how to roll a backwoods blunt

How to Roll Backwoods Blunts with the Best Wraps

There are countless options out there for people who like to roll their weed in some form of wrap and smoke it. Backwoods are one in particular that many like to roll up and smoke with a group of friends. They are especially popular for those looking for more of a tobacco experience that traditional blunts. So, if you’re ready to learn how to roll backwoods blunts, read on.

What are Backwoods?

Backwoods are a tobacco leaf that is rolled around tobacco shreds. These blunts are a type of tobacco wrap that can be unrolled, gutted and filled with weed. They are great for rolling larger blunts for larger groups of people.

Learning how to roll backwoods can be harder than your average blunt. However, when rolled properly they smoke like a cigar.

What are Backwoods made of?

Backwoods are made from all natural tobacco leaves. They are then flavored with a variety of mild and smooth variants. The Backwoods brand touts their all natural non-homogenized ingredients when marketing their cigarillos.

Where do Backwood Leaves Come From?

Backwoods are rolled in the Dominican using the Connecticut Broadleaf as the outside wrap. They are sold in smoke shops and gas stations across the country.

Do Backwoods Get You Higher?

Backwoods can get you higher than other blunts or joints. This is mainly because these blunts require more cannabis to fill and be rolled properly. You may also feel a slight buzz from the tobacco leaf making it seem you are higher than you really are right after smoking.

What do Backwoods Smell Like?

Backwoods smell mostly like a cigar or cigarillo, and you can smell the added flavorings. Common flavors are honey berry, honey, sweet aromatic, and original. When smoked they smell like tobacco and their added flavoring. However, if you fill a wood with cannabis you will also smell that.

How to Roll Backwoods Blunts

You are a mere five steps aways from knowing how to roll backwoods!

Step 1: Unravel

Look for the edge of the leaf on your backwood. Follow that edge to one of the ends of the wrap and unravel from there. This will help you unravel your back wood cleaner. Once you have unraveled your leaf, carefully take out the tobacco guts that are found inside the rolled up leaf.

Step 2: Grind Weed

Break down your weed by hand to prepare to fill the leaf. Use your hands to provide a more even burn and set yourself up for an easier roll. This is certainly the easiest step in how to roll backwoods.

Step 3: Fill

Backwood leaves come in different shapes. Look for the center of your unrolled leaf and lay down a line of ground weed alone the center.

Step 4: Tuck and Roll

Hold the filled backwood leaf between you index/middle fingers and thumb. Gently start to press down on the edge closest to yourself to create the tuck. Once you have that front edge tucked properly begin to roll it up.

Step 5: Seal and Smoke

Once you have your backwood almost rolled all the way up lick the leftover edge and fold over the top to create a seal. Use a lighter to help dry up the excess moisture and complete the seal. Then, light and enjoy!

Is it Hard to Learn How to Roll Backwoods

Backwoods are more difficult to roll than traditional joints or blunts. However anything can be tough to learn at first. Practice makes perfect, and that doesn’t hold any less truth in the situation either. Sit down with a few packs of woods and some weed and try until you get it. Soon, you’ll know how to roll backwoods like a pro.

Can you Split a Backwood like a Swisher?

Backwoods are quite a bit different than a Swisher. One major difference is how you gut them. A Swisher would be split along a seam and then stripped of its inner tobacco, but a backwood is unrolled/unraveled to empty the tobacco in the middle.

Never try to split a wood like a swisher, always unroll it from the seam.

How do you Seal a Backwoods Blunt?

Sealing a backwood is pretty much like sealing a Swisher, but it is a little more challenging. All you do is add some moisture to the top and fold it over the rolled edge. Apply pressure to the newly created seam in order for the edges  to stick to each other. This will help to make sure your backwoods blunts stay sealed.

how to roll backwoods

How do you Make a Backwoods Burn Slower?

There are a few ways to ensure that your backwoods blunts burn even and slow. The best way to ensure a slow burn is to make sure you roll the blunt nice and tight. A tighter roll cause the cherry to travel down the rolled cannabis faster. Since the weed is more densely rolled it takes longer to burn through.

Another way to slow down the burn of any roll is to add concentrate as evenly as possible throughout. Concentrate vaporizes at a much higher temperature than cannabis and this can help to slow down the burn on your backwoods.

How to Choose Backwoods Wraps

When purchasing your backwood blunt wraps there are a couple things you should take into consideration and try to look out for. First thing and most importantly is are they fresh. You want to find the freshest pack possible to help you roll a better wood. Second, you’ll want to avoid packs where you can feel an obvious stem running through the cigar. Stems make it much harder to roll if there is one running through your leaf.

Finding the Best Pre-Rolled Backwoods

If you are just aren’t that interested in learning how to roll backwoods – no judgment! Find one that’s ready to light. The best pre-rolled backwoods aren’t too hard to find. Quality ingredients are the first thing to look for when purchasing a pre-roll. Top shelf cannabis is the most important ingredient in a pre-roll. For an added bonus, look for pre-rolls with cannabis concentrates in them as well. These pre-rolls pack a punch. 

Most Common Backwoods Flavors

Backwoods come in a variety of flavors like most blunt wraps. However, some flavors are easier to find than others.

The most common flavors are honey berry, sweet aromatic, wild n’ mild, and honey bourbon.

Another great flavor you’ll definitely want to buy when you find it is the Russian cream. This is a very smooth flavor and offers a pleasant smoke.

Backwoods Price Points

Backwoods come in different sized packs. You can buy one by itself, a pack of 5, or a box that has 8 packs of 5 in it.

These go up in price the more you get, but you end up saving money the more you buy. If you know you’re going to use them, consider buying a box.

Single Backwoods

A single pack is very inexpensive. In most states you can find them for under 2 dollars. However, depending on your state taxes you could find them for under a dollar.

Pack of Backwoods

For a pack of containing 5 cigars the price does go up but you get a better deal per cigar. For the pack it can cost anywhere from 5-7 dollars depending on your state.

Box of Backwoods

A box of that contains 40 total cigars will set you back more initially in price. It is the best deal per unit at 37 to 40 bucks a box.

Final Thoughts

Backwoods are a great way to enjoy your weed because they allow you to roll larger quantities than a normal cigarillo and are great for smoking with a larger group of friends. While they aren’t the easiest roll to master, when smoking weed, practice makes perfect. Once you learn how to roll backwoods you’ll have another great way to smoke your trees.

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