Why CBD Gummies are Your New Favorite Snack Food

Why CBD Gummies are Your New Favorite Snack Food

Edibles have been a long-time favorite for cannabis consumers.  So it is no wonder CBD companies are jumping on this popular consumption method.  CBD edibles can be made in pretty much any food from brownies to burgers.  However, it is gummies that CBD consumers are stocking in their cupboards, right next to their adult multi-vitamin (also in gummy form).

What are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are a candy, like a gummy bear, that is infused with CBD or cannabidiol.

Are CBD Gummies Legal?

The laws surrounding cannabis are tricky at best.  To date, CBD with 0-.3% THC is federally legal in all 50 states.  Thirty-three states have medical marijuana legislation and fourteen states have CBD explicit laws.  Additionally, the FDA has yet to officially approve any CBD food products.  However, with CBD legally available to be shipped in all 50 states, consumers aren’t waiting for the FDA to thumbs up CBD gummies.

CBD Gummy Bears: The New Wave in Snack Food

With 100 unread emails and texts needing responses, who remembers what day it is let alone if they remembered to take their vitamins that morning?!  Sound familiar?  A contributing reason CBD gummies are so popular is their ease.  Pre-measured serving size per treat makes dosing a breeze.  Plus, their delicious taste makes them easy to remember to take.

What to Expect

There are many CBD gummies on the market.  Different gummies will have different milligrams of cannabidiol as well as various amounts of THC.  Some gummies are isolate with no THC whereas others could be a 1:1 ration or even higher with THC and other cannabinoids.  Each gummy may effect you differently so tracking how you feel as you are testing the market to find your favorite gummy is important.

Generally people find the cannabidiol treats to have a calming effect.  Many consumers say they don’t “feel” anything after taking a gummy.  However, they find they are less irritable, anxious/stressed, or in less pain.  We don’t advocate for brands that make outrages claims for the effects of CBD.  A daily dose of CBD in a delicious gummy won’t cure chronic pain; it will help fight inflammation.  So you might not go from immobile to turning cartwheels with your kids.  But you could take the edge off to make play time less painful.

Do CBD Gummies Get You High?

CBD on its own does not have psychoactive effects. As a direct result, CBD will not get you high.  Not all gummies are just CBD so it is important to read product labels.  Many products on the market are full spectrum which means they contain some amount of THC.  A gummy with a low CBD high THC ratio would get you a little high.  However, CBD can negate the psychoactive effects of THC so the “high” feeling will not be as intense or last as long.

What are the Different CBD Gummies Benefits?

Easy Dosing

Gummies are pre-measured with a specific amount of CBD making it easy for those just beginning to experienced consumers to take a precise dose.

Fast Acting

As you chew the gummy youo are breaking down the compounds which allows for the CBD to be absorbed orally and enter your bloodstream quickly.

Great Tasting

Who wouldn’t want to eat a delicious gummy bear and know they were doing something good for their health. Plus with a sweet treat to look forward to, you’ll actually remember to take your CBD.

Which One is Right for You?

Unlike a regular gummy treat, you don’t want to just grab whatever 7-11 has available on a Saturday night.  Researching your CBD products is very important.  Be sure to find companies that offer gummies with high quality CBD.  Look at the company website to see their lab results.

Determining what CBD dosage you want will also help you find which gummy to take since they come in a wide range of milligrams per treat.

Additionally, to find the best CBD gummies for you, decide what type of CBD you want.  Are you looking for  isolate or full spectrum or broad spectrum.  Isolate is just pure CBD – no THC and no other cannabinoids.  Full spectrum is all cannabinoids including CBD and THC.  Broad spectrum is all the cannabinoids including CBD but extracts out the THC.

Enjoy the delicious journey of finding your favorite CBD gummy – your endocannabinoid system and taste buds will thank you!

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