start rolling.

Step 3: Put weed, tobacco and crutch in joint paper

Put your mix of weed and tobacco in the joint paper. Make sure to evenly distribute the amount of product across the length of the joint paper.

Step 4: Roll it

Now that you have your mix of weed and tobacco in the paper its time to roll.

Step 5: Light and enjoy

Now its time to bear the fruits of your labor. Light your spliff and kick back for a relaxing experience.

Best Tobacco for Spliffs

The best tobacco for spliffs is mostly subjective. It all comes down to personal taste and what you like.

American Spirits are highly recommended as they are made with all natural organic tobacco. It’s super easy to just twist the tobacco from the cigarette, but they also offer bags of tobacco which can be more convenient for some. Users often say the turquoise pack offers the most noticeable head buzz.

Final Thoughts

A spliff is a great way to mix up your regular joint. It can offer a bit of a different high due to the effect of the nicotine in the tobacco. While the experience can be quite enjoyable, please proceed with caution. Smoking tobacco is clearly linked to lung cancer and not recommended for your health. If you do enjoy a good spliff , enjoy one every once in a while. Your lung health is not worth a small head buzz.

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