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Wynk Brand Profile: Get Ready to Kick Back & Unwind

Alcohol has long been the most common social lubricant, but cannabis companies are hell-bent on disrupting the market with THC-infused beverages. Unlike edibles, weed drinks offer a quick and smooth onset, with low dose options, so you can enjoy them socially without getting wasted. One brand, in particular, broke into the industry with a truly original launch, and they are seeing massive growth since its launch in 2021. Wynk produces a line of 1:1 sparkling seltzer containing equal amounts of THC and CBD for a balanced, light, and easily drinkable alcohol alternative. And they’re doing it without a production facility.

The Rise of THC Beverages

Although the overall beverage segment may seem small, it’s been growing 5% month over month in 2021 and 2022. According to the cannabis data tracker Headset, cannabis beverages sales hit $52.4 million in the second quarter of 2022. Yet, this number is not all-inclusive as Headset only captures sales data in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Michigan, Massachusetts, Arizona, and Illinois. 

Michigan is growing the fastest on this list, and Wynk is a huge part of this success. Wynk launched in Michigan in March 2022, and by June, they averaged over $75k in monthly sales, commanding 10% of the total beverage sales in the state. Pioneer data points to the same evidence, naming Wynk as a new leader in the cannabis beverage space.

Cannabis beverage sales are not slowing down, and projected growth anticipates $19,063.58 million by 2028. While many brands are hustling to obtain licensure state-by-state, the capital needed for expansion slows progress for many start-ups. Newcomers Wynk found a way around that hurdle and have expanded into ten states since their launch in 2021. They plan to bring their THC seltzers to as many medical and recreational states as possible in the next twelve months. So, how do they do it?

Take a Ride on the Wynk Wagon

Over 70% of the nation offers either a medical marijuana program or a combination of medical and adult-use recreational cannabis. Sixteen states allow the sale of THC beverages. With products in ten states already, Wynk is closing in on its goal of launching in as many states as possible. 

The path to cannabis licensing is expensive, and time-consuming, and many potential producers get delayed because of real estate issues, problems sourcing the right cannabis business partners, or they simply run out of money on the way. 

Instead of looking for production facilities in every state, Wynk brings the production with them. They bring an 18-wheeler “Wynk Wagon” onsite to produce their seltzers where it is sold. In short, they’re bringing the factory to the market. Then, they partner with distributors to bring their products to local dispensaries. Pretty brilliant, right? 

Well, the founders are pretty brilliant too. Casey Parzych, Angus Rittenburg, and Shawn Sheehan entered the cannabis industry after working at companies like SpaceX, Tesla, and XO Energy. Their collective experience and enthusiasm for cannabis led them to this ingenious way to launch a cannabis brand. 

Wynk Sparkling Seltzers

Wynk created their THC seltzers to promote wellness through social connection. Why not give up the hangover, dehydration, and crazy calories in alcohol? Wynk offers a lightly dosed seltzer containing equal amounts of THC and CBD for a perfectly balanced buzz. It’s a great way to take the edge off and unwind without feeling too intoxicated. There are two dosage options, each containing zero calories and sugar. 

The lowest dose contains 2.5 mg each of THC and CBD in an eight-ounce can. Medical patients have the option of a 5 mg THC:CBD dosage in applicable states. Try them out in three flavors: Lime Twist, Black Cherry Fizz, and Juicy Mango. Curious about how much you should drink? When comparing cannabis drinks to alcohol, one can of 2.5 mg Wynk equals one light beer. If you normally drink 1-3 light beers in a session, you might try the same amount of Wynk. 

Keep in mind that THC beverages do in fact have psychoactive effects, so it’s wise to go slow and start low. To make THC drinkable, it goes through a special process called nanoemulsion. This ensures a fully homogenized product so that every sip contains equal amounts of THC and CBD. After drinking a can, you will feel effects within 20 minutes compared to edibles which can take up to two hours to kick in. 

This is the big appeal with weed drinks. They come on quickly, but the onset is super smooth. So, within a half hour you’ll know if you want to crack another can or just kick back and enjoy just a Wynk. If you’d like to spice things up, or take it even slower, use a can of Wynk to make a THC mocktail

Start Sipp’n 

Wynk recently celebrated making their one millionth can of seltzer. An impressive statistic after less than two years in business. If you’re ready to join the masses and hop on the Wynk wagon, head to their website and check out their store locator. There are plenty of dispensary partners across the country, and many of them offer delivery services so you can get your Wynk dropped right at your doorstep. 

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