The sophistication of blown glass reached new heights over the last decade as dabbing has become a cannabis connoisseur’s high of choice. Extract fans love luxury in their glassware, and incycler dab rigs are one of those finer things in life. Read on to explore our insider’s guide to incyclers and find out how they work, and why you should have one in your collection.

What Is an Incycler?

If you’ve never heard of an incycler dab rig, don’t worry. It’s not a commonly used term, but if you like dabs you’ll want to get familiar with this type of glass. Incycler is short for “internal recycler”. It’s a water bong of premium quality and often the top choice among dabbers. The primary appeal is that the intricate design keeps water constantly moving, never letting the smoke get stale. 

Incyclers are often confused with recyclers, but they don’t function in the same way. A recycler dab rig has two chambers that work like an incycler to continuously pull vapor from one chamber to the other. There are plenty of percolator options for recyclers, and they offer smooth, cool hits just like the incycler. 

The main difference between them is that the incycler dab rig has a two-chamber system where the second chamber is housed inside the first chamber as opposed to next to it. They hit about the same, but the incycler has a more compact, intricate design. 

The vapor created from hitting an incycler is pulled into the main percolator and is diffused into the main chamber of the rig. Then, both water and vapor are drawn into the second internal chamber. This portion of the glass is incredibly intricate and has a few perfectly positioned intake holes, slits, or openings. 

The intakes are designed to engage and maximize a vortex function, allowing the vapor to effortlessly move through the chambers, up to the mouthpiece and into your lungs long before the smoke has gotten stale. The entire time you’re inhaling, water is continually draining through the secondary internal chamber, and recirculating back into the main chamber. Finally, it’s propelled upwards from the power of the percolators. 

Incycler Dab Rig Designs

Incyclers were originally made popular by super famous Mothership Glass, with their Torus and Klein designs. The third main style of dab rig is the Faberge Egg incycler. The ultimate combination of all three is the FTK incycler. An FTK incycler is a combination of Faberge-Torus-Klein and features the best of all incycler functions. Here’s what makes each of them special.

Klein Incycler

The Klein incycler combines internal chambers found in the classic incycler, with external tubes more closely resembling a recycler. The purpose is to ensure that the continually draining doesn’t counteract the efforts of the percolator, which can make it hard to take big hits.

Torus Incycler

A Torus incycler moves water continuously through while still replenishing the main reservoir. This is like a bubbling wellspring of activity. The vapor travels down the front of the incycler into the main chamber, which is a disc with several holes in it. These discs have up to 18 holes that diffuse the vapor. 

The discs are often called “seed of life” percolators. The water moves through the internal section of the incycler into two streams, moving into the “torus” section. This spinning vortex then drains back down into the middle, continuously moving water and vapor with every inhale. 

Faberge Egg Incycler

The design is really what sets apart the Fab Egg from the rest. They often have chambers within chambers, but the standard rule of thumb is that all Fab Egg incyclers have at least one percolator and one chamber for recycling. The recycler keeps water and vapor moving continuously in a circle for exceptional filtration. 

The percs are Swiss-style with large holes that offer the best diffusion. Together, the Swiss percolator and the built-in recycler offer incredibly satisfying hits. 

Benefits of an Incycler Dab Rig

It’s easy to see why incycler dab rigs reign supreme among concentrate fans. Every detail is perfectly designed for a very specific function. For example, the second chamber acts like a splash guard, preventing you from inhaling a gulp of water on even the biggest hits. Multiple chambers means double duty on filtration, and the high-tech percolators work overtime to ensure you get the cleanest dab possible with every inhale. 

There is a constant flow of motion as the water and vapor move through an incycler, and you’d be hard-pressed to experience a smoother, more flavorful dab from any other type of rig. Not to mention, the compact and sturdy design means your incycler is built to last. 

Why Choose an Incycler Rig

The functionality is so well thought out, and the artwork itself is a thing of beauty. It takes a highly skilled glass blower to create chambers within chambers and stack percolators alongside. Every dab enthusiast deserves to have an incycler in their dab rig collection. Don’t sleep on this style, and find your next piece today.

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