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How to Smoke Live Resin: The Consumption Methods

Similar to cannabis flower or bud, there are various methods to smoking cannabis live resin concentrates. Read to learn more.

More and more people are turning to the consumption of cannabis products as the popularity continues to soar on the back of legalization. Those who are new to cannabis consumption may have some questions that need to be answered, like how to smoke live resin and what are the best live resin brands?

Concentrates, such as live resin, derived from cannabis flowers – or weed – is relatively new for most people who are beginning to dabble in consumption. The different ways of how to smoke live resin aren’t all that complex once a person knows what to do and how to do it. Once someone has a proper understanding of each process they’ll be able to decide which method is best for them and their consumption needs. 

What is Live Resin?

Live resin is a type of cannabis extract that is achieved through a specific process that is intended to preserve the naturally-derived terpenes found within a marijuana strain. Other processes that involve the use of cured cannabis have lost a significant amount of these terpenes that add to the plant’s flavor and scent profile.

Flash freezing freshly harvested cannabis flowers allow for the live resin extraction process to preserve the terpenes found within the buds. This creates a more flavorful cannabis concentrate that can be consumed in a few different ways. 

The extraction process used to create live resin can vary slightly between brands. This is why cannabis consumers can find different consistencies of live resin at their local dispensary. The differences in this extraction method lead to living resins that have a saucy, sugary/crystalline, budder, or badder like consistency.

Flash freezing freshly harvested cannabis flowers allow for the live resin extraction process to preserve the terpenes found within the buds. This creates a more flavorful cannabis concentrate that can be consumed in a few different ways. One cannabis brand selling some of the best live resin products on the market is BLOOM Brands.

What is Live Resin ‘Sauce’

Live resin sauce as the name suggests has a much more sauce-like consistency. The sauce tends to have a higher terpene content and lower THC content than sugared live resin or diamonds. Some extractors choose to mix diamonds and sauce, for this reason, creating the best of both worlds.

Live resin sauce is a great way to really taste the terpene profile of a particular cannabis strain. This type of concentrate consistency is best dabbed with a dab tool that has a spoon or spatula-shaped tip. 

What is Live Resin ‘Crystals’

Live resin crystals or diamonds are in a crystalline form and often have the highest THC content amongst the different types of live resin extracts. Diamonds are great for those who want a high potency in their concentrates.

However, live resin diamonds often lack terpene content due to their high levels of THC. Mixing diamonds with sauce or naturally derived cannabis terpenes is a great way to put the flavor back into the potency. This type of live resin is best dabbed with a spool-shaped dab tool or a jewelers tool used to grab diamonds. 

What is Live Resin ‘Budder’ 

Live resin budder has a buttery consistency and is one of the easiest forms of live resin to handle. Its consistency allows it to stick to a bowl, dab tool, or vape pen atomizer very well. One of BLOOM Brand’s best-selling products is their Drop, offering 800mg of BLOOM’s activated cannabis oil in a sleek, glass syringe.

Live budder has both a high level of THC content and does a great job retaining as much of the naturally-derived cannabis terpenes as possible. While the THC levels aren’t as high as some diamonds might be, live resin budders are the perfect balance of potency and flavor.

Why Choose Live Resin?

There are a number of reasons to choose live resin as your go-to for cannabis extracts. The first and arguably most convincing reason would be the process’ ability to preserve the naturally-derived terpenes from the flower that was used to create a concentrate. Flash freezing the plants immediately after harvest performs a crucial role in retaining as much terpene as possible in the plant before the extraction process begins.

Over half of a cannabis plant’s terpene content is lost due to the curing of the buds. Then, the extraction process itself takes even more terpenes out of the final product. Freezing the buds before extracting concentrate from them prevents unnecessary loss of naturally derived cannabis terpenes that give live resin extracts their amazingly intense flavor profiles. 

Another attribute that draws cannabis extract consumers to live resin is the price point and availability. Recreational and medical dispensaries usually have more inventory of live resin when compared to a more expensive solventless option like rosin. Live resin can range from $20 a gram to upwards of $60 depending on your area.

