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Guide to Edible Dosage: How Much to Eat of a THC Treat

Unsure how much of a THC treat to eat? Read here to learn edible dosage so you can enjoy your cannabis edible to the fullest.

So you want to try edibles, huh? There are some things you’ll want to consider before you start, the most important being the edible dosage. With all the horror stories surrounding edibles, they may seem intimidating. But, as long as you take the right amount, there’s no reason you won’t be able to experience the blissful high you’re seeking.

Dosage isn’t the only thing you’ll want to consider, though. Before buying edibles, think about what marijuana strain you prefer, where you’re buying them from, and the effect you want. Let’s get into how you’ll figure that out.   

Edibles Overview

First off, figure out what kind of tasty treat you’d like to eat; edibles don’t just come in brownies anymore. You can get them in any snack from gummies to popcorn and then some, so shop around and see what sounds good. From there, you can figure out your dose. This can be tricky because there are a few things that come into play.

In addition, cannabis consumers should consider their previous consumption because frequency will be a factor in tolerance levels.  If you’re a heavy cannabis smoker, you’ll probably have a tolerance built up that’ll apply to edibles as well, so you’ll need a higher dose to feel something. On the contrary, if you are a new cannabis consumer, you should start out with half of the serving size.  

General Effects of Edible Dosage

There are general ranges of dosage levels and their effects, but again, the effects you feel are based on many things. The same dosage won’t have the same impact on everyone who takes it. That said, we’ve included an edible dosage chart, measured in milligrams of THC (which we’ll talk more about later) with the average effects that they have. 


A microdose is 2.5-10mg, and it’s a good place to start. Some experienced cannabis consumers will microdose to aid relaxation without really getting high. But a microdose will probably be enough to get you high for your first time.      

Mild Dose

A mild dose falls within 11-20mg. If you’re inexperienced with weed, but you have other factors that’ll increase your tolerance, this could be the right starting point for you. Most people taking this dose will be kind of high but still perfectly functional. 

Moderate Dose 

A moderate dose is considered 21-30mg. This is what most people take when they want to consume edibles, as it provides a nice high without being “too” much.

Large Dose

A large dose is around 31-50mg, or 50-100mg, depending on the other tolerance factors. This will give most people a pretty serious high. But if you’re experienced enough, it shouldn’t be anything too intense.

Mega Dose

A mega dose, on the other hand, will be intense for most people. This is anything over 100mg. This isn’t to say that this dose is too much, but it should only be taken by avid stoners, and even they will want to buckle up for a blast-off.

Tips to Eating Edibles

Keep those edible dosages in mind, along with a few more pieces of advice we have for you to consider once you’re ready to eat your edibles. 

Worth the Wait

Overdid It?

If you end up feeling the edibles hit a little too hard, don’t worry; it happens to the best of us. Just try to stay calm and drink some water. It can be easy to let your mind play tricks on you, and you may start to feel like a real catastrophe is taking place, but keep reminding yourself that you’re high and it will pass in time. If you can do so safely, get to a place where you can lie down and go to sleep to make it much easier waiting out the experience.  

Tips to Buying Edibles

Choosing your edible dosage can feel overwhelming with all of the different aspects to consider. But we’re here to guide you on what to look for, whether you’re buying edibles online or in person.

Know What You’re Buying

Always look over the ingredients, especially if you have any allergies, so you can be mindful of what you’re putting in your body. Also, check the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to cannabidiol (CBD) ratio, which varies for different needs. The higher the THC, the higher you will get. This is because THC has psychoactive properties while CBD does not. Higher levels of CBD are preferred by people looking for health benefits, as CBD helps with several things, like pain relief and seizures. 

It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to understand the difference in effects between CBD vs. THC. Furthermore, cannabinol (CBN) also helps with several things and has minimal psychoactive properties. The most common use of CBN is a sleep aid, but these benefits have not been researched as much as the benefits of CBD or CBD gummies.

Look for Quality

What’s in Your Edible?

Now for the fun part. Once you decide what you want your edible to do for you, you’ll have a variety of flavors to choose from. If you’re going for gummies, you’ll find that the flavors closely align with the flavors of fruit candy, and they’re usually flavored with real fruit.

You can also look for sugar-free options if you’re into that. Sugar-free edibles are typically easier to find if you’re looking for something like tea or chips rather than candy, but since edibles come in almost every form that food comes in, finding sugar-free candy edibles is certainly possible. 

Final Thoughts

Taking edibles for the first time can feel intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Once you figure out what edible dosage is right for you and what kind of snacks you prefer, you’ll be able to thoroughly enjoy the high that they have to offer. Until then, be careful not to take too much, and make sure you’re buying from a reliable source with your preferences already in mind. Be safe and enjoy! 

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