CBD Edibles The Tastiest Ways to Consume

CBD Edibles: The Tastiest Ways to Consume

CBD has made its way into the mainstream in a major way.  It seems to be what everyone is smoking, taking in a pill or tincture, rubbing on their skin, and yes even eating.  CBD edibles range from burger to brownie and gummy to gourmet meal.

What are CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles are foods that have been infused with CBD or cooked with CBD oil.  Eating CBD infused delicious treats and meals cooked in CBD oil has consumers loving edibles without the psychoactive effects.  Evidence exits showing humans have cultivated hemp since 8000 BC. So cooking with hemp is no new thing.  However, it wasn’t even until 1940 that CBD was even discovered as a naturally compound in the hemp and marijuana plants.

As more studies are being conducted for the health benefits of CBD, its popularity continues to grown.  With a booming industry, companies are finding all the ways to take a bite of the market.  It’s only natural a nation obsessed with food would fall in love with edibles. CBD brands are jumping on the consumer desire to create appetizing options.  Even fast food restaurants are tossing in CBD.  One Colorado Carl’s Junior announced their one-day only offer of a CBD burger for 4/20 earlier this year.

Are CBD Edibles Legal?

Just like so many other cannabis issues, the legality of CBD edibles is a hazy topic. CBD is considered federally legal in all 50 states as long as it has less than .03% THC.  However, the FDA has not officially approved CBD being added to foods.

Wait… what?  Ya, we told you it was hazy….  So how are there CBD edibles on the market?  It is all in the language.  The FDA has not approved pure CBD extract to be added to foods.  However, hemp oil with naturally occurring CBD may be added to foods.  Basically, the restrictive and specific language of the FDA has allowed companies to legally make CBD edibles.  Well, assuming the CBD made its way into the food by way of hemp.  Fortunately for fans of CBD edibles there are many lawyers out there dissecting the FDA’s statements to help companies make legal products consumers want.

What to Expect with CBD Edibles

The different ways you consume CBD can have varied effects.  And just a everyone reacts to medications differently, your experience with CBD may differ slightly to others.

Knowing how the CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream can help know what to expect for timing the effects.

Additionally, consider the food your CBD is paired with.  Sugars tend to give a burst of energy.  Carbohydrates can leave one feeling sluggish. So keep in mind how food typically effect you when deciding between edibles.

Also, a 5mg gummy will have significantly less effects than eating an entire 100mg chocolate bar.  We know it’s tempting to chow down on treats but always be mindful of serving size and dosing. Some smart brands keep that in mind and dose their entire serving size to eat the entire salty cannabis treat of 10mg of THC.

Why CBD Edibles?

The first obvious benefit of CBD edible is they are delicious. For those who aren’t fans of the taste of a CBD tincture or don’t like to smoke/vape, an edible is a great alternative.

CBD edibles are also a great solution for people who often forget to take their vitamins or other medications. The success of gummy vitamins is a great example of people being able to remember to eat a gummy bear every morning as oppose to taking a giant, dry pill.

When to Eat the Treat

CBD Edibles: The Tastiest Ways to Consume

CBD in Gummies and Candy

CBD gummies and candy begin to break apart or melt as you suck on and chew them.  This means that the CBD begins to be absorbed from the tissues in your mouth. Entering your bloodstream by way of mouth allows the effects of the CBD to be felt more rapidly.

If you are looking for fast then a CBD candy or gummy is your best option.   Those struggling with anxiety may enjoy the fast acting calm that come from this form of edible.

CBD in Foods

CBD added to traditional edibles goes through your digestive track and enters your bloodstream through your stomach.  This process takes longer than if CBD is absorbed through your mouth or lungs.  Although the process takes longer, the effects tend to last longer with this delivery method.

Does CBD Chocolate Get You High?

CBD does not have psychoactive effects and will not get you high….. even if you eat the whole bar.  Many cannabis consumers know too well the dangers of a delicious magic brownie.  Eat a little and before giving enough time for it to hit, you eat a little more.  Then the high hits and you get the munchies and remember how tasty that brownie is so you eat a little more.  Next thing you know the brownie is gone and you can’t move off the couch you’re super stoned.  With CBD edibles you may end up wanting to eat the entire treat because it is delicious.  But luckily, you won’t end up immovable or high at all.  However, you may feel extremely tired due to the calming effects of CBD.

Where is CBD Candy for Sale?

Because CBD is federally legal in all 50 States, you can buy a variety of CBD candy and other foods online.  CBD treats can also be found in many dispensaries.  If you live in a recreationally friendly state, you will not need a medical card to get into the dispensary.  If you live in a state with medical marijuana laws you will need a medical card to get into a dispensary.  For those in states where marijuana is medically and recreationally illegal, buying CBD online is your only option.

Make sure you research the brand before buying any CBD, even small dosed candies.  It is important to buy CBD from companies that provide their lab results.

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