Guide to Kief: Easy Ways to Collect and Use Kief

Guide to Kief: Easy Ways to Collect and Use Kief

Cannabis is an amazing plant and its flowers can be used and consumed in a variety of ways. Kief is a great example of how weed can provide in a variety of different ways. It’s great for topping bowls or mixing in joints and blunts to add an extra bit of potency.

What is Kief? 

Kief is a byproduct of cannabis flowers. It’s the resinous trichomes that fall off the cannabis flowers. These trichomes can be collected in a grinder that has a screen or grate that allows the small trichomes to fall through into a separate container from regular ground weed.

Kief as a byproduct of cannabis flowers is more potent than the flowers themselves. The trichomes that fall off of the flowers is riddled with THC and is sure to bring any bowl, joint, or blunt to the next level.

Are Kief and Hash the Same Thing?

Kief and hash technically are not the same thing. Hash is the result of pressing and warming up the kief until it becomes the dense material known as hash. While they aren’t the same thing, they are basically different states of the same substance.

Why is Kief Potent?

Trichomes that fall off of cannabis flowers are mostly composed of THC molecules. Kief is the trichomes that fall off of cannabis flowers, a potent gift from your ganja, and can be up to 70% THC depending on the strain and method of collection.

How Much Does Kief Cost?

Kief can range in price. It really depends on where you are and who you get it from. A common price is $20 -$25 per gram. However, this price can vary from state to state and seller to seller.

However, with the right grinder you can collect your own kief from the cannabis flowers you buy normally.

How to Collect Kief from Your Weed

There are a few ways to collect kief from your weed. The most convenient and efficient way is by using a grinder with a kief catcher that allows the trichomes to fall into a grate in a separate section at the bottom of the grinder.

Another way is to use micron grate screens. Here you want to move your flowers over the grate and allow the trichomes to fall into a container underneath. This concept is similar to a kief box.

What is the Best Grinder for Kief?

The best grinder for kief really boils down to personal preference. I have been using the same Santa Cruz shredder for over 5 years and I love the way it grinds my weed and collects my kief. I can highly recommend any Santa Cruz shredder grinder with a kief catch, they are great quality and hold up well.

What is a Kief Box and How Does it Work?

A kief box is a very simple concept. Its usually a wood box with a metal screen where you store your weed. Then the trichomes will naturally fall off, or you can give the box a good shake to help speed up the process.

Easy Steps on How to Smoke Kief

Kief is great because it’s a great addition to the flowers you’re smoking. It is a sure way to add to the potency of anything, and can be done so very easily.

On a Bowl

Use a coin, guitar pick, or the tool your grinder may have came with to scoop up some kief. Once you have a desired amount, sprinkle it over the top of your packed bowl for extra potency. Another even more potent way is layering the kief with your ground up weed in the bowl for a truly amazing experience.

In a Joint or Blunt

It seems like kief was made for joints and blunts. It can easily be scooped up and sprinkled on the inside of a joint for added potency. If you’re feeling experimental and you have some cannabis concentrate, you can melt the wax on the outside of a joint or blunt and sprinkle the kief around the outside of the roll.

With Tobacco

For all you chop smokers out there, kief is great to sprinkle on top of an American Spirit for a head rush like no other. Try not to do this too frequently as it can be highly addictive and horrible for your lungs.

How to Make Hash from Kief at Home

Hash can be made by applying heat and pressure to your kief. With the right tools it can be made at home for you to enjoy.

Using a Kief Press

Using a kief press is essential when making hash. You place the kief into a cylindrical container and screw down the press. This will press the it into a coin shape. Apply some heat to the outside of the press and you have hash.

Using a Hair Straightener

Another way to make hash from kief is to use a hair straightener. Use a kief press to press it into a tight coin shape. Then place the kief in between two piece or a folded piece of parchment paper and press with a hair straightener.

Making Kief Butter: Top Tips

Using kief is a great way to make some knock-your-socks-off cannabis butter. Its potency allows any edibles you make to have a higher THC content than butter made from just cannabis flowers.

How much Kief Should you Use?

The amount of kief you use really depends on how potent you want the butter to be. A good starting point is 1 to 4 grams of kief per half pound of butter.

How Long do you Decarb Kief?

You will want to decarb your kief in a 300 degree oven for 7 minutes to activate the THC.

Final Thoughts

Kief is a great addition to any smokers regimen. It can spice up any joint, blunt, or bowl making for a potent sesh with your friends. Its a great byproduct that comes naturally from your cannabis flowers and should be enjoyed by everyone. Don’t miss out start collecting your kief! 

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