The increase of its popularity has driven the price down in California especially where super fire live resin can be purchased for $25 to $50 a gram. Consumers really enjoy the bang for their buck they get with a reputable live resin brand. Live resin tastes, smokes, and dabs like it cost much more than it really does. 

The final big reason that people gravitate towards live resin when looking to make a cannabis extract purchase is its potency. Live resin is a highly concentrated cannabis extract that is more often than not loaded with enough THC to satisfy even the most seasoned dabbers.

With its high level of THC, live resin is able to get the job done more efficiently for consumers looking to get a nice buzz. Most live resin ranges from around 70% THC to the high eighties. However, live resin diamonds can test above 90% THC offering consumers a truly potent consumption experience. 

Different  Ways to Smoke Live Resin

There are a few different ways to smoke live resin that consumers can choose which would work best for their needs. Most commonly live resin is dabbed through a quartz banger and dab rig. However, it can also be vaped in a dab pen, mixed cannabis flower on top of a bowl, or placed inside of a joint for added potency. 

Dab it!

This is the most commonly used method for consuming live resin, and also the most effective. While this is the most effective method for consuming live resin, it can take some practice and get used to. In order to dab your live resin you need a few basic things to get you started: a dab rig, a quartz banger, a carb cap, a dab tool, and a butane torch. Once you’ve accumulated these essentials to dabbing you can begin the process. 

First with your dab rig filled with water and your quartz banger in its joint begin to heat the banger with your butane torch. If you don’t have an infrared thermometer or other dab temperature reader it is best to time this with your stopwatch. Start with a 30-second heat-up and adjust from there if needed.

Once heated, reset and start your stopwatch again. If you are using a good quality quartz banger start by waiting twice the amount of time you heated your banger for before you take your dab. Place the dab tool with the live resin on the metal or glass end into the cooled banger, place the carb cap on top of the banger, and inhale to take your dab. Adjust from there if you think it was too hot or too cold by waiting more or less time. Make sure to clean any remaining residue with a Q-tip for a better experience the next time you heat up a dab!

Vape it!

Vaping live resin can be extremely convenient for some consumers. Cannabis dispensaries sell pre-filled gram or half gram cartridges of live resin. These cartridges are commonly screwed into a pen-like battery that powers the vaporization process of the live resin. Live resin cartridges like these are great for those who are seeking convenience and accessibility. 

Another very similar method to vape live resin could be with a reusable dab pen. Dab pens have a chamber where the consumer can load their own cannabis concentrates for vaporization. These are nice because it allows the consumer to switch around what strains they are vaporizing more frequently. It also has the benefit of allowing someone to pick exactly what kind of live resin they want to vaporize. 

Smoke it!

This final commonly used method for consuming live resin is probably easiest for those that are already familiar with smoking cannabis flowers. Placing live resin on top of a bowl, in a joint, or in a blunt can take your buds to new heights.

Adding a flavorful cannabis extract like your favorite live resin to some flower is a great and easy way to enhance your smoking experience. Whether you are rolling it in a joint or smoking it on top of a bowl, try spicing up your flower with some potent live resin the next time you enjoy a toke. 

How to Know Which Method is Best For You?

Knowing which consumption method is best for you all comes down to a few things. If convenience isn’t your main priority, definitely dab your live resin. Dabbing live resin is the best way to get the most out of your extracts in all categories: cost-effectiveness, flavor, potency, efficacy.

If you value convenience over cost, vape your live resin in either a prefilled cartridge or a fillable dab pen. Smoking your live resin on top of a bowl is best if you mainly smoke cannabis flower and are looking to mix up your normal routine. Understanding the proper live resin storage methods is just as important as finding the right concentrate.

Final Thoughts

No matter what method you choose to consume your live resin you will not be disappointed with what it brings to your cannabis consumption. Live resin is a flavor and potent cannabis extract that can be enjoyed by many. The variety of methods in which it can be consumed makes it a perfect product for both the experienced cannabis consumer and those who are trying cannabis for their first time. 

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