How to hide the smell of weed

How to Hide the Smell of Weed

Smoking weed should be carefree, but it’s hard to enjoy smoking if you’re worried about stinking up your house or reeking of weed yourself. Weed smell is something that many people can identify, and you probably don’t want everyone in your vicinity to know that you just smoked. Luckily, there are ways to smoke weed without smell or get rid of weed smell after smoking.

What is the Smell of Weed?

So we know weed smells strong, but what does weed smell like, exactly? Cannabis flower has an earthy and sometimes floral smell depending on the strain. When smoked, weed typically has a musty odor; that is the smell of weed that’s relatively easy to identify for most people. 

Does Weed Smell Like a Skunk?

The smell of weed smoke is often comparable to the smell of skunk. In fact, the smell of weed is so similar to that of a skunk that it’s sometimes a little challenging to tell the difference for a minute, but they are not the exact same scent. Weed smell has more of an earthy scent than the altogether stinky smell of skunk. 

Do Weed Vapes Smell?

They do, but not as strong as flower smoke. Vape weed smell is very slight, and it does not stick to you anywhere near as easily as cannabis smoke. It does still have the smell of weed, though, so still use some caution when smoking. 

Can CBD Smell Like Weed?

If the CBD is in a cannabis plant, then yes, that CBD can smell like weed, at least somewhat. But, sometimes CBD is so processed that it will not smell like weed anymore.

Do Growing Weed Plants Smell?

They sure do. Weed plants smell just as strong as processed flower that is ready to be smoked. If you have growing weed plants in your home, you should be careful what room you keep them in, as the area around it will probably have a weed smell.

How Long Does a Weed Smell Last?

If you don’t do anything to get rid of the smell, then the weed smell can stay in the air for a few hours and stick to surfaces for weeks. But, how long weed smell can linger depends on how much you smoke and how frequently. 

Recommendations to Hide or Get Rid of the Smell of Weed

Getting rid of weed smell depends on how you smoked the weed and where, but there are always things you can do to try and hide the smell of weed or get rid of it completely.

How to Get Weed Smell Out of the Car

When you want to get rid of the weed smell in your car, the first thing you should try is the most simple option; a car air freshener. But suppose the scent is really embedded in your car’s interior. In that case, you may want to try leaving an open container of baking soda in your vehicle overnight to neutralize the odor.

How to Hide Weed Smell in Your House or Room

Much like cars, your first step to hide weed smell in your house or room can be a simple air freshener. If that doesn’t work, you might find better results with a candle or incense. Ensure to wash as many surfaces as possible (sheets, blankets, etc.) and spray room sprays directly on the surfaces that can’t be washed. 

How to Smoke Weed Without Smell

The best way to smoke weed without stinking up yourself and your surroundings is to use a smoke-trapping device. You can buy them online or make the DIY version using an empty toilet paper or paper towel roll, dryer sheets, and a rubber band. Secure the dryer sheet over one end of the roll using the rubber band, then shove a few more in there for good measure, and blow your smoke directly into the open end.

How to Get Rid of Weed Smell on Your Clothes 

The best way to get rid of the weed smell on your clothes is to wash them; you can even toss some white wine vinegar in with your laundry detergent for exceptionally potent odor. But if you need to get rid of weed smell on clothes quickly, you can mask the scent by spraying your clothes with room spray or perfume/cologne.

How to Get Rid of Weed Smell on Your Body and Hair

The best option here is to take a shower and wash your hair. But, you may be able to get rid of the weed smell in your hair with some intensely scented hair products. If you need something to deodorize yourself on the spot, go with a stronger scent than perfume, like room spray or essential oils; and don’t forget to pop some gum or rinse with mouthwash for your breath.

Does Burning Incense Cover the Smell of Weed?

In most cases, incense covers the smell of weed quite well. For the best results, you should burn the incense while smoking to keep the smell from taking hold in the first place. As long as the weed smell isn’t too strong, incense lit after a smoke sesh should still be effective enough.

Do Burning Candles Hide the Smell of Weed?

Candles usually help a good amount in hiding the smell of weed; like incense, you’ll want to have the candle lit during your smoke sesh to keep the smell from sticking. Just make sure to pick a scent that’ll mask the smell of weed rather than contrast it. 

How to Store Your Weed So it Won’t Smell 

There are a few different ways to store your weed so it won’t smell. There are smell-proof weed bags that you can buy, but those can be a little pricey. You can also store your stash in a drawer or bag with special deodorizers or with a couple of dryer sheets. Regular Mason jars are pretty smell-proof as well.

Final Thoughts

The smell of weed is not something you want lingering in your personal spaces or on your person, especially if you have somewhere to go where that would not be well received. Sometimes the idea of smelling like weed is enough to keep someone from smoking when they would like to. But, there are many ways to hide and get rid of the smell of weed, so you don’t need to worry!

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