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Do Your Parents Still Believe In Reefer Madness?

Cannabis is becoming a household topic these days. States across the nation are voting for cannabis legislation. The Farm Bill opened the door for legal products. But some people are still caught up in the reefer madness. 

Research and studies are published every week about to how cannabis affects our bodies. On top of that, the internet is bursting with stories and testimonials raving about cannabis success stories from various ailments. However, despite the emerging science and the stats, many people are still headstrong against any cannabis use or legalization.

“Just Say No” to Reefer

reefer madness poster

The “Reefer Madness” campaign of the 30’s was incredibly effective on the psyche of the American population.

For decades the tale of “the devil’s weed” was spun to tell of the dangers of smoking marijuana. Luckily for all of us, scientists and cannabis advocates are diligently working to expunge the reefer madness mentality and educate the world on how this plant can help our society.  

But let’s be honest… despite all the efforts, most of our parents out there still think of cannabis like this movie poster!

Stop the Madness

States that legalized marijuana

The tides are finally turning. 

33 States have legalized medical marijuana. Even some of the most conservative cultures and religions are beginning to approve of the medical use of cannabis.  

In 2018, the Mormon church announced their support for marijuana when used for medical purposes, and agreed to support Utah legislation for its legalization. This opened doors for new discussions about cannabis in many conservative homes.

How to Talk to Your Parents about Cannabis

Even with the marijuana movement in full swing, this doesn’t mean it will suddenly be easy to talk to your conservative family about cannabis.

It would be great if we all could just say, “Hey mom and dad, I smoke weed and it really helps me.” Unfortunately, sometimes it may not be this simple.

So if this is a sore subject with your family, but you want to address the cannabis topic, consider these questions:

  1. What medical purpose are you using marijuana to treat?
  2. Is this a new medical condition?
  3. Does your family know you have struggled/ are struggling with this aliment?
  4. Have you tried other medications, and have they helped?
  5. Does your family know you have tried other medications?

Thinking through these questions will help shape your difficult discussions.

When you are ready to talk to your family about your health journey, great way to begin is educating your conservative comrades on the various healing benefits of the cannabis plant.

It may seem crazy to you to start here. But the truth is, many people still don’t know the true effects of cannabis, especially those who are strongly opposed.

Once your loved ones have a better understanding of the health applications, you can ease into your personal story with cannabis use and the effect on your life.

How I Told My Mormon Family about Cannabis

Raised in a really conservative family, for 10 years I hid my cannabis use fearing how my family would react.  

After years of antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds that made me crazy, my family saw how these medications affected my life. The impact was almost as negatively as the illness they were trying to help.

I ditched all the pressed pills and have managed my mental stability with cannabis.  

Although my family knew I have been off medication and been living well, they still had no idea I was using medical marijuana. I hated sneaking off during the holidays and family visits to smoke. But, not wanting to see their disappointment, I couldn’t face telling my family.

Bye-Bye Reefer Madness

Once the LDS church said they supported medical marijuana use, my world began to shift. I began testing the waters to see what my parents thought of the church supporting weed. I started sharing stories of friends who are finding help with CBD and other cannabinoids.  

Through casual conversations, I began educating my family on the benefits of cannabis. Then I dropped the bomb to my mom.

Ya know…. I’ve had my medical card for years. Cannabis is how I was able to get off all those nasty antidepressants. And it is still how I manage my mental stability.”

I could see the knowledge registering and I braced myself for her disappointment. But to my surprise, it didn’t come. Instead, she decided to support whatever brought me relief.  

Then she got an inquisitive look on her face and I braced myself for whatever bomb she may be about to drop.  She began slowly – thinking it through…

Do you think CBD could help with your dad’s post knee surgery pain….? I hate that he has to take codeine all the time.”

Well mom, I am happy you asked, because yes CBD can help with pain!

It is a long journey talking to conservative loved ones about cannabis.  It is a journey worth the effort. Marijuana has the power to help and every conversation is one step closer to full country-wide legalization.

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